Performance and security measure of clustering protocols for sensor networks

Banerjee, Pubali
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Micro sensor nodes are now easily available and are very cheap. These resource constrained nodes are spread in remote locations to gather data. There are some energy efficient clustering protocols that are known to work well for sensor networks. The performance of these algorithms are mainly measured by the their energy consumption. In this thesis, we develop a performance measure for these algorithms that includes the energy spent, the time delay incurred in the whole process and the information loss. We have formulated a novel metric, the entropy based information loss metric, which to the best of our knowledge has not been previously addressed. We then optimize the joint performance measure which is a combination of these different metrics to yield the optimal clustering configuration.;Security is a key concern in many sensor network scenarios. In this thesis we analyze the performance differences in existing clustering protocols when security is added. In particular, we analyze how the optimal configuration of the LEACH protocol changes when we apply a pre deployment key distribution based security protocol to it.;The final contribution of this thesis is a new secure clustering protocol for sensor networks. In particular, this is a grid based secure solution to a commonly used clustering protocol, the LEACH protocol. We show that our protocol, the GS-LEACH protocol is more energy efficient than any of the existing secure flavors of LEACH. In addition, our protocol is more scalable to regions of different shapes and sizes and provides uniform coverage due to the grid structure of the clusters, thereby guaranteeing a better quality of the information collected.

Electrical and computer engineering;Computer engineering