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Iowa Agriculturist 75.03

1975 , Drennan, Dave

4 Behind the Editor's Desk

5 Ag College: New Courses for getting Smart(?)

6 Are You Killing the Bug, or the Environment?

8 Why Waste Money ... Plant Legumes

10 To Forage, or Not to Forage

12 Sheep: An Alternative for Today?

14 Farm Progress Show 1974

16 Iowa Dairy: The Uncertain Future

18 The Case for Corn Silage

20 Bigger Box Cars

22 The Co-op-Cooperative

24 Future Farmers in Good Condition

25 Aggies in Action

26 Over the Brew

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Iowa Agriculturist 76.01

1975-04-01 , Drennan, Dave

4 Behind the Editor's Desk

5 Estate Planning . .. Future Security by Karen Lage, Ag Journalism 2, Davenport, IA

6 Century of Progress Through Research by Jeanne Michels, Ag Journalism 2, New Haven, IA

8 Being Accepted ... the Vet School Dilemma by Linda Blake, Ag Journalism 2, Webster City, IA

10 New Way for Better Beef by Kathy Deal, JIMC 3, Bagley, IA

12 For the Love of Horses! by Kathy Deal

14 ISU Tackles Rural Development by Dave Drennan, Ag Journalism 4, Rockwell City, IA

16 Iowa Fields

18 New Hope for Cattle Markets by Ellen Wagner, AnSci and Ag Journalism 4, New Athens, IL

20 Cattle Herd Size vs the Elements by Patricia Miller, Home Ee Journalism 3, Hopkins, MN

22 Who Should Own Farmland? by Bob Anderson, PSA 3, Harcourt, IA

24 Narrowing the Gap ... New Beef Grading by Connie Pease, An Sci 3, Colfax, IA

26 Soybean Cheese Anyone? by Chuck Kuster, Ag Journalism 3, Persia, IA

28 Aggies in Action 29 Comeback of the Old Grey Mare by Patricia Miller

30 Over the Brew