Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation

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dc.description.abstract <p>Begun in 1973, the Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation (QNDE) is the premier international NDE meeting designed to provide an interface between research and early engineering through the presentation of current ideas and results focused on facilitating a rapid transfer to engineering development.</p> <p>This site provides free, public access to papers presented at the annual QNDE conference between 1983 and 1999, and abstracts for papers presented at the conference since 2001.</p>
dc.identifier qnde
dc.relation.ispartof CEA Program for Multiple-Technique Non Destructive Testing: The CIVASystem
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustoelasticity in Fiber Reinforced Composites
dc.relation.ispartof North Central Collaboration for Education in NDE/NDT
dc.relation.ispartof The Inspection of Chemical Plant Pipework Using Lamb Waves: Defect Sensitivity and Field Experience
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Tomography for Qualitative Nondestructive Evaluation (QNDE) of Structural Concrete using a New Ultrasonic Scanner Source
dc.relation.ispartof In-situ Creep Specimen Monitoring: A Comparison of Guided-Wave and Local Transducer Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Fatigue Damage and Its Nondestructive Evaluation: An Overview
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of ECT Signals Due to SG Tube Crack with Deposit
dc.relation.ispartof Mode Conversion of Guided Waves by Defects in Pipes
dc.relation.ispartof Laser-Ultrasonic Optical Characterization of Nonmetals
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Porosity in Thick Graphite/Epoxy Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Two Dimensional Inversion of Crack Signal in Surface Electromagnetic Field Measurement Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Exact Solution of Probabilistic Inverse Problem Pertaining to the Scattering of Elastic Waves from General Inhomogeneities
dc.relation.ispartof Enhanced Thermographic Detection of Delaminations with Computational Pulse Shaping
dc.relation.ispartof Attenuation of Ultrasound by Hollow Ceramic Spheres Embedded Within a Curing Resin
dc.relation.ispartof Impulse-Response Method to Predict Echo-Responses from Defects in Solids: A First Approach
dc.relation.ispartof Probability of Detection (POD) Models for Eddy Current NDE Methods
dc.relation.ispartof A Fully Coupled Model for Actuation of Higher Order Modes of Lamb Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Structure characterization with thermal wave imaging
dc.relation.ispartof The Focused-Beam Reflection-Mode Acoustic Microscope at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory — Development and Present Capability
dc.relation.ispartof Nuclear quadrupole resonance as a non-destructive testing tool
dc.relation.ispartof Modeling of Real UT Transducer Field/Flaw Interactions
dc.relation.ispartof The Maximum Entropy Formulation of Inverse Problems of NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Modeling Anisotropic Conductivity Behavior of SiCp/Al metal-Matrix Composite Extrusions
dc.relation.ispartof Noncontact Laser Ultrasonic Inspection of Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs)
dc.relation.ispartof Spurious Modes in Finite Element Models for Ultrasonic Waves in Fluid-Solid Systems
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy current probe design for second-layer cracks under installed fasteners
dc.relation.ispartof Monitoring Creep Damage and Microstructure Evolution in Concrete Using Nonlinear Rayleigh Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Fiber Optic Cure Sensor for Thermoset Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Coupled Ultrasonic Plate Modes for Elastic Constant Reconstruction of Anisotropic Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Superconductors, Dislocations and Cracks: Otto Buck Memorial Lecture
dc.relation.ispartof NDE Horror Stories
dc.relation.ispartof Comparison of the Continuum Model Approach of Acoustic Wave Propagation to Discrete Model Approach: Application to Acoustoelasticity
dc.relation.ispartof Resolution Measurements of High Energy Radiography
dc.relation.ispartof Interpretation of Surface Wave Signals following Multiple Specular Reflections in an Acoustic Microscope
dc.relation.ispartof Computed tomography applications in turbine engine overhaul
dc.relation.ispartof Modeling Inspectability for an Automated Eddy Current Measurement System
dc.relation.ispartof Discussion
dc.relation.ispartof Wall-thickness measurement from two dimensional radiographs
dc.relation.ispartof Crack-Tip Diffraction in a Transversely Isotropic Solid
dc.relation.ispartof Raw Data Based Image Processing Algorithm for Fast Detection of Surface Breaking Cracks Using In-Line Laser Thermography
dc.relation.ispartof A Pseudorandom Binary Noise Ultrasonic System
dc.relation.ispartof The Application of Finite Element Method Analysis to Eddy Current NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Development of an Automated Lumber Processing System
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Velocities of C/AL Composites Determined by Laser Ultrasonic Method
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic field patterns and broadband imaging-simulations in transversely isotropic media
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Ultrasonic Beam Modeling to Phased Array Testing of Complex Geometry Components
dc.relation.ispartof Stationary Neutron Radiography System
dc.relation.ispartof Variable Input Space Observer for Structural Health Monitoring of High-Rate Systems
dc.relation.ispartof Connection Machine Simulation of Ultrasonic Wave Propagation: Two Dimensional Case
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Neutron Diffraction NDE to High-Temperature Superconducting Composites
dc.relation.ispartof The PTR 8900: An Industrial Apparatus for Testing Materials by Infrared Photothermography
dc.relation.ispartof The Intelligent Synthesis Environment: A NASA Concept for the Engineering Design of Aerospace Systems in the Twenty-First Century
dc.relation.ispartof Advanced Composites Status Review
dc.relation.ispartof An Acoustic Emission Evaluation of Environmentally Assisted Cracking of 7039-T6 Aluminum
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Evaluation of Interfacial Properties in Adhesive Joints: Evaluation of Environmental Degradation
dc.relation.ispartof Clearer ECT Flaw Image Utilizing CT Inversion Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Thermal Wave Techniques for Imaging and Characterization of Materials
dc.relation.ispartof A Sensor Design for Bilamellar Dielectric Structures Nondestructive Evaluation by Pulsed Electric Field Use
dc.relation.ispartof Parallel Vector Lock-In Thermal Wave IR Video Imaging of Microcracks in Cu Foils Deposited on Polyimide
dc.relation.ispartof Thin-Skin Electromagnetic Fields Around Surface-Breaking Cracks in Metals
dc.relation.ispartof A Laser/EMAT Concurrent Weld Inspection System
dc.relation.ispartof Analysis of the Generation of Guided Waves Using Finite Sources: An Experimental Approach
dc.relation.ispartof Development of an Advanced 3D Cone Beam Tomographic System
dc.relation.ispartof Improved Performance of Laser-Ultrasonic F-SAFT Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof An Efficient Technique for Storing Eddy Current Signals
dc.relation.ispartof Solutions of benchmark problems in eddy-current NDE
dc.relation.ispartof On the Relationship Between Ultrasonic and Micro-Structural Properties of Imperfect Interfaces in Layered Solids
dc.relation.ispartof Signal Processing with Surface Acoustic Wave Devices
dc.relation.ispartof Design of a Unipolar Ultrasonic Pulser Generator and Receiver for Applications to Quantitative NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of Corrosion Pits in Steel Plates Using a Low-Field Squid Susceptometer
dc.relation.ispartof SQUID Magnetometers for Depth-Selective, Oriented Eddy Current Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Laser Ultrasound in Single Crystal Silicon
dc.relation.ispartof Modeling of the Multiparameter Inverse Task of Transient Thermography
dc.relation.ispartof Hybrid Lossless-Lossy Compression of Industrial Radiographs
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Methods for the Determination of Mechanical Properties of Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Time Delay Neural Networks for Classification of Ultrasonic NDT Signals
dc.relation.ispartof Strong Scatterers and 1-D Born Inversion
dc.relation.ispartof Four Transducer Ultrasonic Array for Detecting and Sizing Defects in Plate and Pipe Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Attenuation of Leaky Rayleigh Wave: Experiment and Numerical
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of the Nine Elastic Moduli of Rolled Plate From One Surface
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Assessment of Microcrack Damage in Ceramics
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Acoustic Emission Waveforms from Fracture Events
dc.relation.ispartof Elastic Response of a Thick Isotropic Cylinder to an Arbitrary Pressure Applied at One End
dc.relation.ispartof Inversion of Transient Eddy-Current Signals for the Determination of Conducting Plate Parameters
dc.relation.ispartof Ray-Modeling for Computer Simulation of Ultrasonic Testing
dc.relation.ispartof Methods for Increasing the Resolution of Holographic Interferometry
dc.relation.ispartof Transient Temperature Near a Void in a Material Heated by a Moving Laser Beam
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Shear Waves for Composite Laminate Characterization
dc.relation.ispartof Degradation of Optical Fibers at Carbon-Carbon Pyrolysis Temperatures
dc.relation.ispartof The Application of Signal Analysis Techniques to Tissue Characterization and Boundary Determination with Ultrasonics
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of Thickness and Elastic Properties of Electroactive Polymer Films Using Plate Wave Dispersion Data
dc.relation.ispartof Laser Photoacoustic Technique for NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Development of a Single-Side NMR Magnet for NDE Applications
dc.relation.ispartof Computerized Ultrasonic Test Inspection Enhancement System for Aircraft Components
dc.relation.ispartof An Automatic Control and Data Logging System for the Determination of Magnetic Properties of Materials for Nondestructive Evaluation
dc.relation.ispartof Survey of Ultrasonic Grain Noise Characteristics in Jet Engine Titanium
dc.relation.ispartof Operational Performance of a Multizone Billet Inspection System
dc.relation.ispartof Edge Detection on Eddy Current Image to Increase Defect Characterization
dc.relation.ispartof Steam Generator Tube Inspections with EMAT's
dc.relation.ispartof The Detection of Damage and the Measurement of Strain within Composites by Means of Embedded Optical Fiber Sensors
dc.relation.ispartof Thermal Wave and Raman Characterization of Diamond Films
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Detection of Voids by a High Frequency Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Angular Spectrum Analysis Applied to Undercladding Flaws and Dipole Probes
dc.relation.ispartof Magneto-Optic/Eddy Current Imaging of Subsurface Corrosion and Fatigue Cracks in Aging Aircraft
dc.relation.ispartof Use of Blind Deconvolution to Restore Eddy Current Data from Non-Destructive Testing of Defects in Welds
dc.relation.ispartof Detection of Leaky-Rayleigh Waves at Air-Solid Interfaces by Laser Interferometry
dc.relation.ispartof HTS SQUID System for Eddy Current Testing of Airplane Wheels and Rivets
dc.relation.ispartof Detection of Delaminations Located at Ceramic/Metal Jointed Interface by Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
dc.relation.ispartof Comparison of the T-Matrix And Helmholtz Integral Equation Methods for Wave Scattering Calculations
dc.relation.ispartof A Computational Tool for the Design of Ultrasonic Systems
dc.relation.ispartof Inversion of Physically Recorded Ultrasonic Waveforms Using Adaptive Learning Network Models Trained on Theoretical Data
dc.relation.ispartof The Clamping Force of Heat Shrinkable Fittings
dc.relation.ispartof Injection Locked Laser Sensor for Ultrasonic Sensing
dc.relation.ispartof Use of the Connection Machine to Study Ultrasonic Wave Propagation in Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Emission Monitoring of In-Flight Crack Growth in Air Craft Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Traveltime Tomography Methods to Imaging a Dam Site
dc.relation.ispartof A Description of an Improved Homodyne Laser Interferometer
dc.relation.ispartof Cure Monitoring of Composites Using Multiple Acoustic Waveguides
dc.relation.ispartof How Good is Your Inspection? How Do You Measure Up?
dc.relation.ispartof A Model-Based Reconstruction Method for Incomplete Projection Industrial Computed Tomography Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Modeling of Large Aperture Transducer Focusing in Cylindrical Billets
dc.relation.ispartof Novel Approaches for the Ultrasonic NDE of Thick and other Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Response of an Elastic Plate to Surface Loads and Buried Dislocation Sources
dc.relation.ispartof Elastic Wave Propagation and Scattering in Austenitic Steel
dc.relation.ispartof The NDT of Adhesive Joints Using Ultrasonic Spectroscopy
dc.relation.ispartof Application of MOOT to Scattering of Elastic Waves from Inclusions and Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Characterization of Nickel-Chromium-Base Anticorrosive Coatings
dc.relation.ispartof Electromagnetic Microscope for Deep, Pulsed, Eddy Current Inspections
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Testing for Environmental Degradation of Adhesive Joints
dc.relation.ispartof Preliminary Results for a Multi-Sensor Non-Destructive Test of Timber Strength
dc.relation.ispartof Generation of Axial Pipe HOMC Using Comb Transduction
dc.relation.ispartof Defect Characterization in Thick Composites by Ultrasound
dc.relation.ispartof Non-Destructive Evaluation in Manufacturing using Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
dc.relation.ispartof Signal Processing for Underclad Crack Sizing
dc.relation.ispartof Quantitative Hardening-Depth-Measurements Up to 4 mm by Means of Micro-Magnetic Microstructure Multiparameter Analysis (3MA)
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation fo Stress in Steel VIA Squid Magnetometry
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Mapping of Surface Film Parameters with Dynamic Imaging Microellipsometry
dc.relation.ispartof Validation of Laser Shearography Testing for Fixed Foam Insulation Bonds
dc.relation.ispartof Detection and Characterization of Surface Cracks Using Leaky Rayleigh Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Stress Characterization by Local Magnetic Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof Crack Length Determination by Ultrasonic Methods
dc.relation.ispartof Analysis of Casting Subsurface Structure Using Acoustic Microscopy
dc.relation.ispartof Application of a finite-difference modeling scheme for ultrasonic defect characterization
dc.relation.ispartof Numerical Calculations of Ultrasonic Field/Crack Interactions
dc.relation.ispartof Modeling for UT Inspection of Anisotropic Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Porosity in Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Composites with Ultrasonic Backscatter
dc.relation.ispartof On-Machine, in-Process, Ultrasonic Gauging and Flaw Detection
dc.relation.ispartof The Effects of Crack Closure on Ultrasonic Scattering Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof Rapid Ultrasonic Inspection of Army Projectiles
dc.relation.ispartof Thin Bondline Measurement of Adhesively Bonded Metallic Aircraft Structures using an Ultrasonic Analyzer
dc.relation.ispartof Transmission of an Ultrasonic Beam Through a Fluid-Solid Interface
dc.relation.ispartof Classical and Quantum Mechanical Aspects of Thermal Wave Physics
dc.relation.ispartof Quantitative Acoustic Emission and the Fracture of Concrete
dc.relation.ispartof Barkhausen Noise and Eddy Current Microscopy (BEMI): Microscope Configuration, Probes and Imaging Characteristics
dc.relation.ispartof Development of Acoustic Emission Methods for In-Flight Monitoring of Aircraft Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Time Dependent Green’s Function Method to Scattering of Elastic Waves in Anisotropic Solids
dc.relation.ispartof Integration of Nondestructive Examination Reliability and Fracture Mechanics
dc.relation.ispartof Effects of Microstructure and Bond Quality on the Ultrasonic Evaluation of Dissimilar Metal Friction Welds
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of Machine Learning Tools for Inspection of Steam Generator Tube Structures using Pulsed Eddy Current
dc.relation.ispartof Methodology for Analysis and Characterization of Nondestructive Inspection Capability Data
dc.relation.ispartof Numerical Modeling of Probe Velocity Effects for Electromagnetic NDE Methods
dc.relation.ispartof Elastodynamic Optical Theorem for the Evaluation of Scattering Cross-Sections for a Crack
dc.relation.ispartof Resolution of Closely-Spaced Machining-Damage-Induced Surface Cracks in Ceramics
dc.relation.ispartof Diffusion Bond Inspection Using a Pulsed Digital Reflection Acoustic Microscope
dc.relation.ispartof Subsurface Defects in Silicon Investigated by Modulated Optical Reflectance Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof A Shear-Wave Microprobe Utilizing Surface-Wave Mode Conversion
dc.relation.ispartof Lamb Wave Mode Selection for Increased Sensitivity ot Interfacial Weaknesses of Adhesive Bonds
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Detection of Surface Flaws in Gas Turbine Ceramics
dc.relation.ispartof Finite Element Study of Lamb Wave Interactions with Holes and Through Thickness Defects in Thin Metal Plates
dc.relation.ispartof A Non-Destructive Evaluation Instrument for Axial Load Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof Imbedded Optical Fiber Sensor of Differential Strain in Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Model for Solid State Weld Evaluation
dc.relation.ispartof Advanced Practices for Statistically Determining Flaw Detection Limits
dc.relation.ispartof Recent Advances in Ultrasonic Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Reflection of elastic waves by an array of interface cracks
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Forward and Inverse Scattering Models for Ultrasonic Waves in Complex Layered Structures
dc.relation.ispartof High-Resolution Imaging of Thick Sections and Specimens with Irregular Surfaces Using Scanned Acoustical Holography
dc.relation.ispartof Recent Developments in Eddy-Current Modeling
dc.relation.ispartof Modeling and Experiments on the Propagation of Transient Ultrasound in a Thick Annulus
dc.relation.ispartof Thermal Wave Characterization of Coated Surfaces
dc.relation.ispartof Analysis of Eddy Current Distribution and Resulting Flaw Detection Mechanism for Self-Nulling Probe
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of Residual Stress States Using Horizontally Polarized Shear Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Nonlinear Waves in Rocks
dc.relation.ispartof Sizing Defects Using Annular Array Techniques with an Automatic Ultrasonic Data Acquisition System
dc.relation.ispartof Detection of Radial Bolt-Hole Cracks Using Sampled CW Ultrasonic Doppler-Shift Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof The Effects of Frequency-dependent Amplitude on the Time-reversed Lamb Wave Based Baseline-free Damage Detection
dc.relation.ispartof Distinguishing between Wavelength-size Volumetric and Crack-like Defects Using Multi-view Total Focusing Method Images
dc.relation.ispartof Matched Asymptotic Expansions Applied to Scattering Calculations
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Evaluation of Low Density Fibrous Ceramics
dc.relation.ispartof Validity of the Elastic Constant Approximations for the Ultrasonic Evaluation of Multi-Layered Inhomogeneous Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Scattering from an Interface Defect Between Fiber and Matrix
dc.relation.ispartof Three Dimensional Analysis of the Vibration Characteristics of Piezoelectric Discs
dc.relation.ispartof Residual Stress Detection by Measurement of Efficiency of Electromagnetic Generation of Ultrasound
dc.relation.ispartof Frequency Domain Methods for the Analysis of Multifrequency Eddy Current Data
dc.relation.ispartof Oblique-Incidence UT Inspection of Diffusion Bonds
dc.relation.ispartof Crack detection in fuselage panels by a narrow-band laser-based ultrasonic system
dc.relation.ispartof Search for NDE Methods to Characterize Thermal History and Mechanical Properties of Al-Li Alloys
dc.relation.ispartof Active Corrosion Site Detection Scheme Using Optical Fibers
dc.relation.ispartof Quantifying Performance of Ultrasonic Immersion Inspection Using Phased Arrays for Curvilinear Disc Forgings
dc.relation.ispartof Shear Wave Imaging of Surface and Near-Surface Flaws in Ceramics
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Emissions at an Open Crack
dc.relation.ispartof Blind Sparse Deconvolution of Regularly Spaced Ultrasonic Echoes for Thickness Measurement
dc.relation.ispartof Immersion techniques for automated ultrasonic inspection of curved parts
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Microscopy of Curved Surfaces
dc.relation.ispartof Effects of Uniaxial Stress on Magnetoacoustic Emission and Magnetoacoustic Responses in Steel
dc.relation.ispartof Sensors for Intelligent Processing of Common Materials
dc.relation.ispartof NDE of Additively Manufactured Components with Embedded Defects (Reference Standards) Using Conventional and Advanced Ultrasonic Methods
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Determination of Elastic Constants of Composite Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Improved Imaging of Magnetic Flux Leakage Fields
dc.relation.ispartof Lamb Wave Imaging and V(Z) Using a Broadband System
dc.relation.ispartof The Scattering Response of a Flat-Bottom Hole
dc.relation.ispartof Type discrimination of Various Welding Defects Created During Production and In-Service Use
dc.relation.ispartof Laser-Based Ultrasound for the Inspection of Gas Pipelines
dc.relation.ispartof Overview of the ETC POD Methodology
dc.relation.ispartof System Analysis for Wide Band Ultrasonic Test Set-Ups
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasound Visualisation Using Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Sensors
dc.relation.ispartof Free Wave Propagation in Plates of General Anisotropic Media
dc.relation.ispartof Integrated Models of Ultrasonic Examination for NDT Expertise
dc.relation.ispartof Imaging of Deep Internal Layers in Layered Polymer Systems Using the Ultra-Short Pulse Acoustic Microscope
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Guided Waves for Lap Splice Joint Inspection in Aging Aircraft
dc.relation.ispartof An Eddy-Current Model and Inversion Algorithms for Three-Dimensional Flaw Reconstruction
dc.relation.ispartof Interfacing Quantitative NDE with Computer Algorithms for Automated Statistical Process Control
dc.relation.ispartof Comparison of Theory and Experiment for Ultrasonic Scattering from Spherical and Flat Bottom Cavities
dc.relation.ispartof Predicted Far Field Response of Quasi-Isotropic Laminates to Internal Impulsive Events
dc.relation.ispartof Measured Effects of Surface Cloth Impressions on Polar Backscatter and Comparison with a Reflection Grating Model
dc.relation.ispartof A Geometrical Interpretation of the Echo Formation of Short Pulses on Simple Shaped Targets
dc.relation.ispartof An A Priori Knowledge Based Wiener Filtering Approach to Ultrasonic Scattering Amplitude Estimation
dc.relation.ispartof Inversion of Eddy Current Data for Conductive Films and Coatings Thickness and Conductivity Measurement
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Film Adhesion by Acoustic Microscopy
dc.relation.ispartof Gas-Coupled, Pulse-Echo Ultrasonic Crack Detection and Thickness Gaging
dc.relation.ispartof Spectral Analysis of Elastic Waves Scattered by Objects with Smooth Surfaces
dc.relation.ispartof Bond Strength Measurements by Ultrasonic Spectroscopy
dc.relation.ispartof Computer Aided Interpretation of NDE Signals
dc.relation.ispartof Noise reduction techniques for electronic speckle interferometry
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Imaging and Image Processing by Wavefront Reconstruction Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Experiences in the Use of Guided Ultrasonic Waves to Scan Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Shape Estimation of Defects on Steam Generator Tubes
dc.relation.ispartof Capactitance imaging system for monitoring bubble formation and flow in fluid bed simulators
dc.relation.ispartof RFC Eddy Current Probe Tests
dc.relation.ispartof Defect Detection and Quantification in Laminated Composites by EATF (Passive) Thermography
dc.relation.ispartof Detection and Disposition Reliability of Ultrasonics and Radiography for Weld Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof Recent Progress in Materials Studies with Acoustic Microscopy
dc.relation.ispartof Quantitative Analysis of Acoustic Emission from Gas Leaks in a Model Piping System
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Measurement of Interfacial Properties in Completed Adhesive Bonds
dc.relation.ispartof Efficient Modeling of Finite Acoustic Beam Excitation and Detection of Interface and Bulk Waves on Planar and Cylindrical Fluid-Solid Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Analysis of Laser Ultrasonic Measurements of Surface Waves on Elastic Spheres
dc.relation.ispartof Frequency Domain Reflectometry NDE for Aging Cables in Nuclear Power Plants
dc.relation.ispartof Recent Developments in Kirchhoff Crack Tip Diffraction Correction
dc.relation.ispartof A Technique for Quantitatively Measuring Microstructurally Induced Ultrasonic Noise
dc.relation.ispartof A Novel Non-Contact Ultrasonic System for Liquid Level Measurement in Moving Metallic Containers
dc.relation.ispartof Elastodynamic Stress Intensity Factors for an Interface Crack in a Layered Half Space
dc.relation.ispartof Thermal Diffusivity Measurements in Carbon-Carbon Composites
dc.relation.ispartof The Application of Model Identification and Parameter Study in Nondestructive Testing of an Elastic Stack
dc.relation.ispartof A Parametric Finite Element Study of a Generic Crack Sizing Problem
dc.relation.ispartof Single Mode Lamb Wave Inspection of Composite Laminates
dc.relation.ispartof Quantification of Damage Evolution in Multilayered High Temperature Composites from Ultrasonic Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof Effects of Acoustic Scattering at Rough Surfaces on the Sensitivity of Ultrasonic Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof A Study on Characteristics of Echoes from Planar Defects by the Ultrasonic Testing of Angle Beam Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Fatigue Crack Detection and Sizing in Welded Steel Structures
dc.relation.ispartof A Phase Insensitive Ultrasonic Receiver
dc.relation.ispartof Surface Acoustic Wave Determination of Hardness: Forward Problem
dc.relation.ispartof NDE of Thick Composites in the Aerospace Industry — An Overview
dc.relation.ispartof Methodology for Estimating Nondestructive Evaluation Capability
dc.relation.ispartof On the Estimation of Porosity in Composites by Oblique Angle Illumination
dc.relation.ispartof A Model Quantifying Pulse Propagation Through Layered Attenuative Media
dc.relation.ispartof A Comparison of the Ability of Phase-Insensitive and Phase-Sensitive Ultrasonic Receivers to Detect Material Abnormalities Beneath Rough Surfaces
dc.relation.ispartof Detecting Micro-Structure and Flaws in Composites Using Eddy-Current Instrumentation
dc.relation.ispartof The Use of Ultrasonics for Texture Monitoring in Aluminum Alloys
dc.relation.ispartof Solid Rocket Motor Bondline NDE Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
dc.relation.ispartof Incomplete-Data Image Reconstructions in Industrial X-ray Computerized Tomography
dc.relation.ispartof Advancing NDE Education for Future Engineers – A South African Perspective
dc.relation.ispartof Damage Evolution in 3D Woven Composite Materials Using Acoustic Emission
dc.relation.ispartof Quantitative analysis of a class of subsurface cracks using shearography and finite element modeling
dc.relation.ispartof Crack Initiation and Arrest under Dynamic Loading
dc.relation.ispartof An Integrated Damage Analysis of Laminated Composite Plates
dc.relation.ispartof Feasibility and Reliability of Grain Noise Suppression in Monitoring Highly Scattering Materials Using Baseline Subtraction
dc.relation.ispartof A Wave Splitting/Invariant Embedding Approach to an Ultrasonic Inverse Problem
dc.relation.ispartof An Ultrasonic F-Scan Inspection Technique for the Detection of Surface Preparation Variances in Adhesively Bonded Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Application of a Self-Calibrating Ultrasonic Technique to the Detection of Fatigue cracks by the Use of Lamb Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Microscopy Inspection of Glass Repair Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Exact Image Reconstruction in Cone Beam 3D CT
dc.relation.ispartof Flaw Detection in Aluminum Welds by the Electric Current Perturbation Method
dc.relation.ispartof Software for signal processing and display of large 3-D data sets
dc.relation.ispartof Classification of Objects by the Analysis of the Acoustic Response to an Impact
dc.relation.ispartof Measurements of Ultrasonic Scattering from Near-Surface Flaws
dc.relation.ispartof Generation of guided waves in hollow cylinders by wedge and comb type transducers
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic NDE of Sprayed Ceramic Coatings
dc.relation.ispartof A SQUID NDE Measurement Model Using BEM
dc.relation.ispartof Random Noise Signal Processing
dc.relation.ispartof UWB Radar Holography Applied to RCS Signature Reduction of Military Vehicles
dc.relation.ispartof Passive Pulsed Eddy Current Inspecticn of Sheet Metal
dc.relation.ispartof A New Infrared Measurement Method for Determination of Anisotropic Thermal Conductivities of Plastic Foils
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Method for Nonintrusive Low-Liquid-Level Sensing
dc.relation.ispartof Recent Progress on Nonlinear Ultrasonic Testing for Materials Aging in Nuclear Applications
dc.relation.ispartof Adaptive Learning Network Approach to Defect Characterization
dc.relation.ispartof Short-Time Behaviour in Pulsed Eddy-Current Nondestructive Evaluation
dc.relation.ispartof A Novel Image Processing Algorithm for Enhancing the Probability of Detection of Flaws in X-Ray Images
dc.relation.ispartof Point-Source/Point-Receiver Materials Testing
dc.relation.ispartof Interferometric Techniques Using Embedded Optical Fibers for the Quantitative NDE of Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Air-Gap Detection in Dielectric Materials by a Step-Frequency Microwave Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Non-Destructive Evaluation Measurement Technology for Polymer Processing Based on Fluorescence Spectroscopy
dc.relation.ispartof Determination of Absolute Material Nonlinearity in Aluminum and Fused Silica with Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Receivers
dc.relation.ispartof Determination and Monitoring of through Hole Diameters in Thin Plates Using Acoustic Diffraction
dc.relation.ispartof Towards a Quantitative Ultrasonic NDE of Thick Composites
dc.relation.ispartof An Experimental Investigation of Ultrasonic “Grain Noise” in Titanium -6AL-4V
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Java Applets to Basic Ultrasonics Education Via the Internet
dc.relation.ispartof Residual Stress Nondestructive Testing Technology Using Nonlinear Ultrasonic
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Characterization of a Thin Layer of Anodized Porous Aluminum Oxide
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Cracks in Thick Plates by Lamb Wave Diffraction Studies
dc.relation.ispartof Development of a System to Invert Eddy-Current Data and Reconstruct Flaws
dc.relation.ispartof NDE of Thick Graphite/Epoxy Composites: Some Approaches and Problems
dc.relation.ispartof Anomalous Models of Defect Interactions in Electromagnetic Testing
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Spread-Spectrum Ultrasonic Evaluation to Concrete Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Workshop Overview
dc.relation.ispartof Simulations of Surface Waves Generated Using Laser Ultrasonics
dc.relation.ispartof Retrospective Comments on the Elastic Wave Scattering Problem
dc.relation.ispartof Evolution of the Cryogenic Eddy Current Microprobe
dc.relation.ispartof Void Shape in Sintered Titanium
dc.relation.ispartof Thermal Diffusivity Measurements on Composite Porosity Samples
dc.relation.ispartof Development of High Temperature Capable Piezoelectric Sensors
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Inspection of Coated Steel Bar in Reinforced Concrete Structure
dc.relation.ispartof On the Dispersion and Displacement Distribution of Circumferential Waves in a Composite Circular Cylinder
dc.relation.ispartof Computerized Automatic Eddy Current System for Inspection of Surface Cracks on Oil-Well Sucker Rods
dc.relation.ispartof Methods of Holographic Interferometry for Dynamic Analysis of the Modal Characteristics of an Exotic Metal Structure
dc.relation.ispartof Long Wave Ultrasonic Characterization of Inclusions in Silicon Nitride
dc.relation.ispartof Defect Detection in Copper Products with an Infrared Line Scanner
dc.relation.ispartof Precise Thermal NDE for Quantifying Structural Damage
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of Ultrasonic Beam Models for the Case fo a Piston Transducer Radiating Through A Liquid-Solid Interface
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy Current Corner Crack Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof Resonance Inspection for Quality Control
dc.relation.ispartof Thermal Wave Detection and Analysis of Adhesion Disbonds and Corrosion in Aircraft Panels
dc.relation.ispartof A Model for Ultrasound Transmission Through Graphite Composite Plates Containing Delaminations
dc.relation.ispartof 3-D Finite Element Modeling of the Remote Field Eddy Current Effect
dc.relation.ispartof Impact Damage and Hygrothermal Effects on Fatigue Bending Strength of Orthotropy Composite Laminates
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Determination of Recrystallization
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy Current Field Theory for a Flawed Conducting Half-Space
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of a Periodic Surface Profile by Pole-Zero Parameterization of Elastodynamic Pulse Reflections
dc.relation.ispartof Effects of Plastic Deformation on the Inference of Stress and Texture from the Velocities of Ultrasonic Plate Modes
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Reflection by a Planar Distribution of Surface Breaking Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof Photoinductive NDE Method: Review of the Principle and Applications
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Grain Noise Modeling: Recent Applications to Engine Titanium Inspections
dc.relation.ispartof Transient Electromagnetic Fields in Highly Conductive Media
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Microscopy Applied to Acoustic Resonator Characterization
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Emission During Intergranular Stress Corrosion Cracking
dc.relation.ispartof Correlation of Ultrasonic Imaging and Destructive Analyses of Low Energy Impact Events
dc.relation.ispartof Performance Analysis of Guided Wave Tomography Based on Full Waveform Inversion
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Evaluation of Fatigue Damage Using Magnetic Measurement Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Local Hardening Evaluation of Carbon Steels by Using Frequency Sweeping Excitation and Spectrogram Method
dc.relation.ispartof Effects of Residual Stresses Upon Design, Fabrication and Field Service
dc.relation.ispartof An Experimental Evaluation of the Resonant Ultrasonic Spectroscopy Method
dc.relation.ispartof Capactitive probe array measurements and limitations
dc.relation.ispartof Field Experience in Using Laser Acoustic Sensing for Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof Drum Pressure Monitor
dc.relation.ispartof Capability of Single-Sided Transient Thermographic Imaging Method for Detection of Flat Bottom Hole Defects in High-Temperature Composite Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Exo-electron Emission from Metals
dc.relation.ispartof NDE and Design - A Unified Life-Cycle Engineering Approach
dc.relation.ispartof Optimization of Neural Network Parameters for Defect Characterization
dc.relation.ispartof Absolute Stress Determination from Angular Dependence of Ultrasonic Velocities in Orthotropic Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Charaterization of CFRP with Lockin Thermography
dc.relation.ispartof Far-Field Microwave Time Reversal Experiments for Imaging Disbonds in Metal-Composite Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy Current Crack Signals in Small Diameter Tubing
dc.relation.ispartof Sensitivity Analysis of the Ultrasonic Response from a Non-Normal Surface-Breaking Crack
dc.relation.ispartof Imaging of Subsurface Artifacts with the Analytic Signal
dc.relation.ispartof Modeling Ultrasonic Microstructural Noise in Titanium Alloys
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Characterization of Ceramic-Ceramic Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Leaky Lamb Waves (LLW) in Multiorientation Composite Laminates
dc.relation.ispartof Impact-based Nonlinear Acoustic Testing for Characterizing Distributed Damage in Concrete
dc.relation.ispartof X-Ray Backscatter Evaluation of Porosity Distribution in Low Density Porous Magnesium
dc.relation.ispartof Scattering of SH Waves by Cracks and Delaminations in a Cladded Plate
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Testing System to Assess Lack-Of-Bond in Brazed Generator Coils by Ultrasonic Retro-Reflection
dc.relation.ispartof An Improved Method to Measure Slow Compressional Wave in Fluid-Saturated Porous Plates by Using Lamb Modes
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of the Induced Magnetic Field in a Flawed Tube
dc.relation.ispartof An AI Approach to the Eddy Current Defect Characterization Problem
dc.relation.ispartof Quantitative thickness measurements of ice layers with remote IR detection
dc.relation.ispartof Numerical Simulation in Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM) Inducer Design
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Determination of Grain Size in Uranium
dc.relation.ispartof Determination of Degree of Thermal Barrier Coating Disbonding by Time-Resolved Infrared Radiometry (TRIR)
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Emission: A Summary of Current Understanding
dc.relation.ispartof Low-Cost X-Ray Inspection of Highly Attenuating Materials
dc.relation.ispartof A Comparison of Millimeter Wave and Eddy Current Detection of Surface Breaking Defects in Conducting Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Inversion of Eddy Current Signals in a Nonuniform Probe Field
dc.relation.ispartof Defect Characterization-Fundamental Flaw Classification Solution Potential
dc.relation.ispartof Crack Sizing Using a Neural network Classifier Trained with Data Obtained form Finite Element Models
dc.relation.ispartof Response of Cross-Ply and Quasi-Isotropic Laminates to Distributed Dynamic Surface Loads
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Linear Predictive Analysis in Ultrasonic Grain Signal Characterization
dc.relation.ispartof A Combined ACFM-SMFM System for Real-Time Detection and Sizing of Surface Cracks in Metals
dc.relation.ispartof Turbine Disk Retirement-for-Cause: Measurement of Inspection Uncertainty for Disk Eddy Current Inspections
dc.relation.ispartof Delamination and Crack Detection by the Synchronous Heating Method: Theoretical Aspects
dc.relation.ispartof AN Ultrasonic Ray-Trance Code for Complex Geometry Applications
dc.relation.ispartof A Time-Resolved Line-Focus Acoustic Microscopy Technique for Surface-Breaking Crack Depth Determination
dc.relation.ispartof Reflection and Scattering by a Slightly Undulating Interface
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Gauging and Wavelet Image Processing for Wear and Erosion Mapping
dc.relation.ispartof Pulse Echo Technique to Determine Bondline Reflection Coefficients
dc.relation.ispartof Numerical Simulation of Ultrasonic Wave Propagation in FRP using Image-based Modeling
dc.relation.ispartof Feature Guided Wave Inspection of a Bond-Line Between a Stiffener and a Composite Plate
dc.relation.ispartof Flaw Characterization and Sizing Using Sensitivity Analysis and the Boundary Element Method
dc.relation.ispartof Defect Characterization from Limited View Pipeline Radiography
dc.relation.ispartof Curvature-dependence of Cut-off Frequencies of Guided Waves Propagating through Curved Structures Obtained by a Semi-Analytical Finite Element Method
dc.relation.ispartof Versatile Robotic Instruments for NDT/NDE Data Acquisition
dc.relation.ispartof Resonant Scattering of an Elastic Wave by a Layer Containing a Random or Periodic Distribution of Inclusions
dc.relation.ispartof Assessment of Irradiation Damage on Stainless Steel by Acoustic Miroscopy
dc.relation.ispartof Modeling and Simulation of NDE Inspections
dc.relation.ispartof Image Compression of Digitized NDE X-Ray Radiographs by Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation
dc.relation.ispartof Preliminary Results of Microwave Non-Contact Detection and Depth Determination of Disbonds in Low Permitivity and Low Loss Thick Sandwich Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Understanding Materials Reliability - the Mechanisms of Fracture
dc.relation.ispartof Directional Laser Generation and Detection of Ultrasound with Arrays of Optical Fibers
dc.relation.ispartof New NDE Methods for Quality Assessment of Advanced Ceramic Materials and Systems
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Evaluation of Bonding of an Elastomer to a High Impedance Material
dc.relation.ispartof Calculation of the Response of Angle Beam EMATs to Flaws in the Far Field
dc.relation.ispartof An Analysis of Ultrasonic Flaw Scattering Amplitude as a Random Variable
dc.relation.ispartof A Study on the Nondestructive Evaluation of Carbon/Carbon Brake Disks Using Ultrasonics
dc.relation.ispartof Wave Propagation in a Newtonian Fluid with Viscosity Gradients Profiles
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Defects and Designed Flaws in Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) Parts with X-ray Computed Tomography (XCT)
dc.relation.ispartof Depth-Resolved Subsurface Defect Detection in Ceramics Using Optical Gating Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Dispersion of Guided Circumferential Waves in a Circular Annulus
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of a Sandwich Bond Strength
dc.relation.ispartof Integrating a Stress Corrosion Crack Model into Finite Element Electromagnetic NDT Code
dc.relation.ispartof Detecting Cracks in Semiconductor Solarcells from Eddy-Current Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof Continuum Modeling of Ultrasonic Behavior in Fluid-Loaded Fibrous Composite Media with Applications to Ceramic and Metal Matrix Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Fast Photothermal Inspection of Plasma-Sprayed Coatings of Primary Circulation Seal Rings of a Nuclear Reactor
dc.relation.ispartof Developments in the Finite Element Modeling of Ultrasonic NDT Phenomena
dc.relation.ispartof Thermal Wave Imaging of Disbonding and Corrosion on Aircraft
dc.relation.ispartof The Middle Ground of the NDE R&D Spectrum
dc.relation.ispartof Angle-Beam Shear Wave Scattering from Buried Crack-like Defects in Bonded Specimens
dc.relation.ispartof Hypersingular Integral Equations for Crack Problems
dc.relation.ispartof Applicability of Ultrasonic Resonance Spectroscopy to NDE of Adhesive Bonds
dc.relation.ispartof Monitoring Early Age Properties of Cementitious Material Using Ultrasonic Guided Waves in Embedded Rebar
dc.relation.ispartof Magnetic Field Mapping with a Squid Device
dc.relation.ispartof The Influence of Material Dissipation and Imperfect Bonding on Acoustic Wave Reflection from Layered Solids
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy Current Detection of Short Cracks in Sheets
dc.relation.ispartof Uniform Eddy Current Probe with Little Disrupting Noise
dc.relation.ispartof Optical Sensors for Direct Measurements in Chemical Processes
dc.relation.ispartof X-Ray Tomographic Techniques for Inspection of Electronic Components
dc.relation.ispartof Color Graphics: An Aid to Data Interpretation
dc.relation.ispartof Development of Coating Thickness Instrument for Graphite/Epoxy Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Pace: An Advanced Structure for Handling Multitechnique NDT Data
dc.relation.ispartof Relationship Between the Two-Point Correlation of Elastic Constants and Backscattered Ultrasonic Noise in Two-Phase Titanium Alloys
dc.relation.ispartof Transducers Applied to Measurements of Velocity Dispersion of Acoustic Surface Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Study of Metal Magnetic Memory (MMM) Technique Using Permanently Installed Magnetic Sensor Arrays
dc.relation.ispartof Recent Developments of Eddy Current Inspection Simulator
dc.relation.ispartof High-Speed High-Resolution Subsurface Defect Detection in Ceramics Using Optical Gating Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof A Flaw Sizing Method Using the Zeroes in the Ultrasonic Scattering Amplitude
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Methods for Characterizing the Interface in Composites
dc.relation.ispartof NDE Methods for Determination of Thermal History and Mechanical Properties of Al-Li Alloys
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy Current Characterization of Flaws in NiCoCrAlY-Coated Nickel-Base Superalloys
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Emission from Macro-Microcrack Configurations
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Evaluation of Green Dimension Lumber Using Stress Wave and Transverse Vibration Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Velocity Measurements Applied to Process Control of Metal Matrix Composites Densification
dc.relation.ispartof Case Depth Measurement Using Surface Acoustic Wave Velocity Dispersion
dc.relation.ispartof A Model-based, Bayesian Solution for Characterization of Complex Damage Scenarios in AerospaceComposite Structures
dc.relation.ispartof 3-D Ultrasonic Scattering by Surface-Breaking Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Characterization of Laser Ablation
dc.relation.ispartof Quantitative Eddy Current Variants for Micromagnetic Microstructure Multiparameter Analysis (3MA)
dc.relation.ispartof The Interfacial Mass Detection with Lamb-Wave Sensors
dc.relation.ispartof Computed Tomography Imaging for Nondestructive Evaluation
dc.relation.ispartof Deconvolution by Design — an Approach to the Inverse Problem of Ultrasonic Testing
dc.relation.ispartof An application of object-oriented technology to unified life cycle engineering
dc.relation.ispartof Microwave Characterization of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymers With a Multi-Detector Waveguide
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Fatigue Damage in Composite Laminate Using Lamb Wave Velocities
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of Particle Parameters in Thermal Spray Systems
dc.relation.ispartof Concept Validation and Detectability Limitations for Direct-Sequence Spread-Spectrum Ultrasonic Evaluation System
dc.relation.ispartof Thermal Diffusivity of Basalt Fibre Epoxy Composites by Focused Gaussian Illumination Using Infrared Thermography
dc.relation.ispartof Experimental Validation of Models Applicable to the Ultrasonic Inspection of Nuclear Components
dc.relation.ispartof Detection of a Deep Flaw Inside a Conductor Using a Squid Magnetometer
dc.relation.ispartof Prediction of Reflection Coefficients from Defects in Embedded Bars
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy current analysis for 3-D problems using the boundary element method
dc.relation.ispartof An Analysis of Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer Arrays for Nondestructive Evaluation of Thick Metal Sections and Weldments
dc.relation.ispartof Thermal Coating Characterization Using Thermoelasticity
dc.relation.ispartof Electromagnetic Hysteretic Response Calculation for Superconductors in Demagnetizing Geometries
dc.relation.ispartof Laser Generated Lamb Waves in Composite Materials Using Embedded Fiber Optic Delivery System
dc.relation.ispartof Semiconductor Dimensional Metrology Using the Scanning Electron Microscope
dc.relation.ispartof Theoretical and Experimental Studies of the Remote Field Eddy Current Effect
dc.relation.ispartof The Transmission/Scattering of Elastic Waves by a Simple Inhomogeneity—A Comparison of Theories
dc.relation.ispartof Test Bed for Quantitative NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Detection of Acoustic Second Harmonics Using a Laser Interferometer
dc.relation.ispartof Improvement to Defect Detection by Ultrasonic Data Processing: The DTVG Method
dc.relation.ispartof Fast Pattern Recognition Method for Eddy Current Testing
dc.relation.ispartof NDE X-Ray Image Analysis Using Mathematical Morphology
dc.relation.ispartof Leaky Lamb Wave Along VCR Magnetic Tapes
dc.relation.ispartof An Eddy Current Sensor for the Measurement of Resistivity and Temperature of Aluminum Rod during Extrusion Processing
dc.relation.ispartof An Impulse Radar Nondestructive Evaluation System
dc.relation.ispartof Doubly-Leaky Rayleigh Wave Propagation Around a Fluid-Filled Cylindrical Cavity
dc.relation.ispartof Accept-Reject Decisions and Probabilistic Failure Prediction
dc.relation.ispartof Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Interfacial Losses in Concrete with Laser Ultrasonics
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Characterization of Lead Zirconate Titanate Ceramics
dc.relation.ispartof Computer Simulation of X-Ray NDE Process Coupled with CAD Interface
dc.relation.ispartof Optimization of Electromagnetic Transducer Systems
dc.relation.ispartof A Resonance Frequency Technique to Monitor the Integrity of Dental Implants
dc.relation.ispartof Time-Resolved Infrared Radiometric Imaging of Coatings
dc.relation.ispartof Surface Roughness Effects in Porosity Assessment by Ultrasonic Attenuation Spectroscopy
dc.relation.ispartof Probability of Tight Crack Detection via Eddy-Current Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Characterization of Solid-Solid Bonds from Microstructural Changes
dc.relation.ispartof X-Ray Quantitative Evaluation of Multi-Layered Objects from Few Projections: A Multiresolution Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Development of an Acoustic Model for Multilayered NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Glass Fiber Airplane Inspected with Infrared Lockin Thermography
dc.relation.ispartof Hall Coefficient Measurement for Residual Stress Assessment in Precipitation Hardened IN718 Nickel-base Superalloy
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Imaging of Internal Structures of a Fiber Steered Composite Panel
dc.relation.ispartof High-Frequency Guided Ultrasonic Waves to Monitor Corrosion Thickness Loss
dc.relation.ispartof CIVA Workstation for NDE: Mixing of NDE Techniques and Modeling
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of Stress Profiles by Phase Contrast Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Damage Assessment for Composite Materials Based on Structurally Imbedded Optical Fibers and Image Enhanced Backlighting
dc.relation.ispartof A Remote Laser System for Material Characterization at High Temperatures
dc.relation.ispartof Fatigue Lifetime Prediction with the Aid of SAW NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of Acoustoelastic Coefficient of Surface Waves with Scanning Acoustic Microscope
dc.relation.ispartof Use of a Chirp Waveform in Pulsed Eddy Current Crack Detection
dc.relation.ispartof Impulse Analysis of Ultrasonic Indicia
dc.relation.ispartof Wave Phenomena Related to Nonlinear Mechanical Behavior of Adhesives
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Modeling of Real-Life NDT Situations: Applications and Further Developments
dc.relation.ispartof Long and Intermediate Wavelength Flaw Reconstruction
dc.relation.ispartof Remaining Fatigue Lifetime Prediction for Retirement-for-Cause in Metals
dc.relation.ispartof The Evaluation of Quartz Resonators Via X-Ray Diffraction Topography
dc.relation.ispartof Field Measurements of Ultrasonic Stress in a Compressor Rotor
dc.relation.ispartof A Novel Approach for Rapid Eddy Current Imaging of Flaws
dc.relation.ispartof Assessment of Industrial Floor Slabs Using Nondestructive Testing Methods
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Evaluation of the Nonlinearity of Metals from a Design Perspective
dc.relation.ispartof Flexible Wedge Phased Array Transducers for Inspecting Variable-Geometry or Complex Components
dc.relation.ispartof Real-Time Radiographic Investigation of Weld Pool Depression
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Composite Laminates using Combined LLW and PBS Methods
dc.relation.ispartof Near-Real-Time Radiography Detects 0.1% Changes in Areal Density with 1-Millimeter Spatial Resolution
dc.relation.ispartof Digital Dislpay of Acoustic Holographic Images
dc.relation.ispartof Quantitative Measurement of Chrome Loss by Optical Means
dc.relation.ispartof Progress in Non-Destructive Fatigue Crack Detection and Monitoring in Welded Pressure Vessels Subjected to External Pressure Cycling
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Microstructural Noise Parameters in a Powder Metal Alloy
dc.relation.ispartof H∞ Deconvolution of Ultrasonic Non Destructive Testing Signals for Defect Identification
dc.relation.ispartof Finite Element Analysis of Eddy Current Surface Probes
dc.relation.ispartof Towards a Flat-Bottom Hole Standard for Thermal Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Optimization of Scattering Matrix for Elastic Waves from Voids and Obstacles
dc.relation.ispartof Maximium Entropy Deconvolution of four Sensor Acoustic Emission Maps in Aerospace Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Results of the 2016 UT Modeling Benchmark Obtained with Models Implemented in CIVA
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic NDE of Adhesive Bonds: The Inverse Problem
dc.relation.ispartof Crack Angle and Depth Estimation Using Wavelet Preprocessed Neural Network
dc.relation.ispartof Analysis of Compressibility Origins in Monolithic Ceramic Suspensions Using X-Ray Imaging Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Lock-In Thermal Wave Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of Stiffness Loss with Guided Wave Tomography
dc.relation.ispartof Imaging of impact damage in graphite epoxy composites
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of Anisotropic Elastic Constants of Sandwiched SiC/Ti Composite by Double Transmission, Critical Angle and Leaky Surface Wave Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Delayed Ettringite Formation Using Nonlinear Impact Resonance Spectroscopy Method
dc.relation.ispartof Finite Element Modeling of Binary Acoustic Fresnel Lenses
dc.relation.ispartof Structural Health Monitoring of Pipelines Using Permanently Installed Guided Wave Sensors
dc.relation.ispartof Optical Profiling of Diffusively Reflective Polyethylene Rods Used in Fiber
dc.relation.ispartof The Use of Barkhausen Noise for the Measurement of Residual Stresses in Aircraft Parts
dc.relation.ispartof Lamb Wave Modes in Coal-Tar-Coated Steel Plates
dc.relation.ispartof Microwave Eddy-Current Techniques for Quantitative NDE
dc.relation.ispartof A Pulsed Laser/Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer Approach to Ultrasonic Sensor Needs for Steel Processing
dc.relation.ispartof Overview
dc.relation.ispartof Sherlock, A MS Windows Prototype System for General Purpose Image-Based Industrial Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof Digital Stereo Radiography, Applications to Imaging of Printed Circuit Boards
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Techniques for Inspecting Multi-Layer Composite Components
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Attenuation Measurements in Jet-Engine Titanium Alloys
dc.relation.ispartof 3D FFT Mode Filtering for Phase Gradient Velocity Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof Wave Speed Propagation Measurements on Highly Attenuative Wax at Elevated Temperatures
dc.relation.ispartof Automated Interpretation for Ultrasonic NDT Data
dc.relation.ispartof Permittivity Characteristics of Kevlar, Carbon Composites, E-Glass, and Rubber (33% Carbon) at X-Band (8–12 GHZ)
dc.relation.ispartof Fast Eddy Current Forward Models Using Artificial Neural Networks
dc.relation.ispartof Automated Inspection Device for Explosive Charge in Shells - AIDECS
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Reflectivity of Diffusion Bonds
dc.relation.ispartof Quantitative Evaluation of Defects by Fuzzy Reasoning Based on Principal Component Analysis
dc.relation.ispartof Barkhausen Demodulation
dc.relation.ispartof Deformation of Leaky Lamb Wave Spectrum in Fluid-Loaded Plates
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Measurement of Clearances of a Rolling-Piston Type Rotary Compressor
dc.relation.ispartof Novel High-Frequency Air Transducers
dc.relation.ispartof Polynomial Extrapolation Toward Low Frequencies of the Spectrum of Gated Ultrasonic Echoes for Deconvolution: Application to Defects in Solids
dc.relation.ispartof A Highly Interactive System for Processing Large Volumes of Ultrasonic Testing Data
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Characterization of Plasma Spray Coating
dc.relation.ispartof Estimates of Eddy Current Response to Subsurface Cracks from 2-D Finite Element Code Predictions
dc.relation.ispartof Photon CT Scanning of Advanced Ceramic Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Automated Flaw Detection Using Unreconstructed Computed Tomography Data
dc.relation.ispartof Determination of Elastic Parameters of Pharmaceutical Materials Using a Fiber Interferometer
dc.relation.ispartof Reflection Coefficient of a Fluid-Coupled Elastic Layer
dc.relation.ispartof Improved Measurements of Case Depth by the Application of Signal Processing Algorithms to Barkhausen Effect Data
dc.relation.ispartof Human Factors Considerations in the Assessment of Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) Reliability
dc.relation.ispartof A Simple Algorithm of Mixing Technique of Digital Eddy Current Signals for Steam Generator Tubes
dc.relation.ispartof Photothermal Evaluation of Diffusion Coatings
dc.relation.ispartof Weak Bond Screening System
dc.relation.ispartof An Application of Padé Approximants to Elastic Wave Scattering
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Examination of Thin Walled Stainless Steel Tubes by Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Scattering of Plane Waves by a Partially Closed Crack
dc.relation.ispartof Homomorphic Processing in Ultrasonic NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Characteristics of Acoustic Emission Signals from Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Scattering of Lamb Waves in a Composite Plate
dc.relation.ispartof A Real-Time Phase Unwrapping Algorithm For EPSI Material Deformation Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy Current measurement of Fiber Volume Fraction in Metal Matrix Composite Extrusions
dc.relation.ispartof Characteristics and Applications of Electromagnetic Surface Wave Transducers
dc.relation.ispartof Application of the Grain Boundary Internal Friction Peak to the Determination of Optimum Deformation Conditions of a Superplastic Alloy
dc.relation.ispartof Choice of Coded Waveform and Correlation Filter for Self-Noise Suppression in Ultrasonic Correlation Systems
dc.relation.ispartof High Performance Scanning System to Explore Ultrasonic Oblique Wave Reflection in Composite Laminates
dc.relation.ispartof Ambient Excitation for Detection of Damage in Timber Bridges
dc.relation.ispartof Development and Field-Testing of a Hand-Held Ultrasonic Monitoring Device
dc.relation.ispartof Ferrite Core Eddy Current Probe Model: Description and Verification
dc.relation.ispartof Floquet Analysis of Lamb Waves Propagating in Periodically-Layered Composites
dc.relation.ispartof A Model for the Effects of Aberrations on Refracted Ultrasonic Fields
dc.relation.ispartof Experimental Characterization of Sulfate Damage of Concrete based on the Harmonic Wave Modulation Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Evaluation of Adhesive Bonds Using Leaky Lamb Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Design and Analysis of an Array of Square Microstrip Patches for Nondestructive Measurement of Inner Material Properties of Various Structures Using Swept Microwave Frequencies
dc.relation.ispartof Guided Waves in Fluid-Elastic Concentric and Non-Concentric Cylindrical Structures: Theoretical and Experimental Investigations
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of an Electrodynamic Flexural Transducer for Air-Coupled Ultrasonics
dc.relation.ispartof Higher Order Acoustoelastic Lamb Wave Propagation in Stressed Plates
dc.relation.ispartof Imaging of Electromagnetic NDT Phenomena
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Determination of Thickness and Elastic Modulus of Plasma Spray Coatings Using Laser Ultrasonics
dc.relation.ispartof UT with SH-Waves and Electromagnetic Ultrasonic (EMUS) -Transducers
dc.relation.ispartof Analysis of Heat Input Effects in Passive Thermographic NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Sapphire Fiber Interferometer for Microdisplacement Measurements at High Temperature
dc.relation.ispartof High-Spatial-Resolution Computed Tomography for thin Annular Geometries
dc.relation.ispartof Algorithm for Dual-Energy Radiographic Analysis
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Response of a Layer of Spherical Inclusions with a Hexagonal or Square Periodic Arrangement
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Evaluation of Fatigue Damage on Steels using Magnetic Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof E-Book of Abstracts 42nd Annual Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation Conference
dc.relation.ispartof Lamb Wave Modes Propagating Along Arbitrary Directions in an Orthotropic Plate
dc.relation.ispartof Analytical Approach to the Calculation of Three-Dimensional Transducers for the Acoustic Control Methods
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Emissions Applications on the Nasa Space Station
dc.relation.ispartof Laser Ultrasonics: A Non Contacting NDT System
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of Sensitization in AISI 304 and AISI 304L Stainless Steel with Nonlinear Ultrasonic Rayleigh Wave Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof Acousto-Ultrasonic Evaluation of Hybrid Composites Using Oblique Incidence Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Generation of Diffuse Lamb Waves in Plates
dc.relation.ispartof Diffraction of Ultrasonic Waves by Elliptical Cracks in Metals
dc.relation.ispartof Subsurface Inclusion Quantification Using Multi-Frequency Ultrasonic Surface Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Structure of Magnetic Fields in High Temperature Superconductors with Columnar Defects
dc.relation.ispartof Surface Acoustic Wave Electromagnetic Transducer Modeling and Design for NDE Applications
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Inspection and Evaluation of Metal Matrix Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Inverse Technology Transfer: Development Opportunities Defined from Practice
dc.relation.ispartof Integration of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) Solutions onto Commercial Aircraft via the FAA SHM Research Program
dc.relation.ispartof Wavelet Transform Signal Processing Applied to Ultrasonics
dc.relation.ispartof Estimation of Bond Line Dimensions in Adhered Metal Joints Using Ultrasonic Lamb Waves: Developments Using Artificial Neural Networks
dc.relation.ispartof Microtopographic Inspection of Thermoplastic Rubber Shoe’s Sole: The Influence of Surface Roughness on Sole to Leather Gluing
dc.relation.ispartof Interaction of Guided Waves with Cracks in an Embedded Multilayered Anisotropic Plate by Using a Boundary Element Approach
dc.relation.ispartof Some Elastic Moduli of Three Thick Composites
dc.relation.ispartof A Multizone Technique for Billet Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Characterization of Fatigue Damage in Metal Matrix Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Single Beam Interferometry of a Thermal Bump: I—Experiment
dc.relation.ispartof Effect of Phase Delay on Low Frequency Operation of Flux Focusing Eddy Current Probe
dc.relation.ispartof Holographic Inspection for Debonds in Sonar Transducer Head Mass/Shroud Subassemblies
dc.relation.ispartof Accept/Reject Criteria for Structural Ceramics: Some Effects of Cavities on the Fracture of Ceramics - Cylindrical Holes
dc.relation.ispartof A Single Transducer Broadband Technique for Leaky Lamb Wave Detection
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Hidden Corrosion In Multilayer Aircraft Structures Using Transient Eddy-Current NDE
dc.relation.ispartof A New Method for the Measurement of Ultrasonic Absorption in Polycrystalline Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Theoretical Predictions and Experimental Measurements of Echo Responses from Tilted Flat-Bottomed Holes
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Microscopy with Mixed Mode Transducers
dc.relation.ispartof Phase Steering and Focusing Behavior of Ultrasound in Cementitious Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Development of Eddy-Current Probes for the Evaluation of Magnetite in the Support-Plate Crevices of Nuclear Steam Generators
dc.relation.ispartof An Ultrasonic Pulser/Receiver System with Extended Dynamic Range and low Distortion
dc.relation.ispartof Electromagnetic Modelling of an Eddy-Current Position Sensor in for use in a Fast Reactor
dc.relation.ispartof In-Process Ultrasonic Thickness Metrology Applied to Steel Parts of Rotation
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Surfaces and Coatings Using Laser-Generated Ultrasonic Surface Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Manufacturing Technology for Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) System to Implement Retirement for Cause (RFC) Procedures for GAS Turbine Engine Components
dc.relation.ispartof Moisture Diffusion Analysis for Composite Microdamage
dc.relation.ispartof Second Order Asymptotic Boundary Conditions for Modeling of Imperfect Interface
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Ultrasonic Pod Models
dc.relation.ispartof Guided Wave Propagation in Pipes Embedded in Concrete
dc.relation.ispartof Visualization of Ultrasonic Waves in a Solid by Stroboscopic Photoelasticity and Image Processing Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Signal Processing for Multilayered NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Foreward
dc.relation.ispartof NDT of Specimen of Complex Geometry Using Ultrasonic Adaptive Techniques - The F.A.U.S.T. System
dc.relation.ispartof Generation of Dispersive Acoustic Waves by the Phase Velocity Scanning of a Laser Beam
dc.relation.ispartof A Neural Network Applied to Crack Type Recognition
dc.relation.ispartof Guided Waves for the Inspection of Titanium Diffusion Bonds
dc.relation.ispartof The Application of Thermal Diffusivity Imaging to Sic-Fiber-Reinforced Silicon Nitride
dc.relation.ispartof Heavy Metal Contamination Detection Using X-Rays
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonics in Thick Anisotropic Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Real Defects for Verification of Ultrasonic Testing Models
dc.relation.ispartof An Artificial Intelligence Technique to Characterizae Surface-Breaking Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof Energy Release Rates for Various Defects
dc.relation.ispartof Manufacture of Reference Defects for NDE through Hot Isostatic Pressing
dc.relation.ispartof Compression of Multi-frequency Eddy Current Data using Principal Components Analysis for Pressure Tube to Calandria Tube Gap Measurement
dc.relation.ispartof Swept Frequency Ultrasonic Imaging in Composite Plates
dc.relation.ispartof Development and Comparison of Beam Models for Two-Media Ultrasonic Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof Quantitative Assessment of Corrosion in Aircraft Structures Using Scanning Pulsed Eddy Current
dc.relation.ispartof Laser-Based Ultrasonic Inspection of Complexly Contoured Rocket Engine Components
dc.relation.ispartof One Sided Inspection for Elastic Constant Determination of Advanced Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Scattering by Planar and Non-Planar Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof Monitoring of Fatigue Damage in Pure Copper with Electromagnetic Acoustic Resonance
dc.relation.ispartof Model-based signal processing techniques for ultrasonic flaw detection: simulation studies
dc.relation.ispartof Cylindrically Guided Waves in a Transversely Isotropic Shaft
dc.relation.ispartof Industrial Applications of Laser-Based Profilometry
dc.relation.ispartof Depth Determination of Surface-Breaking Cracks in Concrete Slabs Using a Self-Compensating Ultrasonic Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Transducers and Lens Design for Acoustic Microscopy
dc.relation.ispartof Optical Fiber Methods for Autoclave and Epoxy Cure Monitoring
dc.relation.ispartof Analysis of Many-Defect Systems
dc.relation.ispartof Approach for Simultaneous Determination of Thickness and Sound Velocity in Layered Structures Based on Sound Field Simulations
dc.relation.ispartof Pulsed Eddy-Current Interaction with Subsurface Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Submicron Dimensional Metrology Using the Scanning Electron Microscope
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy Current Scan Simulation with Coupled FEM/BEM
dc.relation.ispartof Hybrid Ray-FDTD Model for the Simulation of the Ultrasonic Inspection of CFRP Parts
dc.relation.ispartof Improved Assessment of Concrete Dams Using Sonic Tomography
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Inspection of Partially Completed Welds Using Pattern Recognition Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of Mechanical Fatigue Damage Accumulation in Metal Matrix Composites Using Ultrasonic Surface Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement Model-Based Prediction of Correlated Flaw Signal
dc.relation.ispartof Direct Inversion in Complex Geometries
dc.relation.ispartof An Application of Caustics to Ultrasonic Defect Location
dc.relation.ispartof Assessing the Integrity of Spillway Foundations
dc.relation.ispartof Integrity Monitoring of Pressurized Gas Cylinders Using the SSUE Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Condition Monitoring of Rotating Elements Using Acoustic Emission: Indian Scenario
dc.relation.ispartof Leaky Lamb Wave Phenomena in Composites Using Pulses
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Waves in a Piezoelectric Plate Immersed in a Conductive Fluid
dc.relation.ispartof Self-Focusing and Defect Characterization with the Faust System
dc.relation.ispartof Microwave Sensors for Imaging Moisture and Flaws in Advanced Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of the Texture of Heavily Deformed Metal-Metal Composites with Acoustic Microscopy
dc.relation.ispartof Surface Flaw Characterization Using Ultrasonic Backscattered Satellite Pulse Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Spatial Resolution with Time-and-Polarization-Resolved Acoustic Microscopy
dc.relation.ispartof On Phase-Based Imaging of Eddy Current Nondestructive Evaluation
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Sensing Simulation of CdTe Single Crystal Growth
dc.relation.ispartof Averaging Techniques and Ultrasonic Pole Figures
dc.relation.ispartof Potential Cost Savings Through Advanced NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Issues on Reproducibility/Reliability of Magnetic NDE Methods
dc.relation.ispartof Calibrations for Analyzing Industrial Samples on Medical CT Scanners
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Separation of Stress and Texture Effects in Polycrystalline Aggregates
dc.relation.ispartof Integrated Ultrasonic Transducer
dc.relation.ispartof Estimation and Application of 2-D Scattering Matrices for Sparse Array Imaging of Impact Damage in Composite Panels
dc.relation.ispartof Guided Plate Wave Potential for Damage Analysis of Composite Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Luminescence Sensing of Stress in Composite Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Inspection of Titanium Alloys with a Time Reversal Mirror
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy-Current Detection Methods for Surface-Breaking Tight Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof Accuracy improvement of small defect detection for ultrasonic inspection by using scientific visual analysis
dc.relation.ispartof Quantitative Computerized Laminography
dc.relation.ispartof A comparison of SQUID imaging techniques for small defects in nonmagnetic tubes
dc.relation.ispartof Factors Affecting Ultrasonic Waves Interacting with Fatigue Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof The INFO-ROC Technique: A Method for Comparing and Optimizing Inspection Systems
dc.relation.ispartof Welcome
dc.relation.ispartof Numerical Simulation of Elastic Wave Scattering from Three-Dimensional Axisymmetric Surface Features
dc.relation.ispartof Investigation of Embedded Structures in Media with Unknown Acoustic Properties
dc.relation.ispartof Generalized Spring boundary Conditions and Scattering Coefficients for Interface Imperfections with Arbitrary Orientations
dc.relation.ispartof Probe Footprint Estimation in Eddy-Current Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Low Frequency, Pulsed Eddy Currents for Deep Penetration
dc.relation.ispartof Cure Control: Strategies for Using Dielectric Sensors
dc.relation.ispartof A Coring Method for the Nondestructive Evaluation of Effective Prestress Force in Prestressed Concrete Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Novel Data Visualizations of X-Ray Data for Aviation Security Applications using the OTAP Platform
dc.relation.ispartof Laser Generation of Narrow Band Ultrasound
dc.relation.ispartof Materials Characterization by Time Delay Spectrometry Ultrasound
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement and Calculation of Transient Eddy-Currents in Layered Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Review of High Sensitivity AC Field Measurement — Recent Advances and Future Work
dc.relation.ispartof Neutron Radiography with SNRS
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of Carbon-Carbon Electrical Conductivity During Pyrolysis
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Characterization and Bond Strength of Solid-Solid Bonds
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic NDE Techniques for Integrally Fabricated Rotors
dc.relation.ispartof Modeling Ultrasonic Beam Propagation in Graphite Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Development and Application of UT Models in Titanium Inspection Development
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of the Fatigue Behavior of Austenitic Steel Using HTSL-SQUID
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Bacscatter from Embedded Cylinders
dc.relation.ispartof Operational NDT Simulator, Towards Human Factors Integration in Simulated POD
dc.relation.ispartof Numerical Calculations of Acoustic Emission
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Plate Waves in 3-D Braided Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Influence of Filtering Techniques on Holographic Images
dc.relation.ispartof Accuracy Improvement of Ultrasonic Inspection for Civil Structures and Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Full Wave Modeling of Ultrasonic Scattering Using Nystrom Method for NDE Applications
dc.relation.ispartof Photoinductive Imaging: A New NDE Technique
dc.relation.ispartof The Analysis of Adhesive Bonds Using Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers
dc.relation.ispartof Multifrequency Eddy Current Inspection with Continuous Wave Methods
dc.relation.ispartof A Study of Internal Friction, Electric Resistance and Shape Change in Cu-Zn and Cu-Zn-Al Alloys During Phase Transformation Use Simultaneous Measurement Method
dc.relation.ispartof Development of Advanced NDE Ultrasonic Equipment
dc.relation.ispartof Shear Wave Ultrasonic Technique as an NDE Tool for Composite Laminates Before and After Curing
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Digital Pulse Shaping by Least Squares Method to Ultrasonic Signals in Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Use of Surface Skimming SH Waves to Measure Thermal and Residual Stresses in Installed Railroad Tracks
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy Current Detection of Nucleation and Early Growth of Semiconductor Crystals
dc.relation.ispartof A Novel Ultrasonic Method for Accurate Characterization of Microstructural Gradients in Monolithic and Composite Tubular Structures
dc.relation.ispartof The Correlation of Ultrasonic Measurements with Toughness Changes During the Environmental Degradation of Adhesive Joints
dc.relation.ispartof Detection of Ultrasonic Waves Propagating in Boron/Aluminum and Steel/Lucite Composite Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Defect Visualization and Location of Reinforcing Bars and Cables in Concrete Using Active Electromagnetic Induction Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Nonlinear Acoustic Effects in Rocks and Soils
dc.relation.ispartof AC Magnetic Field Amplitude Dependence of Magnetoacoustic Emission Spectra and Effects of Temper Embrittlement of HY80 Steel
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Harmonic Generation and Dislocation Dynamics of Fatigued Aluminum Alloys
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of Longitudinal Stress in Railroad Rail Under Field Conditions Using Nonlinear Harmonics
dc.relation.ispartof The Parametric Inverse Problem in Transient Scattering
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of Photoacoustic Microscopy Fatigue Crack Detection
dc.relation.ispartof A Method for the Experimental Characterization of Phased Array Beam Steering Properties
dc.relation.ispartof Crack Detection and Defect Classification Using the LLT-Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Characterizing Porosity of Composite Materials Through Digital Ultrasonic Waveform Processing
dc.relation.ispartof A Dipole Thermal Wave Source and Mirage Detection
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Evaluation of Transient Liquid Phase Bonding in Single Crystal Superalloy Castings
dc.relation.ispartof Automation of Pipe Welding Using Machine Vision and Adaptive Control
dc.relation.ispartof Investigation of Sound Property of Laser-Shocked Aluminum Alloy
dc.relation.ispartof A Semi-Adaptive Approach to In-Flight Monitoring Using Acoustic Emission
dc.relation.ispartof Nonlinear beam fields simulation of a mixed wave and definition of nonlinearity parameter with diffraction correction
dc.relation.ispartof Effects of Pulse Distortion on Phase Velocity Measurements Using the Zero-Crossing Shift Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Object Pose Estimation Using a Set of Local Radiographs of a Part and Its CAD Model
dc.relation.ispartof Monochromatic X-Ray Beams for NDT
dc.relation.ispartof Generation and Detection of Single Mode Lmab Waves Using Laser-Based Ultrasound
dc.relation.ispartof Enhancements and Extensions to OSEE Contamination Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof Nonspecular Reflection of Acoustic Beams Incident on Elastic Plates for Fluid Characterization
dc.relation.ispartof Thermal and Plasma Waves in Semiconductors
dc.relation.ispartof Intelligent Design for NDE — An Engineering Challenge
dc.relation.ispartof Analytic Diffraction Corrections to Ultrasonic Scattering Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof Remote Laser-Based Ultrasonic Inspection of Weld Joints for High Volume Industrial Applications
dc.relation.ispartof Stress Effect on Ultrasonic Wave Propagation Through the Solid-Solid and Liquid-Solid Plane Interface
dc.relation.ispartof Through-wall Phased Array Imaging of Small Surface-Breaking Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof The Effect of Equipment Bandwidth and Center Frequency Changes on Ultrasonic Inspection Reliability: Are Model Results too Conservative? (a)
dc.relation.ispartof Calibration Techniques for Electronic-Based Systems Used in Measurement of Nonlinearity Parameters
dc.relation.ispartof Nuclear Resonance for the Nondestructive Evaluation of Structural Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Texture Measurement in Aluminum Alloy at High Temperature
dc.relation.ispartof A Model of Pulsed Eddy Current Crack Detection
dc.relation.ispartof Capacitive Arrays for Robotic Sensing
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Detection of Weld Bead Geometry
dc.relation.ispartof Generation of Axial Shear Acoustic Resonance by Magnetostrictively Coupled Emat
dc.relation.ispartof List of Attendees
dc.relation.ispartof Laser shearographic testing of foam insulation on cryogenic fuel tanks
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of Signal Processing Schemes in Ultrasonic Grain Size Estimation
dc.relation.ispartof Determination of Thermal Diffusivity of Orthogonal Crystal by Mirage Detection
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of Surface Machining Damage in Ceramics
dc.relation.ispartof Adhesion Hysteresis and Its Role in Vibrothermography Crack Heating
dc.relation.ispartof Magnetic Property Evaluation of Creep Damaged Cr-Mo Steel Components used in Power Plants
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Waves Generated by a Transient Point Source in an Anisotropic Medium: Comparison Between Theory and Experiment
dc.relation.ispartof Delamination Depth Determinations in Composites Using Thermal Wave Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Early-Time Pulse-Echo Thermal Wave Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Preface
dc.relation.ispartof Backscatter from Specific Regions of Human Hearts Obtained from Standard Echocardiography Views
dc.relation.ispartof Development of Ultrasonic Inspection for a Bonded Superalloy Blade
dc.relation.ispartof Lamb Wave Tomography for Imagimg Erosion/Corrosion in Piping
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy Current Image Processing for Crack Size Characterization
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Studies of Composites Undergoing Thermal and Fatigue Loading
dc.relation.ispartof X-Ray Diffraction Evaluation of Adhesive Bonds and Damage in Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Wave Scattering from Surface-Breaking Cracks Sonified by a Linear Phased Array
dc.relation.ispartof Source efficiency and sensor detectability factors in laser ultrasonics
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Geometrical Diffraction Theory to QNDE Analysis
dc.relation.ispartof Barkhausen Noise Analysis by Surrounding Coil
dc.relation.ispartof A Method for Sizing Long Surface Cracks in Metals Based on the Measurement of the Surface Magnetic Field
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Width and Thickness Monitoring System in a Lamination Process
dc.relation.ispartof Experimental Study of Thin Film Sensor Networks for Wind Turbine Blade Damage Detection
dc.relation.ispartof An Eddy Current Analysis System for Nuclear Fan Cooler Inspection Data Analysis and Interpretation
dc.relation.ispartof Finite Element Modeling of Eddy Current Testing of Steam Generator Tube with Crack and Deposit
dc.relation.ispartof Prediction and Analysis of Transient Eddy-Current Probe Signals
dc.relation.ispartof Graphite Epoxy Defect Classification of Ultrasonic Signatures Using Statistical and Neural Network Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof A Compact Digital Phase-Stepping Shearography System
dc.relation.ispartof System of Inspection Assisted by Microprocessor
dc.relation.ispartof Time Domain Born Approximation
dc.relation.ispartof A Cryogenic Eddy Current Microprobe
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Maximum Aperture Saft Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Accept/Reject Criteria for Structural Ceramics: Some Effects of Cavities in the Fracture of Ceramics - Spherical Cavities
dc.relation.ispartof X-ray computed tomography for geometry acquisition
dc.relation.ispartof Determination of Delaminations in Adhesively Bonded Layers under Compression
dc.relation.ispartof Assessment of Positron Annihilation as a Potential Non-Destructive Examination Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Phase Mapping of Ultrasonic Fields Passed through Centrifugally Cast Stainless Steel
dc.relation.ispartof Infrared Thermal Wave Studies of Coated Surfaces
dc.relation.ispartof Wave Scattering by an Inclusion Having Imperfect Interfaces with the Matrix
dc.relation.ispartof UK Developments in Theoretical Modeling for NDT
dc.relation.ispartof Multi-Modality 3D Visualization of Hard-Alpha in Titanium Billets Utilizing CT X-Ray and Ultrasonic Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of Aluminum Corrosion and Composite Heat Damage Using Magnetic Resonance NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Interrogation of Polycrystalline Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of Thicknesses of Steel
dc.relation.ispartof Preface
dc.relation.ispartof Overview of Eddy Current Research at Saarbrücken
dc.relation.ispartof Modeling the Radiation of Focused and Unfocused Ultrasonic Transducers Through Planar Interfaces
dc.relation.ispartof Effects of Crack Closure on Ultrasonic Transmission
dc.relation.ispartof Sub-Bandgap Laser Probing of GaAs Devices and Circuits
dc.relation.ispartof Use of an x-ray process model to determine crack detectability in a multi-layer geometry
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Wave Propagation through Nozzles and Pipes with Claddings around their Inner Walls
dc.relation.ispartof Zero Group Velocity Resonances of Three Layer Plates for Bonding Evaluation
dc.relation.ispartof Holographic Contouring of Near Crack Tip Displacements
dc.relation.ispartof Using Capacitive Probes in Electromagnetic Nondestructive Testing
dc.relation.ispartof Inspection of Ropes and Cables Using the Transverse-Impulse Vibration Technique
dc.relation.ispartof An Apparatus for the Automated Nondestructive Testing of Electroexplosive Devices Using the Electrothermal Transient Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Development of a small ultrasonic transducer for phased-array fabrication
dc.relation.ispartof Higher Order Modes as Indicators of Surface Cracks Under Stratified Dielectric Coatings Using an Open-Ended Waveguide
dc.relation.ispartof Standard Flaws for Eddy Current Probe Characterization
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Fiber-Matrix Interphases in High-Temperature Composites: Experiment and Analysis
dc.relation.ispartof An HDF5 Based Framework for the Distribution and Analysis of Ultrasonic Concrete Data
dc.relation.ispartof Utility of Lamb Waves for Near Surface Crack Detection
dc.relation.ispartof The EDDY Current Sensing of Gallium Arsenide Crystal Growth: Calculated Response
dc.relation.ispartof Radiographic Detection of 100 Å Thickness Variations in 1-μm-Thick Coatings on Submillimeter-Diameter Laser Fusion Targets
dc.relation.ispartof Simulative Evaluation of Intragrain Precipitate Influence on the Material Nonlinearity using Nonlinear Ultrasound
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Scan Control and Analysis Using Catia Datasets
dc.relation.ispartof Dissipation Measurement in High TcSuperconductors with Electromagnetic Probes
dc.relation.ispartof Guided Waves for the Detection of Defects in Welds in Plastic Pipes
dc.relation.ispartof Development of NMR Imaging Probes for Advanced Ceramics
dc.relation.ispartof Laser ultrasound for the study of thin sheets
dc.relation.ispartof A Second-Generation System for Detection and Characterization of Steam-Turbine Rotor Flaws
dc.relation.ispartof Digital Acquisition and Analysis of Acoustic Emission Signals for Crack Site Initiation Studies
dc.relation.ispartof Initial Studies on the use of Laser Velocimetry in the Inspection and Health Monitoring of Aircraft
dc.relation.ispartof Monitoring Hardening of Cement Materials Using Ultrasonic Shear and Guided Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Current Deflection NDE for Defect Screening
dc.relation.ispartof Modelling of the Leakage Induction Field Through Notches at Saturation
dc.relation.ispartof Lamb Wave Propagation Across a Lap Joint
dc.relation.ispartof Mathematical Modelling of Transient Thermography and Defect Sizing
dc.relation.ispartof The Ultrasonic Measurement of Stress on Ferrous Plate using Pulsed Electromagnet Magnetostrictive Emat Probes
dc.relation.ispartof Effect of Hydrogen in Plastic Zones of Single-Edge Notch HSLA Samples
dc.relation.ispartof In Tribute and Memory of Dr. Aleksander Pilarski
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Signal Processing of Adhesive Bonding Data Employing Chirp-Z Transform and Adaptive Filtering Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof New Training Algorithm for Neural Networks
dc.relation.ispartof An Expert System for Power Plant NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Flexural Edge Waves Along Free and Immersed Elastic Waveguides
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of Stress with AC Magnetic Bridges
dc.relation.ispartof Novel Methods to Measure Surface Wave Velocity by Using Laser-generated Tone-burst Surface Wave
dc.relation.ispartof The Effect of Nonspherical Pores and Multiple Scattering on the Ultrasonic Characterization of Porosity
dc.relation.ispartof EMAT/Synthetic Aperture Approach to Thick-Weld Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof Applications of Generalized Pulse-Echo Formulas for Evaluation of Multilayered Structures
dc.relation.ispartof The Use of the Temperature Dependence of Ultrasonic Velocity to Measure Residual Stress
dc.relation.ispartof Inspection System for the In-Situ Inspection of Aircraft Composite Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Sensing for Non-invasive Characterization of Oil-Water-Gas Flow in a Pipe
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Evaluation of Corrosion through Insulation
dc.relation.ispartof Cumulative Fatigue Disbond of Adhesive Joints and its Detection using Thermal wave Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Development and Testing of the Time-Domain Microwave Nondestructive Evaluation System
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic, Electron and Optical Microscopy Visualization of Surface and Sub-Surface Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof Design and Optimization of a Multifunctional Phased Array Search Unit
dc.relation.ispartof Method for Investigating the Spectral Characteristics of Corroded Metal
dc.relation.ispartof A Reliability-Confidence Methodology for Complex Systems
dc.relation.ispartof A Novel Multi Slit X-Ray Backscatter Camera Based on Synthetic Aperture Focusing
dc.relation.ispartof On-Line Inspection of Ferromagnetic Materials Using Magnetic NDE Methods
dc.relation.ispartof Smart Structures a Damage Detection Concept
dc.relation.ispartof Laser Generated Bulk Waves in Plates
dc.relation.ispartof Experimental Verification of an Inversion Algorithm for Flaw Characterization Using Eddy-Currents
dc.relation.ispartof Examination of Wave Propagation in Wood from a Microstructural Perspective
dc.relation.ispartof Residual Stress Measurements from Surface Wave Velocity Dispersion
dc.relation.ispartof Detection of Disbonded Regions in Bonded Aluminum Plates Using an Ultrasonic 7.5 Mhz Linear Array medical Imaging System
dc.relation.ispartof Polarimetric Microwave Inverse Scattering as Applied to Nondestructive Testing
dc.relation.ispartof A Two-Layer Model for the Laser Generation of Ultrasound in Graphite-Epoxy Laminates
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustoelastic Measurement of Second- and Third-Order Elastic Constants in Silicon Carbide and Alumina Particulate-Reinforced Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Emission Detection of Crack Presence and Crack Advance During Flight
dc.relation.ispartof Availability of Training in Visual Inspection for the AIR Transport Industry
dc.relation.ispartof Simulation of Thermographic Responses of Realistically Shaped Delaminations with the Quadrupole Method
dc.relation.ispartof Imaging Fatigue Cracks in Low Carbon Steels with the Gel Electrode
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Wave Reflection from Water/Laminated Composite Interfaces
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of Bonded Boron/Epoxy Repairs on Aircraft Skin With Simulated Damage
dc.relation.ispartof The Laser Ultrasonic Inspection System (LUIS) at the Sacramento Air Logistics Center
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Neural Networks for Classification of Eddy Current NDT Data
dc.relation.ispartof Transfer of POD Performance Capabilities from Simple Shapes to Complex Shapes
dc.relation.ispartof Applied Stress Measurement in Steel for Fatigue Load Monitoring
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization and Interpretation of Ultrasonic Structural Echoes in Bimetallic Welds
dc.relation.ispartof Error Analysis and Ultrasonic Scattering Amplitude Estimation Using the Wiener Filter with Limited Prior Information
dc.relation.ispartof Improved Measurements of Samples Simulating Corrosion in Lap-Seams of Aluminum Aircraft
dc.relation.ispartof NDE for Power Electronics
dc.relation.ispartof How do you foresee the requirements for ultrasonic standards changing as NDE evolves from a defect detection mode to a quantitative defect characterization mode?
dc.relation.ispartof Spring and Asymptotic Boundary Condition Models for Study of Scattering by Thin Cylindrical Interphases
dc.relation.ispartof Application of One-Sided Stress Wave Velocity Measurement Technique to Evaluate Freeze-Thaw Damage in Concrete
dc.relation.ispartof Restoration of Limited View-Angle Image with a Line-by-Line Kalman Filter
dc.relation.ispartof Volumetric Ultrasound: A Novel Methodology for 3D Evaluation of Cardiovascular Structure and Function
dc.relation.ispartof Measurements of Longitudinal-Wave Velocity in IIW-Type Calibration Blocks
dc.relation.ispartof Session V. Miscellaneous Discussion
dc.relation.ispartof NDE of Cylindrically Symmetric Components with Piezofilm Transducers
dc.relation.ispartof Nonlinear Acoustics, a Technique to Determine Microstructural Changes in Materials
dc.relation.ispartof UHF Modulation and Fourier Transform Differential Time Domain Techniques for Measuring Strain Via Fiber Optics
dc.relation.ispartof Optimizing the Design of Multilayer Eddy Current Probes — A Theoretical and Experimental Study
dc.relation.ispartof Non-contacting capacitance probe for dielectric cure monitoring
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Wave Scattering from a Circular Crack: Comparison of Different Computational Methods
dc.relation.ispartof Self-Calibrating Ultrasonic Technique for R/T and T/R Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof Probability of Detection in Structural Health Monitoring
dc.relation.ispartof Quantitative Problems in Magnetic Particle Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof Waveform Design for Maximum Pass-Band Energy
dc.relation.ispartof Time Dependent Pulse Propagation and Scattering in Elastic Solids; an Asymptotic Theory
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) Indexing to Remote Sensing Photogrammetry
dc.relation.ispartof Identification of Flaws from Scattered Ultrasonic Fields as Measured at a Planar Surface
dc.relation.ispartof Genetic Algorithms for Inversion of Ultrasonic Data for the Elastic Constants Measurement in Orthotropic Material Systems
dc.relation.ispartof Synthetic Aperture Imaging of Contact Acoustic Nonlinearity at Closed Interfaces
dc.relation.ispartof A Comparison of Ultrasonics and Radiography for Weld Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof A Novel Thermosonic Imaging System for Non-destructive Testing
dc.relation.ispartof Damage Accumulation in Graphite-Epoxy Composites During Compressive Fatigue
dc.relation.ispartof Dimensional Measurement of Internal Features in Complex Castings
dc.relation.ispartof The Role of Texture Development and Dislocations in Acoustoelasticity during Plane Deformation
dc.relation.ispartof New Ultrasonic Standards
dc.relation.ispartof Embedded Fiber Optic Strain Sensor
dc.relation.ispartof Energy Velocity and Group Velocity for Guided Waves Propagating Within an Absorbing or Non-Absorbing Plate in Vacuum
dc.relation.ispartof Analysis of Mechanical Damage Detection in Gas Pipeline Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof An Experimental Study of Crack Detection in Annular Components by Ultrasonic Guided Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Attenuation Measurement by Backscattering Analysis
dc.relation.ispartof Quantitative Near Field Imaging with Multi-Detector Waveguide
dc.relation.ispartof Possible Effects of Texture and Texture Gradients on Aluminum Reference Standards
dc.relation.ispartof QNDE of a 3-D Carbon-Carbon Composite Using Photoacoustic Microscopy
dc.relation.ispartof Sensing of Metal-Transfer Mode for Process Control of GMAW
dc.relation.ispartof Analytic Calculations and Numerical Simulations of Box-Car Thermal Wave Images of Planar Subsurface Scatterers
dc.relation.ispartof Localization of the Crystallographic Directions of Composite Materials from Wavespeed Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Synthetic-Aperture Holographic Imaging†
dc.relation.ispartof The Long Range Detection of Corrosion in Pipes Using Lamb Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Development of Ultrasonic Models for Hard-Alpha Inclusions in Titanium Alloys
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Evaluation of Temper Embrittlement in HY80 Steel
dc.relation.ispartof Theoretical, Simulated, and Experimental Resolution Enhancement of a Transducer by Deconvolution of the Point Spread Function
dc.relation.ispartof Assessment of Reflective Tapes on the Accuracy of Displacement Measurement in Laser Doppler-vibrometry
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Examination of Ti-6-4 and Nitrided Ti-6-4 Materials
dc.relation.ispartof An Expert System for Ultrasonic Materials Characterization and NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Wide-Field Probe Modeling for the Inspection in Web Areas
dc.relation.ispartof Scanning Acoustic Microscopic of Single Fiber Fragmentation
dc.relation.ispartof Model Benchmarking and Reference Signals for Angled-beam Shear Wave Ultrasonic NDE Inspections
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic NDE of Tubing Pinch Welds
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Emission Linear Pulse Holography
dc.relation.ispartof Study of Interfacial Stress in Metal Matrix Composites Using Ultrasonic Velocity Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Inspection of Inhomogeneous Welds Simulated by Gaussian Beam Superposition
dc.relation.ispartof High-Speed Monitoring of Surface Defects in Rail Tracks Using Ultrasonic Doppler Effect
dc.relation.ispartof Numerical Simulation of Self-Focusing of an Array on an Interior Crack
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Evaluation of Solid State Welds
dc.relation.ispartof Adaptive Heterodyne Interferometer for Ultrasonic NDE
dc.relation.ispartof High Temperature Fabry-Perot Based Strain Sensor for Ceramic Cross Flow Filters
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Surface Skimming SH Waves to Stress and Texture Measurement in Steel
dc.relation.ispartof Scanning Heterodyne Micro-Interferometer for High Resolution Contour Mapping
dc.relation.ispartof Fast Signal-Averaging Unit for Ultrasonic Testing: Characterization of Materials Properties and SNR-Improvement for Coarse Grained Materials
dc.relation.ispartof A Perturbation Method to Model Interdigital Transducers for Use in Smart Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Modeling Using Finite Domain Cubic Phase Integrals
dc.relation.ispartof A Novel Fabrication Technique for Prescribed Interior Cracks in a Metal
dc.relation.ispartof Balancing Technological Opportunities vs. Operational Requirements: an AFML Challenge
dc.relation.ispartof Design of a Laser RF Modulation Phase Sensitive Scheme for Sensing and Decoding Multimodal Vibration in Large Composite Space Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Bond Strength Evaluation in Dissimilar Materials
dc.relation.ispartof A Model Assisted Probability of Detection Study for Eddy Current Testing of Multi-layer Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Non destructive evaluation of absorbing materials using microwave stimulated infrared thermography
dc.relation.ispartof Microwave Eddy-Current Techniques for Quantitative NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy Current Measurements of the New High TC Ceramic Superconductors
dc.relation.ispartof Elastic Wave Diffraction at Cracks in Anisotropic Materials
dc.relation.ispartof A Real-Time Synthetic Aperture Digital Acoustic Imaging System
dc.relation.ispartof Dynamic Porosity Variations in Ceramics
dc.relation.ispartof Kinetics of Moisture Degradation in Graphite-Epoxy Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Inspection of Rubber Sonar Dome Windows
dc.relation.ispartof Finite Element Analysis for the Inhibition of EMAT Lamb Waves Multimode
dc.relation.ispartof Theoretical Study for Detection of Defects in Weakly Absorbing Samples by Crossed-Beam Photothermal Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Plate Modes Generated by Emats for NDE of Planar Flaws
dc.relation.ispartof Second Order Nonlinearities and their Application in NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Iterative CT Reconstruction on Limited Angle Trajectories Applied to Robotic Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof Noncontacting Photothermal Radiometry of MOS Capacitor Structures: The Frequency-Domain and DLTS Approaches
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Wave Propagation in Inhomogeneous, Anisotropic Cast Stainless Steel
dc.relation.ispartof Theory of Acoustic Emission
dc.relation.ispartof In-Plant Demonstration of High-Temperature Emat System on Continuous Caster Strand
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of Residual Stress in 300m Steels Using Magnetization, Barkhausen Effect and X-Ray Diffraction Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Impact of Quantization Noise on the Quality of Ultrasonic Signal Deconvolution
dc.relation.ispartof A Functional Prototypic Instrument for the Ultrasonic Measurement of Formability (R-Bar, Delta-R on Steel and Textural Weights W400, W420, W440 on Aluminum)
dc.relation.ispartof Application of the Pace System to the Analysis of Multitechnique NDT Data on a Power Plant Component
dc.relation.ispartof Saw-Cut Scanning Patterns
dc.relation.ispartof Thermal and Cold Neutron Computed Tomography at the Los Alamos Neutron Scattering Center Using an Amorphous Silicon Detector Array
dc.relation.ispartof Air-coupled Ultrasonic Tomography for Internal Damage of Full-Scale Reinforced Concrete Moment Frame Components Subjected to Seismic Loadings
dc.relation.ispartof Analysis of Dispersive Ultrasonic Signals by the Ridges of the Analytic Wavelet Transform
dc.relation.ispartof Wave Propagation in a Plate with Defects
dc.relation.ispartof Development of a 3D Cone Beam Facility Dedicated to the Detection of Small Flaws in Large Si3N4 Parts
dc.relation.ispartof Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Beam Transmission Applied to Material Characterization
dc.relation.ispartof An inversion approach to ultrasonic imaging through reflective interfaces in multi-layered structures
dc.relation.ispartof Gaussian-beam modeling of ultrasonic transducers using near-field experimental data
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of Internal Residual Strain Gradients in Metal Matrix Composites Using Synchrotron Radiation
dc.relation.ispartof Modeling and Parameter Estimation of Ultrasonic Backscattered Echoes
dc.relation.ispartof Detection of Cracks in Si3N4 Base Ceramics Using Microfocus Radiography
dc.relation.ispartof Scanning Tunneling Microscopy for Morphological Characterization of InN Thin Films
dc.relation.ispartof History of the Wave Equation and Transforms in Engineering
dc.relation.ispartof Fracture Mechanics of Bonded Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Texture Determination from Ultrasonic Wave Speeds for Hexagonal Close Pack and Cubic Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Constitutive Damage Variable Measurement in Composites Using Guided Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Bonds Nde Using Stimulated Infrared Thermography
dc.relation.ispartof Graphite-Fiber Elastic Constants: Determination from Ultrasonic Measurements on Composite Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy Current Induction by a Coil near a Conducting Edge in 2D
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Imaging and the Long Wavelength Phase
dc.relation.ispartof Application of the Nonlinear Harmonics Method to Continuous Measurement of Stress in Railroad Rail
dc.relation.ispartof Linear and Nonlinear Ultrasonic Properties of Fatigued 410Cb Stainless Steel
dc.relation.ispartof Effect of Surface Coatings on Generation of Laser Based Ultrasound
dc.relation.ispartof A Linear Eddy-Current Array Driven by a Whip Excitation
dc.relation.ispartof Covering Thickness and Diameter Measurement of Reinforcing Bars by Eddy Current Testing Using Neural Network
dc.relation.ispartof Lamb Wave Tomography Using Laser-Based Ultrasonics
dc.relation.ispartof New Electromagnetic Transducer Applications
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy Current Distribution Using Parameters Normalized by Standard Penetration Depth
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Emission Waveform Acquisition during Fatigue Crack Growth
dc.relation.ispartof Detection of Expended Fatigue Life of AISI 4140 Steels from Magnetic Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof Colormap Based Image Display Enhancement
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Emission Monitoring of a Ground Durability and Damage Tolerance Test
dc.relation.ispartof Phase velocity and attenuation of SH waves in a fiber-reinforced composite
dc.relation.ispartof Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation of Surface Decarburization on Steels : Feasibility and Possible Applications
dc.relation.ispartof The Digitization of NDT Radiographs Using a Laser Scanner for Improved Productivity
dc.relation.ispartof Automatic Procedure for Thermal NDE of Delaminations in CFRP by Using Neural Networks
dc.relation.ispartof Initiatives for Enhancing the Capability of NDE Engineers: An Indian Perspective
dc.relation.ispartof A Modified Differential Pickup Reflection Probe
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Ultrasonic Phased Arrays to Inspection of Plastic Pressure Vessels
dc.relation.ispartof Abstracts, Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation (Brunswick, ME, July 29–August 3, 2001)
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasound Tissue Characterization for Quality Grading of Beef Carcasses
dc.relation.ispartof Study of Surface Acoustic Wave Dispersion Using Laser-Ultrasonics and Application to Thickness Measurement
dc.relation.ispartof The Application of Wavelets and Fuzzy Logic to Eddy Current Flaw Detection in Steam Generator Tubes
dc.relation.ispartof Coherent Flaw Reflectivity Estimation in Nonstationary Noise
dc.relation.ispartof A Comb Transducer Model for Guided Wave Mode Control
dc.relation.ispartof A Model of Temporal Intensity Modulation for Laser Generated Ultrasound
dc.relation.ispartof Imaging Structure and Function in Medicine and Biology
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Determination of the Elastic Properties of Unidirectional Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Electromagnetic Microscope Compared to a Conventional Probe
dc.relation.ispartof Estimation of Bondline Dimensions in Adhered Metal Joints Using Ultrasonic Lamb Waves: Finite Element Studies of Underlying Physical Phenomena
dc.relation.ispartof A Waveguide Based Acoustic Microscope with Application to the Evaluation of Bone
dc.relation.ispartof Improved Methodology for Inspection Reliability Assessment for Detecting Synthetic Hard Alpha Inclusions in Titanium
dc.relation.ispartof Investigation of Interfacial Losses in Concrete with Laser Ultrasonics
dc.relation.ispartof Multi-Frequency Eddy Current Testing of Ferromagnetic Welds
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Flaw Classification — An Expert System Approach
dc.relation.ispartof Origin of Spurious Ultrasonic Echoes in Stainless Steel Piping with Weld Overlay
dc.relation.ispartof Report Documentation Pages
dc.relation.ispartof Field Inspection of Ceramic Matrix Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Determination of the Absolute Sensitivity Limit of a Piezoelectric Displacement Transducer
dc.relation.ispartof NDE Applications of an Optical Technique for Noncontact Measurements of In-Plane Strains
dc.relation.ispartof Development of Nonlinear Ultrasonic Techniques to Assess the Microstructural Damage of 0.1% and 1% Fe-Cu Steel
dc.relation.ispartof Mechanical Reciprocity Principles and Ultrasonic Measurement Models
dc.relation.ispartof The Effect of Scattered Radiation in X-Ray Techniques—Experiments and Theoretical Considerations
dc.relation.ispartof New Technology from ARPA/AFML
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of Material Constants for the Surface Impedance Boundary Condition
dc.relation.ispartof Three Dimensional Finite Element Modeling
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Measurements of Porosity in Woven Graphite Polyimide Composites
dc.relation.ispartof A Real-Time Saft System Applied to the Ultrasonic Inspection of Nuclear Reactor Components
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Laser Ultrasonic Sources Using a Sagnac Interferometer
dc.relation.ispartof Images of Flaws in Generator Retaining Rings Using SAFT Reconstruction of TOFD Data
dc.relation.ispartof Edge Crack Detection: A Theoretical and Experimental Study
dc.relation.ispartof Direct and Inverse Methods for Scattering by Cracks at High Frequencies
dc.relation.ispartof Microfocus X-Ray Technology — A Review of Developments and Application
dc.relation.ispartof Thermal Wave Imaging of Aircraft Stuructures
dc.relation.ispartof Calculation of Scattering by the Distorted Wave Born Approximation
dc.relation.ispartof Pseudo-pulse-Echo Mode Focused Rayleigh Wave EMATs for High Resolution Imaging of Surface-breaking Defects
dc.relation.ispartof Modal Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Helicopter Rotor System Dynamic Components During Bench Fatigue Tests
dc.relation.ispartof Correlation fo Earing and Texture in Weakly Orthotropic Sheets of Cubic Metals
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Interactions with Internal Stresses in Metals
dc.relation.ispartof Inspection of Compressor Discs by Ultrasonic Leaky Waves Using an Automated C-Scan System
dc.relation.ispartof 3-D Wave Propagation in Cylindrical Single Crystal Solid-Liquid Bodies
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Moment of Inertia Variations by Holographic Interferometry
dc.relation.ispartof Testing Piezoelectric Sensors in a Nuclear Reactor Environment
dc.relation.ispartof Abstracts, Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation (Bellingham, WA, July 14–19, 2002)
dc.relation.ispartof Microscopic Features of Adhesive Bonds for Non-Destructive Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof Model-Based Flaw Reconstruction and Flaw Parameter Estimation Using a Limited Set of Radiographic Projections
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Gel Electrode to Fatigue Testing of Aluminum Components
dc.relation.ispartof Low Frequency Eddy Currents with magnetic Saturation for In-Line Detection and Sizing of Stress Corrosion Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof Differential Geometry Based Model for Eddy Current Inspection of U-Bend Sections in Steam Generator Tubes
dc.relation.ispartof Predetermination of characteristics of acoustic emission sensors by electrical response analysis
dc.relation.ispartof On the Ultrasonic Imaging of Tube/Support Structure of Power Plant Steam Generators
dc.relation.ispartof Applications of Lockin-Thermography Methods
dc.relation.ispartof Application of EMATs to In-Place Inspection of Railroad Rails
dc.relation.ispartof Reconstruction of Laser Ultrasonic Wavefield Images from Reduced Sparse Measurements Using Compressed Sensing Aided Super-resolution
dc.relation.ispartof Deterministic Source Inversion for Wave Propagation Problems in Nondestructive Testing
dc.relation.ispartof Performance of Large Scale Finite Element Eddy Current and Ultrasonic Models on a Vector Computer
dc.relation.ispartof Dynamic Effects in Ultrasonic Determination of Composite Moduli Using Velocity Data
dc.relation.ispartof Morphological filters: Statistical evaluation and applications in ultrasonic NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Finite Element Methods to Study Transient Wave Propagation in Elastic Wave Guides
dc.relation.ispartof Magnetostrictive Transducers (MsT) Utilizing Reversed Wiedemann Effect
dc.relation.ispartof Developments and Testing of the Dripless Bubbler Ultrasonic Scanner
dc.relation.ispartof Reproducible Acoustic Emission Signatures by Indentation in Steels
dc.relation.ispartof NDE for Bulk Defects in Ceramics
dc.relation.ispartof The Applicaton of a Dynamic Threshold to C-Scan Images with Variable Noise
dc.relation.ispartof Rayleigh and Love Waves in Cladded Anisotropic Medium
dc.relation.ispartof Advances in the Use of LTS and HTS SQUIDS in Electromagnetic NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of Dispersion Modes for Layered Structures Using Focused Acoustic Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Characterizing Shear Wave Contact Transducers by Immersion Scanning
dc.relation.ispartof Guided Waves for Online Inspection of Composites
dc.relation.ispartof USAF NDE Program - Requirements for Technology Transition
dc.relation.ispartof Fabrication and NDE of Multi-Wave Thermoset GR/EP Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Calibration of Commercial Eddy Current Instruments for Quantitative NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Comments from ARPA / AFML
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Characterization of Damaged Bonds
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Techniques for Characterization of Manufacturing Defects in Thick Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Detection and Characterization of Microspherical Defects in Model Ceramics
dc.relation.ispartof Dynamic Time Warping for Temperature Compensation in Structural Health Monitoring
dc.relation.ispartof Catastrophe Design - Or How To Behave Like a Worm
dc.relation.ispartof Optical Fiber-Based Sensing of Strain and Temperature at High Temperature
dc.relation.ispartof An Exact Theory for Coherent Nondestructive Evaluation: The Application of the Bojarski Exact Inverse Scattering Theory to the Remote Probing of Inhomogenous Media
dc.relation.ispartof Ablation Measurements in Thick Composite Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Evaluation of Surface Properties of Sintered Si3N4 Ceramics with Surface Wave Dispersion
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Attenuation of Water-Infiltrated Thermal Barrier Coatings
dc.relation.ispartof Surface Acoustic Wave Studies of Surface Cracks in Ceramics
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Evaluation of Composite Materials with Backscattering Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof Performance of a Broadbanded Ultrasonic Transducer with Coaxially-Mounted, Nondirectional Receiver
dc.relation.ispartof Predictive Models and Reliability Improvement in Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation
dc.relation.ispartof The Use of Phase Quadrature Information for the Automated Detection and Classification of Defects in the Presence of Deterministic Noise
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Scans Using Low Frequency Unresolved Echoes
dc.relation.ispartof Overview of Reliability in Structural Ceramics
dc.relation.ispartof Laser generation of Rayleigh and Lamb waves for ultrasonic nondestructive testing
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Tomography to the Nuclear Industry
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Signal Attenuation in Engine Titanium Alloys
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Inspection of Thin Walled Composite Tubes
dc.relation.ispartof Effects of Crystallographic Texture on the Acoustoelastic Coefficients for Rayleigh Waves in Aluminum
dc.relation.ispartof Automatic Diagnostic of Resistance Spot Welds Using Adaptive Ultrasonic Phased Array Method
dc.relation.ispartof Long Range Bridge Girder Evaluation Using Lamb Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Elastic Characterization of Orthotropic Composite Materials from Ultrasonic Inspection through Non-Principal Planes
dc.relation.ispartof Horizontally Polarised Shear Wave Resonances in Carbon-Fiber/Epoxy Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Determination of a New Ultrasonic Indicator to Follow the Concrete Setting in Real Time
dc.relation.ispartof A Normalization Procedure and Sound Zone Determination for Pulse Thermographic NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Computer Assisted Eddy Current Probe Design
dc.relation.ispartof Wearable Knee Health Rehabilitation Assessment using Acoustical Emissions
dc.relation.ispartof Dual-band infrared imaging applications: locating buried minefields, mapping sea ice and inspecting aging aircraft
dc.relation.ispartof Early Fatigue Damage from the NDE Point of View
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of the Internal Microstructures of Granular Materials Using Computerized Tomography
dc.relation.ispartof Gradient Enhanced Surrogate Modeling Methods for NDE Applications
dc.relation.ispartof Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers for Testing Power Station Boiler Tubes
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy Current Arrays for Defect Detection
dc.relation.ispartof Crack Mapping by Ray Methods
dc.relation.ispartof Simulation of Lamb Wave Propagation Using Pure Mode Excitation
dc.relation.ispartof Damage Detection Using High Order Longitudinal Guided Waves in the Anchorage Zone of Stayed-Cable
dc.relation.ispartof X-Ray Cone Beam Tomography with Two Tilted Circular Trajectories
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy Current Inspection of Graphite-Epoxy Solid Rocket Motor Canisters
dc.relation.ispartof Mesh and Boundary Considerations in the Numerical Modeling of Large 3-D Electromagnetic NDT Geometries
dc.relation.ispartof Accelerated Space-Time Modeling of Quasi-Longitudinal Waves in Austenitic Weld Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Near Real Time Ultrasonic Pulse Echo Holographic Imaging System
dc.relation.ispartof A New ECT Probe with Rotating Direction Eddy Current
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Attenuation Results of Thermoplastic Resin Composites Undergoing Thermal and Fatigue Loading
dc.relation.ispartof Observations on Image Formation in the Line Scanning Thermal Imaging Method
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Evaluation of Hardening Depth on Cylindrical Surface Using Dispersive Rayleigh Wave
dc.relation.ispartof Limited Projection 3D X-Ray Tomography Using the Maximum Entropy Method
dc.relation.ispartof Anisotropy of the Fracture Toughness in Aged Inconel 718
dc.relation.ispartof Contribution to Guided Waves Analysis at Low Frequency in Thin Absorbing Plates with Application to the Non Destructive Testing of Paper
dc.relation.ispartof Effects of Manufacturing Variability on Model-Based CT Image Reconstruction
dc.relation.ispartof 3-D X-Ray Computed Tomography
dc.relation.ispartof The Statistical Distribution of Grain Noise in Ultrasonic Images
dc.relation.ispartof Digital Measuring Borescope System
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy Current Evaluation of Flaws in Coated Conductors
dc.relation.ispartof Damage Tolerance and NDE of Polymeric Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Identification of Acoustic Emission Source Mechanisms
dc.relation.ispartof On a Ray Method for Studying Diffraction of Waves Emitted by a Planar Transducer Within a Solid Conical-Shaped Medium
dc.relation.ispartof Connection Between Time- and Frequency-Domain Three-Dimensional Inverse Problems for the Schrödinger Equation
dc.relation.ispartof Experimental Generation of Lamb Wave Dispersion Using Fourier Analysis of Leaky Modes
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of Viscosity in Liquids Using Reflection Coefficient: Phase Difference Method
dc.relation.ispartof Development of Very Low Frequency Self-Nulling Probe for Inspection of Thick Layered Aluminum Structures
dc.relation.ispartof The Elastic Compliance of Imperfect Interfaces: Review and Relationship to Ultrasonic Scattering
dc.relation.ispartof A Non-Phase Sensitive Transducer for Ultrasonics
dc.relation.ispartof The Boundary Element Method for Flaw Classification in Wave Guides
dc.relation.ispartof Experimental Evidence of Single and Multiple Scattering in Polycrystalline Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Scanning Differential Contrast Microscopy
dc.relation.ispartof High Resolution Laser Ultrasound Detection of Metal Defects
dc.relation.ispartof Planning Activity Report for NDE of Adhesive Bonded Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Illustration of Texture with Ultrasonic Pole Figures
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Adaptive Learning Networks to Quantitative Flaw Definition
dc.relation.ispartof Progress on a Mathematical Inversion Technique for Non-Destructive Evaluation
dc.relation.ispartof Progress towards the application of laser-ultrasonics in industry
dc.relation.ispartof Nanosecond Scale Optical Pulse Separations for Holographic Investigation of High-Speed Transient Events
dc.relation.ispartof Accept/Reject Criteria for Structural Ceramics: A Computer Simulation of Nondestructive Reliability in Ceramics
dc.relation.ispartof XIM: X-Ray Inspection Module for Automatic High Speed Inspection of Turbine Blades and Automated Flaw Detection and Classification
dc.relation.ispartof Transducer Radiation Modeling for Ultrasonic Inspection Purposes
dc.relation.ispartof New Procedure for Calibrating Ultrasonic Systems For Quantitative NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Development and application of local 3-D CT reconstruction software for imaging critical regions in large ceramic turbine rotors
dc.relation.ispartof Time Reversal Method for Arch Bridge Cables Inspection using Longitudinal Guided Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Benchmark Problems in Eddy-Current NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Complex Contour Ultrasonic Scanning System Application and Training
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Full Waveform Inversion for Ultrasonic Flaw Identification
dc.relation.ispartof A Practical Algorithm for Reconstruction From X-Ray Backscatter Data
dc.relation.ispartof Rayleigh Wave Scattering from Three Dimensional Surface Slots and Semi-Circular Depressions
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Nonlinearity in Metal — Matrix Composites
dc.relation.ispartof High-Current Double Pulse ECT Technique for Inspection of Ferromagnetic Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Automated Laser Scatter Detection of Near-Surface Defects and Machining Damage in Ceramic Components
dc.relation.ispartof Alok-Imaging and -Reconstruction of Surface Defects on Heavy Plates with E.M.A.-Rayleigh Wave Transducers
dc.relation.ispartof Pulsed Eddy Current Method: an Overview
dc.relation.ispartof An experimental study of tomographic imaging in layered media
dc.relation.ispartof Handbook of Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) Capability and Reliability
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Complex Defects Using Eddy Currents with Uniform Field Probes and Giant Magneto-Resistor (GMR) Detectors
dc.relation.ispartof Monte-Carlo Simulation of Ultrasonic Grain Noise
dc.relation.ispartof Focusing of Surface Acoustic Waves on Nonpiezoelectric Materials: Geometrical Approach and Application to NDT
dc.relation.ispartof Generalized Lamb Modes in Fluid-Saturated Porous Plate
dc.relation.ispartof Probabilistic Models for Defect Initiated Fracture in Ceramics
dc.relation.ispartof Process Monitoring Using Optical Ultrasonic Wave Detection
dc.relation.ispartof Imaging and Characterization of Defects with Digital Signal Processing of Ultrasonic Data
dc.relation.ispartof Failure Prediction of Ceramic Refractories by Discriminant Analysis of Vibrational Resonance Data
dc.relation.ispartof Effects of Deconvolution Procedures on Size Estimates in the Born Inversion Algorithm
dc.relation.ispartof Quantifying Degree of Sensitization in Aluminum Alloys using Acoustic Resonance and EMAT Ultrasound
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Detection of Plastic Yielding in Steel Specimens
dc.relation.ispartof Analytical Solution to a Voltage Driven Piezoelectric Element
dc.relation.ispartof Non-Contact Ultrasonic Tomography Imaging Using Air-Coupled Capacitance Transducers
dc.relation.ispartof An Improved Technique for Determining the Equation of State of Concrete and Geological Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Development of a New Method for the Inspection of a 3D Volume of Ultrasonic Data
dc.relation.ispartof A 2D Hybrid Model for Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo Scattering from a Rough Interface Buried in a Layered Medium
dc.relation.ispartof Thickness Evaluation for Steel Sheets Using Saturation Magnetization
dc.relation.ispartof A New Parabolic Approximation to the Helmholtz Equation
dc.relation.ispartof Portable X-ray Computed Tomography
dc.relation.ispartof Guided Wave Energy Distribution Analysis in Inhomogeneous Plates
dc.relation.ispartof Interaction of Guided Waves with Delaminations in Composite Plate Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Determination of Elastic Constants of Anisotropic Solids from Group Velocity Data
dc.relation.ispartof Scaling Relation for the Inductance of a Coil on a Ferromagnetic Half-Space
dc.relation.ispartof Inverse Ray Tracing in Anisotropic Elastic Solids
dc.relation.ispartof Nonlinear Effects in the Reflection from Adhesive Bonds
dc.relation.ispartof Developments in Surface Crack Detection by the A.C. Field Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Multiple Scattering Theory to Sub-Surface Defects
dc.relation.ispartof An Ultrasonic Sensor for Process Modeling and Proces Control of Ceramic Superconductors
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Piezoelectrics Using Line-Focus Transducer
dc.relation.ispartof Multiple Cavity Laser Array Source for Laser Generation of Ultrasound
dc.relation.ispartof Tenscan, an Acoustic NDE Device to Measure Tension in a Moving Paper Web
dc.relation.ispartof Relationships Between Ultrasonic Noise and Macrostructure of Titanium Alloys
dc.relation.ispartof New Ultrasonic Method for Evaluating Weld Penetration in Step-Type Weld Joints
dc.relation.ispartof Iowa Demonstration Laboratory for NDE Applications Project Review
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy Current Probe Impedances Due to Interaction with Advanced Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Three Dimensional Modeling of Projection Radiography
dc.relation.ispartof An Ultrasonic Evaluation of Damage in Cermets
dc.relation.ispartof A Quantitative Theory of Laser-Generated Ultrasound
dc.relation.ispartof Quantitative Fracture Mode Analysis of Composites by Acoustic Emission
dc.relation.ispartof Calculations of Elastic Wave Scattering from Voids and Crack-Like Defects by the Method of Optimal Truncation
dc.relation.ispartof Dynamic Thermal Tomography: New Nde Technique to Reconstruct Inner Solids Structure Using Multiple IR Image Processing
dc.relation.ispartof Analytical Treatment of Polar Backscattering from Porous Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy current sensor concepts for interface characterization during Bridgman growth of CdZnTe single crystals
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Emission as a Screening Tool for Ceramic Matrix Composites
dc.relation.ispartof The Automation of the Born Inversion for Ultrasonic Flaw Sizing
dc.relation.ispartof In Situ Material Characterization in Harsh Environments
dc.relation.ispartof Defect Classification and Imaging with Phase Array Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Inversion-based Workflow for Oilfield Nested Multi-Casing Evaluation Using Electromagnetic Low Frequency Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof NDT of Composites by Thermography
dc.relation.ispartof Reliability by Design
dc.relation.ispartof Adaptive Nonlinear Modeling for Ultrasonic Signal Processing
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy Current Curvilinear Scanned Linear Array Near Real-Time Imaging Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Flying Laser Spot thermal Wave IR Imaging of Horizontal and Vertical Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof Planning Activity Report for NDE of Adhesive Bonded Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Thermographic Detection of Corrosion in Aircraft Skin
dc.relation.ispartof X-Ray Computed Tomography for the Aircraft/Aerospace Industry
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic NDT Prototype for the Inspection of Ducted Post Stressing Tendons in Concrete Beams
dc.relation.ispartof Thin Rod Flexural Acoustic Wave Devices: A Sensor Candidate
dc.relation.ispartof Experimental Studies on the Role of Backfill and Pipeline Characteristics in the Application of Acoustic Leak Location to Underground Pipelines
dc.relation.ispartof Interactions of Simulated Partially Closed Cracks with Acoustic Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Correlation of X-Ray CT Measurements to Shear Strength in Pultruded Composite Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Support minimized limited view CT using a priori data
dc.relation.ispartof A Rigorous Model for Inverting Eddy-Current Data
dc.relation.ispartof Wave Scattering by Obstacles in Joined Fluid-Solid Half Spaces
dc.relation.ispartof Abstracts, Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation (San Diego, CA, July 18-23, 2010)
dc.relation.ispartof Shearography with syncrhonized pressure stressing
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Signal-To-Noise Ratio Enhancement Using Adaptive Filtering Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Single Scattering and Diffusive Limits of the Ultrasonic Radiative Transfer Equation
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic NDE of Composite Panels with Gas-Coupled Laser Acoustic Detection
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Volume-Integral Models to Steam Generator Tubing
dc.relation.ispartof Criteria for Nondestructive Testing R&D
dc.relation.ispartof Reluctance Variation as a Result of Lift Off for an AC Magnetic Bridge
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Neural Networks to the Inspection of Railroad Rail
dc.relation.ispartof Propagation of Laser Generated Broadband Ultrasonic Pulses in a Thick Carbon Fibre Composite Plate
dc.relation.ispartof A Non-Contact Laser-Emat System for Crack and Hole Detection in Metal Plates
dc.relation.ispartof Detection and Characterization of Disbond Damage at Steel-Concrete Interfaces Using Attenuation Characteristics of Guided Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Inspection of Wooden Pallet Parts Using Time of Flight
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Imaging Systems
dc.relation.ispartof New Capacitive-Array Sensors for Post-Process Cure Verification and NDE of Polymers and Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Two Opposite Sides Synchronous Tracking X-ray Based Robotic Welding Inspection System
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Measurements of Elastic Constants in Polymeric Matrix-Glass Fibers Composite Materials Versus Temperature
dc.relation.ispartof Computed Tomography and Ultrasonic Testing of Urania Fuel Pellets
dc.relation.ispartof Harmonic Generation Measurements in Unidirectional Graphite/Epoxy Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Evaluation of Field Welded Butt Joint of Thick Steel Plate by Synthetic Aperture
dc.relation.ispartof Three-Dimensional Fem-Bem Computation of Electromagnetic Responses of Flaws
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Resonance Method with EMAT for Stress Measurement in Thin Plates
dc.relation.ispartof Conductivity Imaging in Plates Using Current Injection Tomography
dc.relation.ispartof Statistical Flaw Detection: Theory
dc.relation.ispartof NMR Imaging of Solids with a Surface Coil
dc.relation.ispartof The Use of Acoustoelastic Measurements to Characterize the Stress States in Cracked Solids
dc.relation.ispartof Microstructure Characterizations in Composite Media Using Ultrasonic Tomography
dc.relation.ispartof On the Opposite Effect Fluid Loading has on the Velocity of Dilatational Waves in Thin Plates and Rods
dc.relation.ispartof NDE Positron Study of Cu And Cu-Al Alloys Thermally Charged with Hydrogen and Deformed
dc.relation.ispartof Determination of the Equation of State of Concrete by Ultrasonic Methods
dc.relation.ispartof Laser-Ultrasonic Inspection of the Composite Structure of an Aircraft in a Maintenance Hangar
dc.relation.ispartof Finite Element Modeling of Ultrasonic Waves Produced by a Pulsed Laser
dc.relation.ispartof Crack Sizing by the Time-of-Flight Diffraction Method, in the Light of Recent International Round-Robin Trials, (UKAEA, DDT and PISC II)
dc.relation.ispartof X-Ray Texture Analyzing System for the On-Line Prediction of Magnetic Anisotropy
dc.relation.ispartof Interaction Between an Incident Wave and a Dynamically Transforming Inhomogeneity
dc.relation.ispartof X-Ray CT for Quantitative Casting Material Evaluation
dc.relation.ispartof Rayleigh Wave Dispersion Due to One-Dimensional Interacting Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof A Novel Technique for Microwave Thickness Measurement of Dielectric Slabs Using an Open-Ended Rectangular Waveguide
dc.relation.ispartof Sensitivity of an Ultrasonic Technique for Axial Stress Determination
dc.relation.ispartof Optimization of Ultrasonic Phased Arrays
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Nondestructive Evaluation of Energy Release Rates in Plane Cracked Solids
dc.relation.ispartof Detection of Hydrothermal Aging in Composite Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Fatigue Damage in Metals
dc.relation.ispartof Neural Network Classifiers to Grade Parts Based on Surface Defects with Spatial Dependencies
dc.relation.ispartof Recent Developments in Modeling Eddy-Current Probe-Flaw Interactions
dc.relation.ispartof Assessment of the Effects of Scanning Variations and Eddy Current Probe Type on Crack Detection
dc.relation.ispartof High accuracy method of measuring travelling time of ultrasonic waves
dc.relation.ispartof Experimental Techniques in Microwave NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Differentiation of Various Flaw Types in Ceramics Using the Scanning Laser Acoustic Microscope
dc.relation.ispartof Applications of Ultrasonic Microscopy to the Evaluation of Ceramic Materials
dc.relation.ispartof The Use of Huygens’ Principle to Model the Acoustic Field from Interdigital Lamb Wave Transducers
dc.relation.ispartof Plastic Strain Ratio and Texture Coefficients in Orthotropic Sheets of Cubic Metals
dc.relation.ispartof SIIA: A Knowledge-Based Assistant for the Saft Ultrasonic Inspection System
dc.relation.ispartof Study on Saw Attenuation of PMMA Using Laser Ultrasonic Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Anisotropic Materials Characterization Using Air-Coupled Ultrasound
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of NDE Transducers
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Characterization of Coatings on Metal Alloys
dc.relation.ispartof On-Loom, Real-Time, Noncontact Detection of Fabric Defects by Ultrasonic Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Near-Field Analysis of Rectangular Waveguide Probes Used for Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Finding Through NDE the Thermal History and Metallurgical Status of a Heat Treatable Aluminum Alloy
dc.relation.ispartof Predictions of Pulse-Echo Ultrasonic Signals from Inner Wall Cracks in BWR Nozzles
dc.relation.ispartof The Interaction of Ultrasound with a Partially Contacting Solid-Solid Interface in the Low Frequency Regime
dc.relation.ispartof An Adaptive Classifier for Detecting Helicopter Drivetrain Damage Using Acoustic Emission
dc.relation.ispartof Alternative Approaches to the Validation of Nondestructive Testing Methods
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Response of a Layer of Spherical Inclusions with a Random or Periodic Arrangement
dc.relation.ispartof Stress Measurement in Railroad Rail using Ultrasonic and Magnetic Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Material Properties of Aged and Unaged Inconel 718 as Determined from Nondestructive and Destructive Tests
dc.relation.ispartof Scattering by a Periodic Array of Collinear Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof Theoretical and Experimental Study of Composite Materials Using Longitudinal Ultrasonic Spectroscopy
dc.relation.ispartof Localization and Size Estimation of Cylindrical Flaws
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Evaluation of Low Density Powder Compacts
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Emission Source Characterization Through Direct Time-Domain Deconvolution
dc.relation.ispartof Development of a Field Inspection System for Detection of Cracks Under Installed Fasteners
dc.relation.ispartof Practical estimates of the errors associated with the governing shearography equation
dc.relation.ispartof Design and Characterization of Uniform Field Eddy Current Probes
dc.relation.ispartof Time-Resolved Infrared Radiometry (Trir) for Characterization of Impact Damage in Composite Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Mathematical Principles of Data Inversion
dc.relation.ispartof Drawability Assessment of Steel Sheets by an Ultrasonic Method
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Signal Processing Applied to Flaw Characterization in Composite Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Verification of Deterministic Scattering Computations and Some Observations
dc.relation.ispartof Study of Acoustic Emisison Characteristics for Fracture Assessment
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Corrosion in Aluminum Alloys Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Image Reconstruction Techniques to Eddy Current and Ultrasonic Data
dc.relation.ispartof Interaction of Feature Guided Waves with Defects in Composite Structural Bends
dc.relation.ispartof Time-Resolved Microwave Thermoreflectometry for Infrastructure Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof Numerical Modeling of Air-Coupled Ultrasound with EFIT
dc.relation.ispartof On Crack Closure and Crack Tip Shielding During Fatigue Crack Growth
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Array Imaging of Defects in Polymer Pipes
dc.relation.ispartof Directivity Analysis of Angle Probes and Surface Defects by Ultrasonic Visualization Method
dc.relation.ispartof Portable Instrument for Detection of Surface Flaws Using EMATs
dc.relation.ispartof Poetry to Pulsed Eddy Currents
dc.relation.ispartof Sizing Canted Flaws in Weldments Using Low-Frequency Emats
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic 3-D Reconstruction of Inclusions in Solids Using the Inverse Born Algorithm
dc.relation.ispartof A Signal Classification Network That Computes its Own Reliability
dc.relation.ispartof Effect of Rivet Rows on Propagation of Lambn Waves in Mechanically Fastened Two-Layer Aluminum Plates
dc.relation.ispartof Determination of Selected Mechanical Properties of Aged Al-Li Alloys Using NDE Methods
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Evaluation of Case Depth in Case-Carburized Steel Components
dc.relation.ispartof On-Site Ultrasonic Inspection of Highway Culverts
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of Flow Stress Related Phenomena by Nonlinear Acoustics
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Evaluation of Damage and Degradation of Mechanical Properties in Composite Panels Subjected to Impact
dc.relation.ispartof Surface Layer Thickness Measurement from Eddy Current Profiling of Magnetic Coercivity
dc.relation.ispartof Modeling Frequency Domain Effects for Ultrasonic Flaw Detection
dc.relation.ispartof Effect of Texture on Ultrasonic Backscattering Coefficient in Pure Titanium Plate
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of Anisotropic Properties of Graphite-Epoxy Composites Using Lamb Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of Solid-Solid Bonds Nondestructively Using Ultrasound
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Additive Regional Kalman Filtering to X-Ray Images in NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Improving Ultrasonic Inspection of Austenitic Steels: A Combined Theoretical and Experimental Approach
dc.relation.ispartof Guided Waves in a Fluid-Orthotropic Solid Bilayer
dc.relation.ispartof Backscatter from a Spherical Inclusion with Compliant Interphase Characteristics
dc.relation.ispartof Inversion of Ultrasonic Scattering Data to Measure Defect Size, Orientation, and Acoustic Properties
dc.relation.ispartof Software Package and Application Systems in Meat Quality Evaluation and Prediction for Live Animals and Carcasses
dc.relation.ispartof Singular Value Decomposition of Wigner Distribution for Time-Frequency Representation of Ultrasonic Echoes
dc.relation.ispartof High Resolution X-Ray CT for Advanced Electronics Packaging
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Steel Cleanliness System
dc.relation.ispartof Basic Principles of Ultrasonic Time Reversal Processing in Non-Destructive Testing
dc.relation.ispartof Polarization-resolved Terahertz Imaging of Impact Damage in a Hybrid Fiber-reinforced Composite Laminate
dc.relation.ispartof Diagnostic Aids for Military Systems
dc.relation.ispartof The Temperature Dependence of Third-Order Elastic Constants in Metal-Matrix Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Transformation of Acoustic Emission Pattern Recognition Features
dc.relation.ispartof A Signal-To-Noise Ratio Comparison fo Ultrasonic Transducers for C-Scan Imaging in Titanium
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Nonlinearity in Dispersive Solids
dc.relation.ispartof Observation of Shear Wave Generation at Bonded Silicon-Carbide Interface
dc.relation.ispartof Data Fusion for Chemical Process Monitoring, Control and Optimization
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic beam propagation through a bimetallic weld — a comparison for predictions of the gauss-hermite beam model and finite element method
dc.relation.ispartof Resolution of Overlapping Ultrasonic Echoes using Consistent Frequency Domain Amplitude-Phase Relationships
dc.relation.ispartof Novel Ultrasonic air Coupled Transducers
dc.relation.ispartof Materials Classification Using Multichannel Radiographs
dc.relation.ispartof Microstress Contrast in Scanning Electron Acoustic Microscopy of Ceramics
dc.relation.ispartof The Use of Continuous Wave Ultrasonic Spectroscopy for Adhesive-Bond Evaluation
dc.relation.ispartof An Update on Automatic Positioning, Inspection, and Signal Processing Techniques in the RFC/NDE Inspection System
dc.relation.ispartof Report on the Symposium on Nondestructive Testing Standards
dc.relation.ispartof Variance of the Ultrasonic Signal from a Defect Beneath a Rough Surface
dc.relation.ispartof Segmentation and Density-Evaluation of Fiber-Reinforced Materials by Dual-Energy Computerized Tomography
dc.relation.ispartof Process Control of GMAW by Detection of Discontinuities in the Molten Weld Pool
dc.relation.ispartof Elastic Moduli of Silicon Carbide Particulate Reinforced Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Robust Laser-Based Ultrasound Sensor Using Integrated Photo-Induced EMF Detection and Time-Delay Interferometer
dc.relation.ispartof Extended Magnetic Potential Method for Quasi-Static Electromagnetism and Eddy Current Phenomena
dc.relation.ispartof Reconstruction of Internal Density Distributions in Porous Bodies from Laser Ultrasonic Data
dc.relation.ispartof Impact-Echo Response of Plates Containing Thin Layers and Voids
dc.relation.ispartof Spatial Resolution of Linear Array Xenon Ionization Chamber X-Ray Detectors
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Diffusion Bonds Using an Acoustic Microscope
dc.relation.ispartof Experimental Observation of the Slow Squirting Mode in Solid/Fluid/Solid Trilayers
dc.relation.ispartof Fundamental Limitations in Inverse Source and Scattering Problems in NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Compton Imaging Tomography for Nondestructive Evaluation of Spacecraft Thermal Protection Systems
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of Captured Water Column Technology for Advanced Ultrasonic Sizing Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Effects of Shielding on Properties of Eddy Current Probes with Ferrite Cup Cores
dc.relation.ispartof Quantitative Weld Geometry Inspection Applied Technology/Development
dc.relation.ispartof Thermal Wave Evaluation of Kapton-Laminated Copper Diffusion Bonds
dc.relation.ispartof Progress in Solving the 3-Dimensional Inversion Problem for Eddy Current NDE
dc.relation.ispartof On the Resonances of Surface Breaking Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof Beam Parametrization of Localized Weak Debonding in a Layered Aluminum Plate
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Field Reconstruction from Optical Interferometric Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof Using Rayleigh Wave Dispersion to Characterize Residual Stresses
dc.relation.ispartof Response of a Thick Orthotropic Composite Material to Dynamic Surface Line Loads and the Application to Elastic Constant Determination
dc.relation.ispartof Deconvolution of Ultrasonic Signals in Porous Materials: Estimation of Acoustic Propagation Parameters andWave Separation.
dc.relation.ispartof Defect Detection in Bonded Structures Using the Reverberant Wavefield
dc.relation.ispartof Studies of Electromagnetic Sound Generation for NDE
dc.relation.ispartof A Portable TV-Holography (ESPI) System for QNDE
dc.relation.ispartof The Feasibility of Using the MFL Technique to Detect and Characterize Mechanical Damage in Pipelines
dc.relation.ispartof An Image Quality Indicator Design for Radioscopy and Tomography
dc.relation.ispartof NDE of Corrosion and Disbonding on Aircraft Using Thermal Wave Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Development of Magnetic Eddy Current Testing Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Aperture Integral Ultrasonic Pulse Transmission Model
dc.relation.ispartof Laser Ultrasonic and Photoacoustic NDE Using Front-Surface Piezoelectric Detection
dc.relation.ispartof Metal Loss Characterization in 55-Gallon Drum Steel by the Magnetic Flux Leakage Method
dc.relation.ispartof Experimental Characterization of Ultrasonic Phenomena by a Neural-Like Learning System
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Velocities in Textured Fe-Si Steels
dc.relation.ispartof Deep Thermoacoustic Imaging Using Scanning Electron Acoustic Microscopy
dc.relation.ispartof Quantitative Nondestructive Density Determinations of Very Low-Density Carbon Foams
dc.relation.ispartof Laser Generation of “Directed” Ultrasound in Solids Using Spatial and Temporal Beam Modulation
dc.relation.ispartof Numerical Simulation of Pulsed Pressure Waves in Attenuative and Dispersive Media
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Evaluation of Textures in Metal-Matrix Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Backscattering from Polycrystalline Aggregates using Time-Domain Linear Response Theory
dc.relation.ispartof Experimental Verification of Kramers-Kronig Relationship in Anisotropic Composite Materials
dc.relation.ispartof On Nonspecular Reflection of Bounded Beams for Layered Half Spaces Under Water
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy Current Measurement of Density During Hot Isostatic Pressing
dc.relation.ispartof Low Frequency Ultrasonic Array Imaging using Signal Post-processing for Concrete Material
dc.relation.ispartof Comparison of Attenuation and Phase Velocity Measurements in Composites Made using Unipolar and Bipolar Pulses
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Evaluation of Coatings
dc.relation.ispartof Messine, an Eddy Current Parametric Model for Flaw Characterization
dc.relation.ispartof Angle Beam Ultrasonic Spectroscopy System for Quantitative Inspection of Adhesive Bonds
dc.relation.ispartof Modified AC Magnetic Bridge Scanning Patterns of Samples Simulating Flaws in Aircraft Seams
dc.relation.ispartof An Acousto-Ultrasonic NDE Technique for Monitoring Material Anisotropy
dc.relation.ispartof Guided Waves for Composite Patch Repair of Aging Aircraft
dc.relation.ispartof Defect Characterization of a Multifrequency Eddy Current System
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy Current Testing of Carbon-Carbon Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Temperature Dependence of the Ultrasonic Properties of AS4/LEXAN and XAS/LEXAN Composite
dc.relation.ispartof THz-ToF Techniques for the Detection of Inherent Discontinuities in Dielectric Materials Based on a SAFT Algorithm and an Optical Layer Algorithm
dc.relation.ispartof Modeling Quantitative Acoustic Microscopy for Layered Coatings
dc.relation.ispartof Radar Inspection of Concrete, Brick and Masonry Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Evaluation of Wood using Ultrasonic Frequency Domain Analysis
dc.relation.ispartof Fiber Optics for a Damage Assessment System for Fiber Reinforced Plastic Composite Structures
dc.relation.ispartof QNDE Topical Forum Total Quality Management — TQM
dc.relation.ispartof Internet Offering to Foster NDE/NDT Technological Education in Community and Technical Colleges
dc.relation.ispartof The Measurement and Analysis of Acoustic Noise as a Random Variable
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Using Signal Matching Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Software Design and Features for an NDE Image Processing Workstation
dc.relation.ispartof Three Dimensional Modeling of the DC Potential Drop Method Using Finite Element and Boundary Element Analysis
dc.relation.ispartof Laser-Generated Ultrasonic Beams
dc.relation.ispartof Quantitative X-Ray Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof Measurements of Ultrasonic Scattering from Bulk Flaws of Complex Shape
dc.relation.ispartof Nuclear Waste Drum Characterization with Mobile Tomographic Assay and NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Thickness Measurements of Curved Multi-Layered Polymer System Using Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo Method
dc.relation.ispartof Comparison of Matrix Methods for Elastic Wave Scattering Problems
dc.relation.ispartof Contrast Mechanisms in the Thermoacoustic Microscope
dc.relation.ispartof Material Property Estimation Using Nonlinear Inversion
dc.relation.ispartof Model-Based Ultrasonic NDE System Qualification Methodology
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Measurement of Texture of Cubic and Hexagonal Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Optical Techniques to Examine the Scattering of Rayleigh Surface Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Mechanical Strength Degradation of Graphite Fiber Reinforced Thermoset Composites Due to Porosity
dc.relation.ispartof Calibration and Characterization of Eddy Current Probes by Photoinductive Field Mapping
dc.relation.ispartof Finite Element Modeling of Ultrasonic Waves in Viscoelastic Media
dc.relation.ispartof A Nondestructive Observation of the Mechanism of Plastic Deformation in Orthogonal Cutting
dc.relation.ispartof Thermoelastic/Ablatic Laser Generated Ultrasound in Graphite/Polymer Composites Detected with a Cfp-Based System in Reflection Configuration
dc.relation.ispartof A Study on Ultrasonic Detection of Flaws in Welds of Rails
dc.relation.ispartof Noncontact Material Testing Using Low-Energy Optical Generation and Detection of Acoustic Pulses
dc.relation.ispartof HTS-SQUID Magnetometer with Digital Feedback Control for NDE Applications
dc.relation.ispartof Time-Resolved Line Focus Acoustic Microscopy Using Lamb Waves for Material Characterization of Thin Plates
dc.relation.ispartof Magnetostrictive Emat Efficiency as a Materials Characterization Tool
dc.relation.ispartof Flaw Detection in Railroad Wheels Using Rayleigh-Wave EMATS
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization Of Epoxy-Coated Oxide Films Using Acoustic Microscopy
dc.relation.ispartof Effect of Wave Types on Ultrasonic Texture Identification
dc.relation.ispartof Use of Rician Distributions to Predict the Distributions of Ultrasonic Flaw Signals in the Presence of Backscattered Noise
dc.relation.ispartof Fourier Holography for Enhanced Visualization of Volume Phase Objects through Exploitation of Non-Linearities Associated with Silver Halide Emulsions
dc.relation.ispartof Status of Implementation of the Inverse Born Sizing Algorithm
dc.relation.ispartof Relationship of Gaussian Beam Theory to Scanned Ultrasonic Measurements with Commercial Transducers
dc.relation.ispartof An Evaluation of Attenuation in an Axi-Symmetric Finite Element Model of
dc.relation.ispartof Speckle Reduction in Ultrasonic SAFT Images in Coarse Grained Material Through Split Spectrum Processing
dc.relation.ispartof Theoretical Study of High Frequency Ultrasonic Wave Attenuation in Polycrystalline Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of Layered Corrosion with Compton Backscatter
dc.relation.ispartof Early Detection of Materials Degradation - Still a Challenge for Conventional and Advanced Materials, to be Applied for Lightweight Constructions
dc.relation.ispartof Development of A 3-D Eddy Current Model for Nondestructive Testing Phenomena
dc.relation.ispartof The Reflection of Ultrasound from Interface Layers in Adhesive Joints
dc.relation.ispartof Comparison of Two Electromagnetic Models for Microwave Surface Crack/Slot Detection Using Open-Ended Waveguides
dc.relation.ispartof Plasma Spray Deposition: A Need for Direct Process Control
dc.relation.ispartof Monitoringof CorrosionProcesseswithUltrasound
dc.relation.ispartof Micromagnetic Changes in Steel Due to Surface Modification
dc.relation.ispartof Fatigue Crack Monitoring under High-cycle Fatigue Loading Using Large-area Soft Elastomeric Capacitive Sensor
dc.relation.ispartof Semi-Elliptical Surface Flaw EC Interaction and Inversion: Theory
dc.relation.ispartof Inspection Requirements for Adhesive Bonded Primary Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of Java as an Internet Delivery Tool
dc.relation.ispartof Predictions of Pulse-Echo Ultrasonic Signals from Cracks Observed Through an Interface with a Step Discontinuity: Comparison with Experiments
dc.relation.ispartof Probabilistic Consequences of Imperfect NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Tissue Elasticity Estimation from Ultrasonic A-Mode Signals and B-Mode Images
dc.relation.ispartof Modeling the Interaction of Multibeam/Multimode Ultrasonic Transducers with Fatigue Cracks in Cladded Reactor Pressure Vessels
dc.relation.ispartof Wideband Nonuniformly Excited Focused Transducers — Theory and Experiments
dc.relation.ispartof Frequency-Shifted Low-Noise Sagnac Sensor for Ultrasonic Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof Quantitative Measurement of Metal Loss Due to Corrosion in Aluminum Aircraft Skin
dc.relation.ispartof Quantitative Electromagnetic Modeling and NDE of Carbon-Carbon Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Auantitative Thermal Diffusivity Measurements on Composite Fiber Volume Fraction (FVF) Samples
dc.relation.ispartof In Situ (Autoclave) Cure Monitoring of Composites with IR Transmitting Optical Fibers
dc.relation.ispartof IDA: An Architecture for an Intelligent Design Assistant for Assessing the Inspectability of Structures from a Description of Their Geometry
dc.relation.ispartof NDE Prediction of Adhesive Bond Failure Areas
dc.relation.ispartof Some Inversion Problems in Nondestructive Evaluation
dc.relation.ispartof Classification of Ultrasonic Weld Inspection Data Using Principal Component Analysis
dc.relation.ispartof Real Tiime CCD Averager for Ultrasonic Applications
dc.relation.ispartof Surface Wave Techniques for Predicting the Remaining Life of Fatigue Damaged Metals
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of High Spatial Resolution Imaging of Magnetic Stray Fields for Early Damage Detection
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of Elastic Properties of Surface Layer from Rayleigh Wave Dispersion
dc.relation.ispartof Reliability Needs in Future DoD Systems
dc.relation.ispartof Perturbation and Finite Difference Solutions for Wave Propagation in Composites with Periodic Stiffness Variations
dc.relation.ispartof Failure Mechanisms in Fiber-Reinforced Composites
dc.relation.ispartof An Efficient Approximate Model for Elastic Wave Scattering in Plates
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Non-Symmetrical Damage in Smart Plate-Like Structures
dc.relation.ispartof The Thin-Skin Electromagnetic Field Near a Surface Crack in a Ferromagnetic Metal
dc.relation.ispartof An Ultrasonic Method for Simultaneous Determination of Elastic Moduli, Density, Attenuation and Thickness of a Polymer Coating on a Foil
dc.relation.ispartof Digital Synthetic-Aperture Acoustic Imaging System
dc.relation.ispartof A Parameterized Delamination Model for Use in Complex Damage Characterization of Composite Laminatesin Ultrasonic Inspections
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Waveguide Cure Curves for Materials Ranging from Fast Cure Resins to Slow Cure Concrete
dc.relation.ispartof Validation of UTSim2, a New Ultrasonic Simulation Package
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Characterization of Beta Silicon Carbide CVD Coatings
dc.relation.ispartof A Semi-Automatic System for the Ultrasonic Measurement of Texture
dc.relation.ispartof Applications of Digital Image Enhancement Techniques for Improved Ultrasonic Imaging of Defects in Composite Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Interface Characterization by True Guided Modes
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasound Generation in Composites via Embedded Optical Fibers
dc.relation.ispartof Adhesive/Adherend Interlayer Property Measurement by Acoustic Microscopy
dc.relation.ispartof Determination of Rayleigh and Lamb Wave Velocities in Diamond Films using an Acoustic Microscope
dc.relation.ispartof Frequency Dependence of Electric Current Perturbation Probe Response
dc.relation.ispartof Wetometer for Measurement of Moisture in Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Microwave Scattering Properties of Dielectric Cylinders with Defects
dc.relation.ispartof Improvements on Low Cost CT Systems
dc.relation.ispartof Accuracy of the image technique for calculating electro-magnetic field induced at the surface of a ferromagnetic metal
dc.relation.ispartof A Linearization Beam-Hardening Correction Method for X-Ray Computed Tomographic Imaging of Structural Ceramics
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of Plane Stress States using Electromagnetic-Acoustic Transducers
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Flaw Shape and Orientation Using Ultrasonic Angular Scans
dc.relation.ispartof Characteristics of the Reflection of Lamb Waves from Defects in Plates and Pipes
dc.relation.ispartof The Assessment of Surface Coatings Using Laser Ultrasound Detected with a Wideband Confocal Fabry-Pérot Interferometer Operating in Reflection Mode
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustical and Dynamic Mechanical Characterization of Fiber-Matrix Interface Bonds in Ceramic Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Thermographic Detection of Delaminations in Laminated Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Detection of Closed Internal Fatigue Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof Engine Component Retirement-For-Cause: A Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) and Fracture Mechanics Based Maintainance Concep
dc.relation.ispartof Theory of Ultrasonic Backscatter From Multiphase Polycrystalline Solids
dc.relation.ispartof Strategies for Characterizing Transducers and Measurement Systems
dc.relation.ispartof Determining the Material Parameters for the Reconstruction of CFRP Specimens Measured by Flash Thermography
dc.relation.ispartof Flaws Detection and Localization in a Plate for Structural Health Monitoring by Means of Guided Waves and Matching Pursuit Algorithms
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasound Scatter in Heterogeneous 3D Microstructures
dc.relation.ispartof Microfocus Radiography
dc.relation.ispartof Dynamic Dielectric Analysis for Nondestructive Cure Monitoring and Process Control
dc.relation.ispartof Applications of Laser Light Probes to Quantitative Sensing Stress Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Dual-wavelength Interdigital Capacitive Sensor for Dielectric Material Detection
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Tomographic Reconstruction of Anomalies in Three-Dimensional Bodies
dc.relation.ispartof Microwave Detection of Machined Notches in Stainless Steel with Rough Surface
dc.relation.ispartof A Multi-Mode Solution for Analysis of the Reflection Coefficient of Open-Ended Rectangular Waveguides Radiating into a Dielectric Infinite Half-Space
dc.relation.ispartof Photopyroelectric Spectroscopy (P2ES) of a-Si:H Thin Semiconducting Films on Quartz
dc.relation.ispartof A Laser Interferometric Method for Small- and Finite-Amplitude Ultrasonic Waves’ Detection in Transparent Media
dc.relation.ispartof Numerical calculation of diffraction coefficients in anisotropic media
dc.relation.ispartof Surface Waves for Anisotropic Material Characterization-A Computer Aided Evaluation System
dc.relation.ispartof EMAT Generation and Laser Detection of Single Lamb Wave Modes
dc.relation.ispartof Overview and Purpose
dc.relation.ispartof Injection Locked Lasers as Surface Displacement Sensors
dc.relation.ispartof Excitation of Single Mode Lamb Waves at High Frequency Thickness Products
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Mechanical Damage in Gas Transmission Pipelines
dc.relation.ispartof Non-Destructive Acoustic Determination of Residual Stresses in Hydrostatically Extruded Aluminum Rods
dc.relation.ispartof The Early Stage Wheel Fatigue Crack Detection Using Eddy Current Pulsed Thermography
dc.relation.ispartof Optimization of Self-Nulling Eddy Current Probe for the Detection of Shallow Fatigue Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof Reliability of Ultrasonic Inspection: Developments in Quantitative NDE in the United Kingdom
dc.relation.ispartof 3-D Eddy Current Nondestructive Testing Modeling for Surface Flaws
dc.relation.ispartof Numerical Comparison of Experimentally Measured Ultrasound through a Multilayered Specimen
dc.relation.ispartof Temporal Leakage and Its Effects on Resolution in Deconvolution of Ultrasonic Signals
dc.relation.ispartof Life Prediction for Al in the Microcrack Regime Using SAW NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Statistical Evaluation of Sources of Acoustic Emission in Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Laminographic Reconstruction from Real-Time Radiographic Images
dc.relation.ispartof A Non-Contact Method for Automated Inspection of Nonconductive Coatings on Metallic Substrates
dc.relation.ispartof Optimization of a Wide-Field Eddy Current Probe Using a Boundary Element Method Based Model
dc.relation.ispartof Application of a Computer Model to Electric Current Perturbation Probe Design
dc.relation.ispartof A Neural Network Approach for Solving Inverse Problems in NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Material Parameter Determination from Time-Domain Signals Transmitted and Reflected by a Layered Structure
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy Current Characterization of Applied and Residual Stresses
dc.relation.ispartof Energy Shadowing Correction of Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo Records by Digital Signal Processing
dc.relation.ispartof Scattering Induced Attenuation of Ultrasonic Backscattering
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Imaging Project and Test Bed
dc.relation.ispartof Feasibility Tests of Ranging Inspection of Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactor using a Plate-type Ultrasonic Waveguide Sensor
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic NDE of Three-Dimensional Textile Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Computational Eddy-Current Probe Model for Composites, Metals and Semiconductors
dc.relation.ispartof Statistical Flaw Detection: Application to Flaws Below Curved Surfaces
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy-Current Probe Interaction with Subsurface Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof Crack Parameter Characterization by a Neural Network
dc.relation.ispartof Material Density Distribution of a Radial Symmetric Product from a Single X-Ray Radiograph
dc.relation.ispartof Feasibility of Nodestructively Evaluating the M140 Recoil Piston Head Weld
dc.relation.ispartof Beam profile reflectometry: a new technique for thin film measurements
dc.relation.ispartof Elastic Wave Propagation in an Infinite Media
dc.relation.ispartof Information Extraction from Multivariate Images
dc.relation.ispartof Determination of Short Crack Depth with an Acoustic Microphone
dc.relation.ispartof Two Dimensional Multi-Frequency Eddy Current Data Fusion
dc.relation.ispartof Wave Propagation in a Composite with Wavy Reinforcing Fibers
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Techniques to Quantify Material Degradation in FRP Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Signals from "Worst-Case" Hard-Alpha Inclusions Beneath a Random Rough Surface
dc.relation.ispartof Assessment of the Magnetoacoustic Method for Residual Stress Detection in Railroad Wheels
dc.relation.ispartof Inspection of Coatings Using Terahertz Time Domain Spectroscopy System
dc.relation.ispartof Skin Depth Considerations in Eddy Current NDT
dc.relation.ispartof Subwavelength Resolution of Cracks in the Metallic Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Geometry and Diffraction Effects in Acoustic Beam Reflection Studies from a Fluid-Loaded Plate
dc.relation.ispartof An Efficient Numerical Method for Determination of Shapes, Sizes and Orientations of Flaws for Nondestructive Evaluation
dc.relation.ispartof Strain Dependence of the Magnetic Properties of AISI 4130 and 4140 Alloy Steels
dc.relation.ispartof Application of NDE to Masonry Structures; Current Technology and Future Needs
dc.relation.ispartof Time Resolved Infrared Radiometry for Subsurface Interface Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof SH Wave Scattering by a Defect in a Plate
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Microstructural Effects on Fatigue Crack Closure
dc.relation.ispartof A Preliminary Investigation on Fibre/Matrix Interphase Oxidation in Metal Matrix Composites Using Acoustic Microscopy
dc.relation.ispartof Quantitative Assessment of Plastic Deformation Via Acoustic Microscopy
dc.relation.ispartof QNDE Techniques for Measuring the Dimensions of Adhesive and Fiberglass Bonds Securing the Pivots in the Hard Upper Torso of the Extravehicular Mobility Unit or Spacesuit
dc.relation.ispartof Deterministic and Probabilistic Inversion at Long Wavelengths
dc.relation.ispartof Localization of Ultrasound in Thick Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Full Matrix Capture and the Total Focusing Imaging Algorithm Using Laser Induced Ultrasonic Phased Arrays
dc.relation.ispartof Applications of NDE to the Processing of Metals
dc.relation.ispartof Rough Surface Effects of Aluminum Castings on Ultrasonic Sizing Algorithms
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Microscopy of Advanced Aerospace Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Measurements of Surface-Breaking Flaws in Steel Pipes Using a SQUID Susceptometer in an Unshielded Environment
dc.relation.ispartof New Approaches to Ultrasonic Flaw Classification Using Signal Processing, Modeling, and Artificial Intelligence Concepts
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Evaluation of Additive Manufactured Stainless Steel 17-4 PH Specimens
dc.relation.ispartof Desirable Distinctions in NDE Reliability Terminology and Practice
dc.relation.ispartof High Frequency-High Temperature Ultrasonic Transducers
dc.relation.ispartof Measuring Porosity Using Sound Velocity in Phosphate Bonded Silicon Nitride
dc.relation.ispartof Propagation of Guided Elastic Waves in Orthotropic Plates
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Microscopy: Materials Art and Materials Science
dc.relation.ispartof Current Activities in Ultrasonic NDE Simulations-A German Perspective
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Evaluation of Polymers and Composites Using Air-Coupled Capacitance Transducres
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Measurement of Thickness, Density and Elastic Moduli of a Layer Embedded into a Solid
dc.relation.ispartof Structural and Microstructural Design in Brittle Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Mode Theory of the Nonspecular Reflection Phenomena of a Gaussian Ultrasonic Beam Incident onto an Elastic Plate
dc.relation.ispartof A new technique for time-domain ultrasonic NDE of extremely thin plates
dc.relation.ispartof Broadband Fields Radiated in a Solid by Water-Coupled Transducers: A Comparison of Approximate Models, Numerical Approaches and Experiments
dc.relation.ispartof Real-Time Ultrasonic Determination of Elastic Constants
dc.relation.ispartof Optimum Implementation of the Specified Notches for Ultrasonic Detection of Longitudinal Defects on Steel Tubes
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of the Electromagnetic Field Generated by Eddy Current Probes
dc.relation.ispartof Magnetoresistive Eddy-Current Sensor for Detecting Deeply Buried Flaws
dc.relation.ispartof Unified Life Cycle Engineering: An Emerging Design Concept
dc.relation.ispartof Multiple Scattering Calculations by Born Series Integral Equations
dc.relation.ispartof Numerical Computation of Transient and Steady-State Periodic Thermal Wave Distribution in Homogeneous Media
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy-Current Technique for Sub-Surface Temperature Measurement in a Cast Steel Strand
dc.relation.ispartof Improved Interpretation of the Downhole Casing Inspection Logs for Two Strings of Pipes
dc.relation.ispartof Reflection by Distributed Microflaws in a Diffusion Bond
dc.relation.ispartof Guided Elastic Waves in Pre-Stressed Solids for the Ultrasonic Characterization of Interfacial Zones
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Emission from Plastic Deformation
dc.relation.ispartof Probability of Detection Model for Pipeline Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof A Discussion of the Inverse Problem in Electromagnetic NDT
dc.relation.ispartof Measuring in-Plane Elastic Moduli of Composites with Arrays of Phase-Insensitive Ultrasound Receivers
dc.relation.ispartof Magnetic Property Changes in various Structural Steels Due to Irradiation
dc.relation.ispartof An Application of Direct-Sequency Spread-Spectrum Ultrasonic to Global Inspection of Bridge Components
dc.relation.ispartof Improved Scattering Models for Guided Wave Tomography
dc.relation.ispartof Emerging Materials Technology
dc.relation.ispartof Numerical Simulation and Visualization Models of Stress Wave Propagation Graphite/Epoxy Composites
dc.relation.ispartof A New Ultrasonic Transducer Combining Three Modes: High Axial Resolution, High Transverse Resolution and Standard Modes
dc.relation.ispartof A Study of Metallic Corrosion Using a Surface Acoustic Wave Sensor
dc.relation.ispartof The Detection of Cracks under Installed Fasteners by Means of a Scanning Eddy-Current Method
dc.relation.ispartof Leaky Rayleigh Wave Inspection under Surface Layers
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of the Center-of-Gravity Using X-Ray Computed Tomography
dc.relation.ispartof Mechanism of Photostimulated Exoelectron Emission
dc.relation.ispartof Combined Investigation of Eddy Current and Ultrasonic Techniques for Composite Materials NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Absolute Sensitivity of Air, Light and Direct-Coupled Wideband Acoustic Emission Transducers
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Characterization of Defects and Damage in Thick Composites
dc.relation.ispartof A Multifrequency Algorithm for Inverting Eddy-Current Data and Reconstructing Three-Dimensional Anomalies in Graphite-Epoxy
dc.relation.ispartof Rotating Field Eddy Current Probe for Characterization of Cracking in Non-Magnetic Tubing
dc.relation.ispartof Assessment of the Crack System Orientations of a Ceramic Matrix Composite Under Off-Axis Tensile Loading
dc.relation.ispartof Detection of Creep Damage by Ultrasonics
dc.relation.ispartof Applications of an Acoustic-Emission Data-Acquisition Workstation: II
dc.relation.ispartof Scattering of Elastic Waves by Multiple Inclusions and Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof Comparison of Scattering Amplitudes from Various Transducers Using Diffraction and Attenuation Corrections
dc.relation.ispartof SAFT Data Processing Applied to Laser-Ultrasonic Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof Digitally Coded Electromagnetic Transducers
dc.relation.ispartof Development of a PC-Based Signal Processing Unit for Nondestructive Testing: The ALC and Small Angle B-Scan Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof NMR Imaging of Advanced Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Tracking Accelerated Aging of Composites with Ultrasonic Attenuation Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof Numerical Simulation of Flaw Detection with a Capacitive Array Sensor Using Finite and Infinite Elements
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Measurement Models to Specification of Ultrasonic Inspections
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Procedures for Predicting Adhesive Bond Strength
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of Fiber-Reinforced Composites Using a Non-Contact Laser/Air-Transducer System
dc.relation.ispartof 2D Numerical Modeling of the Ultrasonic Wave Propagation in Concrete: a Parameterization Study in the Multiple Scattering Medium
dc.relation.ispartof Uniform Evaluation of the Four Dimensional Transducer Transmission Phase Integral
dc.relation.ispartof One Sided Radiographic Inspection Using Backscatter Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof A Formalism for Acoustical Traveltime Tomography in Heterogeneous Anisotropic Media
dc.relation.ispartof A Transient Model for the Simulation of Nondestructive Experiments Including Surface Wave Effects on Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof Detection of Coating Adhesion Defects Using Fast Infrared Scanning Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Bayesian Flaw Characterization from Eddy Current Measurements with Grain Noise
dc.relation.ispartof In-Process Monitoring for Quality Assurance of Automated Composite Fabrication
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Hidden Airframe Corrosion by Time-Resolved Infrared Radiometry (TRIR)
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Imaging by Wavefront Reconstruction
dc.relation.ispartof Simulation of Closure: Effects on Crack Detection Probability and Stress Distributions
dc.relation.ispartof A Study of Sensor Array Aperture for Damage Localization in a Plate-Like Structure Using Ultrasonic Guided Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of an Eddy-Current Tape-Head Probe
dc.relation.ispartof Finite Element Modeling of Pulsed Eddy Current Phenomena
dc.relation.ispartof A Theoretical Model of Ultrasonic Examination of Smooth Flat Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Characterization of Polishing Damage in Silicon Wafers Using Modulated Reflectance Mapping
dc.relation.ispartof Low Frequency Characterization of Flaws in Ceramics
dc.relation.ispartof An Inverse Method for Cracks Characterization from Ultrasonic Bscan Images
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Characterization of Fiber-Matrix Interphasial Properties in Ceramic Matrix Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Crack Detection and Localization inWeld Structure Using the Topological Energy Method
dc.relation.ispartof Development of On-Line NDE for the Continuous Resin Transfer Molding (CRTM)™ Process
dc.relation.ispartof It’s the End-of-Line for NDE: A Need for In-Line NDE in Advanced Composites Manufacturing
dc.relation.ispartof Monitoring of Precipitation Hardening in an HSLA Steel Through EMAT Measurements of Magnetostriction
dc.relation.ispartof Elastic Waves in Homogeneous and Layered Transversely-Isotropic Media: Gaussian Wave Packets and Green Functions
dc.relation.ispartof Mapping of 1-MHz, 45° Longitudinal-Wave Fields in Centrifugally Cast Stainless Steel
dc.relation.ispartof The Use of Binary Quantisation for the Acquisition of Low SNR Ultrasonic Signals: a Study of the Input Dynamic Range
dc.relation.ispartof Effect of Different Stages of Tensile Deformation on Magnetic Barkhausen Emission in High Strength Low Alloy Steel
dc.relation.ispartof Thermographic Detection o Conducting Contaminants in Composite Materials Using Microwave Excitation
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Wave Scattering from a Sphere
dc.relation.ispartof Size Estimation of Interface Crack by Interference Effect
dc.relation.ispartof Progress Report on Varian Ultrasound Imaging System for NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Multi-parameter analysis in eddy current inspection of aircraft engine components
dc.relation.ispartof Calculation of Wideband Ultrasonic Fields Radiated By Water- Coupled Transducers into Heterogeneous Media
dc.relation.ispartof The Emergence of Extended Field Technology in the Air Force
dc.relation.ispartof Sources of Acoustic Emission in Aluminum Alloys
dc.relation.ispartof Manufacturing Process Control with VLSI-Compatible Sensors
dc.relation.ispartof A Linear Systems Approach to Laser Generation of Ultrasound in Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Finite Element Simulation of Pulsed Remote Field Eddy Current Phenomenon
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of Thermal Stress in Railroad Rails Using Ultrasonic SH Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Quantitative Diagnosis and Prognosis Framework for Concrete Degradation Due to Alkali- Silica Reaction
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Beams with Bessel and Gaussian Profiles
dc.relation.ispartof Comparison fo Reflection Coefficient Minima with Disperion Curves for Ultrasonic Waves in Embedded Layers
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Tomographic Reconstruction of Fiber Angle in Orthotropic Composite Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Robust Baseline Subtraction for Ultrasonic Full Wavefield Analysis
dc.relation.ispartof A New Approach for the Analysis of Impact-Echo Data
dc.relation.ispartof Guided Shear Horizontal (Sh-) Waves — Examples of the Practical Use of Their Benefits for New NDE-Applications
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Sizing of Voids Using Area Functions
dc.relation.ispartof Stationary-Phase Method vs. Pencil Method for the Modal Radiation of Guided Waves by Finite-Sized Sources in a Semi-Infinite Isotropic Plate
dc.relation.ispartof Test Bed for Quantitative NDE
dc.relation.ispartof The Effects of Microstructure on the Response of Aluminum E-127 Calibration Standards
dc.relation.ispartof Elastic Wave Scattering by Arbitrarily Shaped Voids
dc.relation.ispartof Comments from ARPA/AFML
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Methods for Determination of Mechanical Properties of Aluminum and Titanium Alloys
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of Surface Crack Opening Displacements Using Microwave Frequency Eddy Currents
dc.relation.ispartof Line-Focus Acoustic Mcroscopy Measurements of Thin-Film Elastic Constants
dc.relation.ispartof A Near-Field Measurement Model for Ultrasonic Reference Standards
dc.relation.ispartof An Ultrasonic Resonance Method to Determine the Acoustic Velocity of Thin Adhesive Layers
dc.relation.ispartof Leaky Rayleigh Waves in the Presence of Loading and Stiffening Layers
dc.relation.ispartof Integrated Ultrasonic Transducer
dc.relation.ispartof Hydroproof Acoustic Emission for Prediction of Failure Behavior in Composite Pressure Vessels
dc.relation.ispartof The Effects of Flaw Orientation and Finite Aperture on Model Based Reconstruction Using Multiprobe Transducers
dc.relation.ispartof The Use of Horizontal Axis Coils for the Eddy Current Inspection of Fast Breeder Reactor Primary Vessels
dc.relation.ispartof Accurate Simulation of EMAT Probes for Ultrasonic NDT Based on Experimental Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof Theoretical Elements of Acoustic Emission Spectra
dc.relation.ispartof Inspecting Advanced Composite Materials at Ultrasonic Frequencies from 2 Megahertz to 2 Gigahertz
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Inspection, Material Noise and Surface Roughness
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Detection of Cracks below Bolts in Aircraft Skins
dc.relation.ispartof Thermal Characterization of Multilayer Structures from Transient Thermal Response
dc.relation.ispartof The Effect of Porosity Density and Configuration in Composite Materials on the Ultrasonic Waveform
dc.relation.ispartof Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Bulk Waves to Measure Elastic Constants in Composite Materials
dc.relation.ispartof A Fiber Optic RF Resonant Cavity Sensor for Strain Sensing-Forrcs
dc.relation.ispartof Elastic Constants Determination of the Thin Cold-Rolled Stainless Steel by Acoustic Resonance Method
dc.relation.ispartof Radiographic Inspection of Welds
dc.relation.ispartof The Effect of Equipment Bandwidth and Center Frequency Changes on Ultrasonic Inspection Reliability: Modeling and Experimentation Results
dc.relation.ispartof Rapid inspection of composites using laser-based ultrasound
dc.relation.ispartof Optical Detection of Ultrasound by Two-Wave Mixing in Photorefractive Semiconductor Crystals Under Applied Field
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of Adhesive-Adherend Interlayer Properties Using Acoustic Microscopy
dc.relation.ispartof The Ultrasonic Measurement of Elastic Constants of Structural FRP Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Composite Cure Evaluation Using Obliquely Incident Ultrasonic Waves
dc.relation.ispartof RTSIM: A Computer Model of Real-Time Radiograph
dc.relation.ispartof A General Purpose Approach to Calculating the Longitudinal and Flexural Modes of Multi-Layered, Embedded, Transversely Isotropic Cylinders
dc.relation.ispartof Generalized Boundary Conditions for Imperfect Interface between Two Solid Anisotropic Media
dc.relation.ispartof Model-Based Characterization of Planar and Focused Immersion Ultrasonic Transducers
dc.relation.ispartof Research on Microelectronics and Nanotechnologies at Georgia Tech
dc.relation.ispartof Applications of Guided Wave Techniques in the Petrochemical Industry
dc.relation.ispartof Nonlinear Ultrasounic Resonance Spectroscopy of Intact Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Absolute Magnitude of Front Surface Reflections in Ultrasonic Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof The Characterization of Surface Defects Using Rayleigh Wave Hodographs
dc.relation.ispartof Temperature Insensitive Fiber Optic Sensor for Acoustic Wave Detection
dc.relation.ispartof Gas Turbine Coatings Eddy-Current Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation
dc.relation.ispartof Flaw Detection Using a Priori Knowledge with Limited View Aperture System
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of Strain-Induced Surface Changes by Optical Correlation
dc.relation.ispartof Holographic Inspection of Wafers for Sub-Micron Defect Detection
dc.relation.ispartof Sound Velocity Measurements in Green-Body Ceramics as a Function of Sintering Temperatures
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of Elastic Moduli in Ceramic Composites as a Function fo Porosity Content
dc.relation.ispartof An Image Segmentation Algorithm for Nonfilm Radiography
dc.relation.ispartof Effect of Rough Surfaces on Guided Waves in Plates
dc.relation.ispartof Steady State Requirement for Technology Transition
dc.relation.ispartof Finite Element Modeling of the Bulk Magnetization of Railroad Wheels to Improve Test Conditions for Magnetoacoustic Residual Stress Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof An actively-stabilized fiber-optic interferometer for laser-ultrasonic flaw detection
dc.relation.ispartof Interpretation of Ultrasonic Scattering Measurements by Various Flaws from Theoretical Studies
dc.relation.ispartof A Fiber-Based Laser Ultrasonic System for Remote Inspection of Limited Access Components
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic C-Scan Standardization for Polymer-Matrix Composites - Acoustic Considerations
dc.relation.ispartof Concluding Remarks
dc.relation.ispartof Porosity Measurement in Composites Using Ultrasonic Attenuation Methods
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Bandpass Filtering in Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing
dc.relation.ispartof Modeling of Microporosity Evolution During Solidification Processes
dc.relation.ispartof Theoretical and Experimental Study on Ultrasonic Transducers
dc.relation.ispartof Guided Waves for Porosity Estimation in Complex Shaped Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Non-Intrusive, Ultrasonic Measurement of Fluid Composition
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic scattering from spherically orthotropic shells
dc.relation.ispartof Parallel Box-Car Imaging of Adhesion Defects in Plasma-Sprayed Coatings
dc.relation.ispartof Response of a Focused Transducer Facing a Rigid Reflector
dc.relation.ispartof Angular Dependence of Ultrasonic Waves Scattered from Flat Bottom Holes
dc.relation.ispartof Surface Acoustic Wave Filters for Real Time Processing of Ultrasonic Signals
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Emission Analysis of Crack Formation for Laser Drilling of Alumina (Al2O3) Plates
dc.relation.ispartof High Frequency Longitudinal and Shear Wave Inspection of Gas Turbine Ceramics
dc.relation.ispartof A General Model for Rayleigh Wave — Surface Feature Scattering Problems
dc.relation.ispartof On-Line Fatigue Crack Growth Monitoring in Externally Pressurised Vessels Using the Alternating Current Potential Drop (ACPD) Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Influence of Texture and Grain morphology on the Two-Point Correlation of Elastic Constants: Theory and Implications on Ultrasonic Attenuation and Backscattering
dc.relation.ispartof Concept and Mathematical Modeling of Acoustic Emission Source
dc.relation.ispartof High-Frequency Ultrasonic Characterization of ZrO2 Layer Thicknesses Using Digital Spectral Analysis
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of the Structural Integrity of Granular Composites by Ultrasonic Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Inspection and Model Based Inversion of Highly Curved Composite Surfaces with Flash Thermography
dc.relation.ispartof A Novel High Speed, High Resolution, Ultrasound Imaging System
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic scattering from a crack which emanates from a rivet hole
dc.relation.ispartof Methods Development for Non-Destructive Measurement of Bond Strength in Adhesively Bonded Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Evaluation of Titanium Alloy Diffusion Bonding
dc.relation.ispartof The Use of Surface Acoustic Waves to Study Small Fatigue Cracks in 7075-T651 Aluminum and 4340 Steel
dc.relation.ispartof High Frequency, Angle Beam EMATs for Weld Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof Frequency Modulated (FM) Time Delay-Domain Thermal Wave Techniques, Instrumentation and Detection: A Review of the Emerging State of the Art in QNDE Applications
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement by Laser Generated Ultrasound of the Stiffness Tensor of an Anisotropic Material at Elevated Temperatures
dc.relation.ispartof Initiation and Display of Delamination Failure During Fatigue of Graphite Fiber-Epoxy Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Pickup Coil Spacing Effects on Eddy Current Reflection Probe Sensitivity
dc.relation.ispartof Surface Coverage Issues When Using Eddy Current Arrays
dc.relation.ispartof Multi-site Delamination Detection and Quantification in Composites through Guided Wave Based Global-local Sensing
dc.relation.ispartof Evolution of Nonlinear Acoustics during Creep in ASME Grade 91 Steel Welded Joint
dc.relation.ispartof Disperse: A General Purpose Program for Creating Dispersion Curves
dc.relation.ispartof "New" Candidates for Ultrasonic NDE Standards and Calibrations
dc.relation.ispartof Development of Magnetic Inspection Techniques for Evaluation of Fatigue Damage and Stress in Low Alloy Steels
dc.relation.ispartof New Work in Acoustic Leak Location in Underground Pipelines
dc.relation.ispartof Experimental Studies Pertaining to the Interaction of Ultrasound with Metal-Metal Bonds
dc.relation.ispartof Investigation of Corrosion in Aluminum/Adhesive Lap-Splices Using Pulse-Echo Ultrasonic Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Elastic Constants of a Stressed Layer from Surface Acoustic Wave Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Signal Characterizations of Flat-Bottom Holes in Titanium Alloys: Experiment and Theory
dc.relation.ispartof Scanned Imaging Techniques for Surface NDE
dc.relation.ispartof New Methods of Detection and Characterization of Surface Flaws
dc.relation.ispartof Electronic Scanning in Acoustic Microscopy
dc.relation.ispartof Holographic Scanning Laser Acoustic Microscopy (HOLOSLAM): A New QNDE Tool
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasound Contrast Agents: The Advantage of Albumin Microsphere Technology
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Ultrasonic Immersion Transducers
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Emission from Internal Delamination of a Four-Ply Plate
dc.relation.ispartof Study of Microstructural Characteristics Using Mathematical Morphology
dc.relation.ispartof A Three-Dimensional Boundary Element Model for Eddy Current NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Advances in Computer Reconstruction of Acoustical Holography
dc.relation.ispartof Defect Characterization in Composites Using a Thermal Tomography Algorithm
dc.relation.ispartof Cohesive Strength Prediction of Adhesive Joints
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Testing of Ropes Using the Transverse Impulse Vibration Method
dc.relation.ispartof Numerical Time Domain Modeling of Piezoelectric Transducers/ Sensors and Ultrasonic Wave Phenomena with the Piezoelectric Finite Integration Technique (PFIT)
dc.relation.ispartof The Change in Impedance of a Single-Turn Coil Due to a Flaw in a Coaxial Conducting Cylinder
dc.relation.ispartof Precision Measurement of Eddy Current Coil Parameters
dc.relation.ispartof Finite Element Representation of Focused Angle Beam Ultrasonic Wave Field in 3D Space
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of Solder Bonds in a Silicon Flip Chip Device
dc.relation.ispartof Characterizing the Curing of Adhesive Joints by a Nonlinear Ultrasonic Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Measurement System for the Assessment of Corrosion in Pipelines
dc.relation.ispartof Modeling of Pulsed Thermography in Anisotropic Media
dc.relation.ispartof Crack-depth determination by a neural network with a synthetic training data set
dc.relation.ispartof Modeling Through Transmission Ultrasonics for Controlling the Fusion Bonding of Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Elastic Wave Fields Generated by Shear Horizontal Piezoelectric Fiber Patch (SH-PFP) Transducers: Parameter Study by Modelling and Laser Vibrometric Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Spectroscopy for Corrosion Detection
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Ultrasonic Imaging Techniques for Evaluation of Equine Tendon Injury
dc.relation.ispartof Optical Measurements of Interface Acoustic Waves Guided by the Boundary Between Two Elastic Substrates
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Sizing of Cracks in Web Geometries
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic NDE of Adhesive Metal to Metal Bond Integrity Based on a Combined Numerical and Expert System Approach
dc.relation.ispartof Brillouin Scattering as a Tool for Characterizing Surfaces, Interfaces and Thin Films
dc.relation.ispartof A Comparison of Laser Ultrasonics and EMAT Texture Measurements in Aluminum Alloys
dc.relation.ispartof Saft Imaging in Anisotropic Media
dc.relation.ispartof Absolute Measurement of Ultrasonic Attenuation by Electromagnetic Acoustic Resonance
dc.relation.ispartof Enhanced Damage Characterization using Wavefield Imaging Methods
dc.relation.ispartof Comparisons of the Behavior of Real and Imaginary Reluctances Between Samples of 6061 Aluminum as a Function of Grain Size
dc.relation.ispartof Microwaves for Raster Imaging of Local Anisotropies in Polymer Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Lamb Wave Propagation in Thermally Damaged Composites
dc.relation.ispartof The Use of Noise Signals for Multi-Mode Beam Shaping
dc.relation.ispartof Shearography: A Tool for Imaging Lamb Waves in Composites and their Interaction with Delaminations
dc.relation.ispartof On The Direct and Inverse Elastic Wave Scattering Problem to Characterize Damage in Materials
dc.relation.ispartof New Signal Processing Scheme for the Analysis of Electromagnetic Images
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Porosity in Thick Composites Using Ultrasonic Wave Velocity Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof Depth Evaluation in Pulsed Phase Thermography with Neural Network
dc.relation.ispartof Fracture Mechanics of Fiber-Reinforced Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization Facility for NDE Transducers
dc.relation.ispartof Reflexion Measurements for Inverse Characterization of Steel Diffusion Bonds Mechanical Properties
dc.relation.ispartof Calibration Methods for Eddy Current Measurement Systems
dc.relation.ispartof Analysis of Flat Coils’ System with Displaced Sensors for Eddy Current NDE of Ferromagnetic Metals
dc.relation.ispartof Pulsed Electromagnets for EMATs
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Adhesive Bonding Using Leaky Lamb Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Pipeline Mechanical Damage Characterization by Multiple Magnetization Level Decoupling
dc.relation.ispartof Further Progress on Nondestructive Diagnosis of Hybrid Microelectronic Components Using Transmission Acoustic Microscopy
dc.relation.ispartof Measuring Thickness and Conductivity of Metallic Layers with Eddy Currents
dc.relation.ispartof Compressive Stress Effects on the Ultrasonic Detection of Cracks in Welds
dc.relation.ispartof Improving the Acoustic Performance of Linear Multi-Element Transducers
dc.relation.ispartof Limited View Guided Wave Tomography Based on Full Waveform Inversion
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Characterization of Curing Processes Using Waveguides Embedded within Polymers
dc.relation.ispartof On Boundary Integral Equation Method for Field Distribution under Cracked Metal Surface
dc.relation.ispartof Advances in pultiple-pulse radio-frequency-gradient imaging of solids
dc.relation.ispartof Enhancement and Detection of Mechanical Damage MFL Signals from Gas Pipeline Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof Fatigue Crack Detection in Metallic Members Using Spectral Analysis of Ultrasonic Rayleigh Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Elastic Wave Scattering from Multiple and Odd Shaped Flaws
dc.relation.ispartof Thermal Diffusivity Measurements on Certified Standards using Flash IR Thermography
dc.relation.ispartof Estimation of Concrete Strength of the Colorado Street bridge Using the Impact-Echo Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Inspection of Refinery Vessels for Hydrogen Attack Using Ultrasonic Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Conebeam Microtomography Using a Fiberoptic Scintillator and a Lens-Coupled CCD Camera
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Evaluation of Thermal Degradation in Adhesive Bonds
dc.relation.ispartof Fundamentals of Thermal Wave Physics
dc.relation.ispartof Simulation of Ultrasound Propagation across Interfaces with Imperfect Contact
dc.relation.ispartof Reception of laser generated ultrasound from a CFRP plate by an air matched piezoelectric composite transducer
dc.relation.ispartof Accept/Reject Criteria for Structural Ceramics: Probablistic Models for Inclusion Initiated Fracture in Ceramics
dc.relation.ispartof Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation of Defects in Ferromagnetic Samples
dc.relation.ispartof Imaging Subtle Microstructural Variations in Ceramics with Precision Ultrasonic Velocity and Attenuation Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof Applications of SH Mode for Measurement of Anisotropic Properties of Solids
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Periodontal Probe
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Measurements of Inhomogenous Stress Fields
dc.relation.ispartof A Digital Signal Processing for Measuring Leaky Surface Wave Velocity with C-Scan Acoustic Microscope
dc.relation.ispartof Edge Weld Penetration Assessment via Electric Current Deflection Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof Experimental Validation of the Boundary Integral Equation Modeling for Arbitrary Flaw Geometries in ECI NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Diffusion, Waves, Phase and Eddy Current Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Feasibility and Reliability of Grain Noise Suppression in Monitoring Highly Scattering Materials Using Baseline Subtraction
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of the Interfacial Sliding Stress of Ceramic Matrix Composites Under Tensile Loading
dc.relation.ispartof High Resolution Arma Model Reconstruction for NDE Ultrasonic Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic wave studies during fast ion beam interactions with solds
dc.relation.ispartof Instrumentation Development for Crack Detection of Surface and Subsurface Defects in Green-State P/M Compacts Through Multiprobe Electric Resistivity Testing
dc.relation.ispartof Theoretical and Experimental Developments in Ultrasonic Evaluation of Periodic Surfaces
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Nonlinear Guided Wave Inspection of Microscopic Damage in a Composite Structure
dc.relation.ispartof Correlating Interlaminar Fatigue Fracture Behavior to NDE Parameters in Carbon/Epoxy Composites Containing Voids and Delamination
dc.relation.ispartof Interfaces: The Next NDE Challenge
dc.relation.ispartof Analytical and Numerical Predictions of Short Pulsed Elastic Waves on a Half-Space
dc.relation.ispartof X-Ray Measurement and Porosity in Graphite/Polyimide Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Flexible Transducer Array Technology to Measure Erosion-Corrosion in Carbon Steel Piping
dc.relation.ispartof Model-Based Iterative Flaw Sizing for Thick Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Determining Mechanical Properties of Carboard from Photoacoustic Lamb Wave Transmission Data
dc.relation.ispartof New Developments in Ultrasonic NDT Modeling in CIVA
dc.relation.ispartof Use of an Electroacoustic Measurement Model for Ultrasonic Transducer Characterization
dc.relation.ispartof A Hybrid Technique for Modelling the Ultrasonic Response from Surface-Breaking Defects
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of Crack Depth in a Transition Weld Using Acpd
dc.relation.ispartof A Study of Strain-Induced Phase Transformations in TiNi Alloy by Electric Resistance Method
dc.relation.ispartof Volumetric Characterization of a Simulated Delamination Field within an Isotropic Medium via Ultrasonic Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof Time Resolved Line Focus Acoustic Microscopy of Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Determining Confounding Sensitivities in Eddy Current Thin Film Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof A Computer Model of Eddy-Current Probe-Crack Interaction
dc.relation.ispartof Integrated Ultrasonic Technique for Characterization of Composite Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Theoretical Simulation of Experimental Observations of Surface Wave Propagation on a Fluid-Saturated Porous Material
dc.relation.ispartof Automatic Flaw Detection System for Eddy Current Inspection of Steam Generator Tubes
dc.relation.ispartof Abstracts, Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation (Denver, CO, July 15–20, 2012)
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy Current Thickness Measurement of the Zink Layer on Galvanized Steel Wires
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Emission from a Crack Growth Event
dc.relation.ispartof Kissing Bonds in Diffusion Bonded Parts
dc.relation.ispartof Real-Time Super-Resolution Signal Processing Applied to the Ultrasonic Imaging of Adhesively Bonded Joints
dc.relation.ispartof Defect Detection in Wire Manufacturing
dc.relation.ispartof Use of the Analytic Signal in Ultrasonic Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof An Attempt to Measure Elastic Stress with Positrons
dc.relation.ispartof Iterative Boundary Integral Solution for Curved Interface Transmission
dc.relation.ispartof Identification of Viscoelastic Moduli of Composite Materials from the Plate Transmission Coefficients
dc.relation.ispartof The Importance of Nondestructive Evaluation to Future Energy Systems
dc.relation.ispartof Fourier Descriptor Classification of Differential Eddy Current Probe Impedance Plane Trajectories
dc.relation.ispartof Variation of Sound Velocity in Fatigued Aluminum 2024-T4 as a Function fo Hydrostatic Pressure
dc.relation.ispartof An Evaluation of Artificial Neural Networks Applied to Infrared Thermography Inspection of Composite Aerospace Structures
dc.relation.ispartof An Ultrasonic Study on Anelasticity in Metals
dc.relation.ispartof Estimation of the Boundary of an Inclusion of Known Material from Scattering Data
dc.relation.ispartof Numerical Electromagnetic Modeling for Three-Dimensional Inspection of Ferrous Metals
dc.relation.ispartof Automated Ultrasonic Data Interpretation Developed through an Interactive 3D Environment
dc.relation.ispartof Magnetic Flux Leakage Inspection of Moving Steel Sheets
dc.relation.ispartof Calculation of Eddy Current Fields for Coils of Arbitrary Shape
dc.relation.ispartof Three-Dimensional Image Processing for Acoustic Microscopy
dc.relation.ispartof Investigation of the Anisotropic Nature of Laser Generated Ultrasound in HCP Crystals and Unidirectional Carbon Epoxy Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Measurement of Microstructures in Steels
dc.relation.ispartof Transient Scattering of Rayleigh-Lamb Waves by Surface-Breaking and Buried Cracks in a Plate
dc.relation.ispartof Recent Studies in Modeling for the A.C. Field Measurement Technique
dc.relation.ispartof In-Flight Acoustic Emission Research
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Multi-layered Impact Damage in Organic Matrix Composites Using Thermography
dc.relation.ispartof Joint Time-Frequency Processing of Ultrasonic Signals
dc.relation.ispartof Recovering of Phase Velocities Through Anisotropic Plates by a Direct Summation of Signals Generated by Line Sources
dc.relation.ispartof Surface Monitoring by Combination of an Optical Sensor and an Ultrasonic Scanning System
dc.relation.ispartof T-Matrix Calculations for Spheroidal and Crack Like Flaws
dc.relation.ispartof Statistical Evaluation of NDE Reliability in the Aerospace Industry
dc.relation.ispartof Fast Photothermal Inspection of Plasma-Sprayed Coatings of Primary Circulation Seal Rings of a Nuclear Reactor. Part Two: After the Trial Run
dc.relation.ispartof Cluster Analysis of Signals Obtained by Simulation of TOFD Technique for Pattern Recognition of Welding Defects
dc.relation.ispartof Digital Processing of Remotely Sensed Imagery
dc.relation.ispartof Absolute Determination of Stress in Textured Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Higher Order Nonlinearity Measurement Techniques in Thin Adhesive Layer
dc.relation.ispartof Applications of a New Inverse Method to Nondestructive Evaluation
dc.relation.ispartof State of the Art in Single Frequency Eddy Current Testing
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Microscopy of Ceramics
dc.relation.ispartof A New Project on Nondestructive Evaluation with High Temperature SQUIDS
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Studies of Stresses and Plastic Deformation in Steel During Tension and Compression
dc.relation.ispartof Lamb Wave Mode Sensitivity to Detect Various Material Defects in Multilayered Composite Plates
dc.relation.ispartof Observation of Shear Wave Modes in the Echoes of the Longitudinal Wave Transducer
dc.relation.ispartof Deep Thermoacoustic Imaging Using Scanning Electron Acoustic Microscopy
dc.relation.ispartof Excitation Duration and Onset Time Effects in Active Thermography
dc.relation.ispartof Brewster Angle and Ultrasonic Evaluation of Bi-Material Bonds
dc.relation.ispartof Thermal Effects in the Fracture of Rubber-Modified Polystyrene
dc.relation.ispartof Applications of Pulse Phase Thermography
dc.relation.ispartof The Representation of Texture in Cold-Rolled Copper Sheet by an Advanced X-Ray Diffraction Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Microwave Scattering for the Characterization of a Disc-Shape Void in Dielectric Materials and Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Resonant Scattering and Crack Sizing
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Evaluation of Energetic Materials Via NMR Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof The Lamb Wave Inspection of Chemical Plant Pipework
dc.relation.ispartof Nonlinear Mixing of Laser Generated Narrowband Rayleigh Surface Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluating Consistency of Nondestructive Evaluation of Flexible Pavement by GPR and PSPA
dc.relation.ispartof Dispersion Curves Analysis for Bonded Plates at Low Fd
dc.relation.ispartof Fundamental Aspects of micro-CT in Cone-Beam Geometry
dc.relation.ispartof Analysis of Detection of Delaminations in Fiber Reinforced Composite Tubes Using Axially Symmetric Guided Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of Spot Welds by Various Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Quantitative Evaluation of Thermally Induced Residual Sttresses in White Cast Iron and Steels with Different Cementite Morphologies
dc.relation.ispartof NDE Applications of Radio Wave Emission from Stress and Fracture
dc.relation.ispartof Validity of Different Models of Interfaces in Adhesion and Diffusion Bonded Joints
dc.relation.ispartof Three Ultrasonic Devices for the Elastic Moduli Determination at High Temperatures
dc.relation.ispartof Complete Evaluation of Residual Stress States Using Acoustoelasticity
dc.relation.ispartof Statistical Detection Model for Eddy-Current Systems
dc.relation.ispartof The Application of Electric Current Computed Tomography to Defect Imaging in Metals
dc.relation.ispartof Digital measurement of Ultrasonic Velocity
dc.relation.ispartof Compensated High-Bandwidth Laser Ultrasonic Detector Based on Photo-Induced Emf in GaAs
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Evaluation of Hardwood Logs Using Automated Interpretation of CT Images
dc.relation.ispartof Computer Simulation of Probability of Detection
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Evaluation of Fiber Composite Laminates by Thermoelastic Emission
dc.relation.ispartof On the Accuracy of A.C. Flux Leakage, Eddy Current, EMAT and Ultrasonic Methods of Measuring Surface Connecting Flaws in Seamless Steel Tubing
dc.relation.ispartof Depth-Selective Squid Eddy Current Techniques for Second Layer Flaw Detection
dc.relation.ispartof In-Situ Ultrasonic Characterization of Failure Strength of Fiber-Matrix Interface in Metal Matrix Composites Reinforced by SCS Series Fibers
dc.relation.ispartof Simulation of Scattering Process in Radiation Techniques Exploiting the Theory of Markovian Processes with Random Structure
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasound Stimulated Acoustic Emission: Preliminary in Vivo Results
dc.relation.ispartof Creating Noise-Corrupted Flaw Signals for Ultrasonic Nondestructive Evaluation
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Critical Angle Imaging to the Characterization of Cast Stainless Steels
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Techniques for the Detection of Discontinuities in Aluminum Foams
dc.relation.ispartof Novel thermal-acoustic point transducer
dc.relation.ispartof Thermally Induced Acoustic Emission in Homogeneous Metals and Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Simple Tester for Measuring Lateral Thermal Diffusivities in Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Combining Simulated and Experimental Data to Simulate Ultrasonic Array Data from Defects in Materials with High Structural Noise.
dc.relation.ispartof Materials Characterization Using High-Frequency Atomic Force Microscopy and Friction Force Microscopy
dc.relation.ispartof Uniform Field Eddy Current Probe: Experiments and Inversion for Realistic Flaws
dc.relation.ispartof Biaxial Stress Effects on Barkhausen Signals in a Steel Pipe for the Case of Magnetic Field Noncoaxial with Stress Axes
dc.relation.ispartof 3-D Modeling of Ultrasonic Scattering from Intergranular Stress Corrosion Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Noise in Austenitic Stainless Steel
dc.relation.ispartof Efficiency of Different Ultrasonic Surface Waves for Subsurface Flaws Detection
dc.relation.ispartof Determination of Elastic Constants by Line-Focus V(Z) Measurements of Multiple Saw Modes
dc.relation.ispartof High Resolution Holographic Contouring
dc.relation.ispartof Imaging Flaws in Adhesive Joints Using Acoustic Techniques and Infrared Thermography
dc.relation.ispartof The Effect of Ply Curvature on Acoustic Wave Propagation in Complex Composite Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Quantitative Thermal Wave Imaging of Corrosion on Aircraft
dc.relation.ispartof Effect of Temperature and Heat Treatment on Crack Growth Acoustic Emission in 7075 Aluminum
dc.relation.ispartof Analysis of Ultrasonic Waves in Arbitrarily Oriented or Rotating Anisotropic Thin Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Characterisation of the Field of an Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Silicon Capacitance Transducer
dc.relation.ispartof Use of Barkhausen Noise in Fatigue
dc.relation.ispartof Full-Field Inspection of Three-Dimensional Structures using Steady-State Acoustic Wavenumber Spectroscopy
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of An Eddy-Current Tape-Head Probe
dc.relation.ispartof Waveform-Based Analysis of Acoustic Emission from Fiber Fracture in Model Composite Plates
dc.relation.ispartof Effects of a Flaw on Acoustic Wave Propagation by an EMAT System
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy-Current Flaw Reconstruction by Inverting Field Data
dc.relation.ispartof Applications of the Volume Integral Technique to Modeling Impedance Changes Due to Surface Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof Detection of Vertical Cracks in Carbon Fiber Composites Using an Infrared Line Scanner
dc.relation.ispartof Identifying Spherical Voids and Inclusions by Matching the Power Spectra
dc.relation.ispartof Non-Axisymmetric Guided Waves for Tubing Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof Elastic Wave Scattering by Rough Flaws and Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof A Systematic Approach to Ultrasonic Pattern Recognition for Real-Time Intelligent Flaw Classification in Weldments
dc.relation.ispartof Quantitative Analysis of Real-Time Radiographic Systems
dc.relation.ispartof General Artifact Reduction Scheme for Laminography
dc.relation.ispartof Effect of Debonding in Fiber-Reinforced Compsites on Ultrasonic Backscattering
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy Current Signal Calculations for Surface Breaking Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof Scattering of a sagittal surface acoustic wave from a large amplitude ridge or a deep groove
dc.relation.ispartof Present State and Some Prospects for Electric Nondestructive Evaluation Development
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Evaluation of Metal Matrix Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Microwave Imaging of Defects in Graphite Reinforced Composite Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Saw NDE Techniques for Monitoring the Growth Behavior of Small Surface Fatigue Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof NDE Requirements for Thick Marine Composites
dc.relation.ispartof A New Technique for Distinguishing Internal Voids from Solid Inclusions
dc.relation.ispartof Microwave Imaging of Defects in Solids
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Backscatter Rotation Scanner for Detection of Ply Bends and Fiber Wrinkles
dc.relation.ispartof Multiple-Technique NDT Simulations of Realistic Configurations at the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA)
dc.relation.ispartof Angularly-Dependent Ultrasonic Velocity and Attenuation Measurements in an Anisotropic Material
dc.relation.ispartof Materials Characterization by a Time-Resolved and Polarization-Sensitive Ultrasonic Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Direct Numerical Approach for Analyzing Thermal Wave Interferometry Data
dc.relation.ispartof High Sensitivity AC Field Measurement Using Rhombic Inducer
dc.relation.ispartof Models for the Frequency Dependence of Ultrasonic Scattering from Real Flaws
dc.relation.ispartof Canadian Forces In-Flight Acoustic Emission Monitoring Program
dc.relation.ispartof Nanoscale Viscoelastic Characterization Using Tapping Mode AFM
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Imaging Analysis of Component Integrity
dc.relation.ispartof Blur Reduction in Ultrasonic Images Using Pseudo Three-Dimensional Wiener Filtering
dc.relation.ispartof Non-Invasive Measurement of Prepreg Resin Content Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
dc.relation.ispartof The Application of Angular Profile of Ultrasonic Backscattering on the Layered Substrate
dc.relation.ispartof Performance characteristics of piezocomposite bulk wave transducers
dc.relation.ispartof Applications of a Digital Acoustic-Emission Data-Acquisition Workstation
dc.relation.ispartof Imaging of Lamb Waves in Plates for Quantitative Determination of Anisotropy Using Photorefractive Dynamic Holography
dc.relation.ispartof Numerical Modeling and Imaging of Three-Dimensional Transducer Fields in Anisotropic Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Thermal Wave Physics in NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Optical Measurement of Acoustic Emission at High and Low Temperatures
dc.relation.ispartof Sensors for Carbonization Control
dc.relation.ispartof A Critical Analysis of the Theoretical Basis of Ultrasonic Scattering Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof Experimental Measurements and Interpretation of Ultrasonic Scattering by Flaws
dc.relation.ispartof Increasing the Acquisition Speed of a Multi-Channel Guided Wave System via Simultaneous Coded Excitations
dc.relation.ispartof Welcome
dc.relation.ispartof Classification of NDE Waveforms with Autoregressive Models
dc.relation.ispartof Windowing of Full Wavefield Data in Multiple Domains to Characterize Angle-Beam Shear Wave Scattering
dc.relation.ispartof A Novel Method for Automatic Defect Classification Using Artificial Neural Networks
dc.relation.ispartof Finite Element Modeling of Transient Wave Phenomena at Solid/Fluid Interfaces
dc.relation.ispartof An Artificial Intelligence Approach to Ultrasonic Weld Evaluation
dc.relation.ispartof Rank Determination of Order Statistic Filters for Ultrasonic Flaw Detection
dc.relation.ispartof The Influence of Calibration and Acceptance Criteria on Crack Detection and Discrimination by Eddy Current Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Use of Field-Flaw Interaction Theories to Quantify and Improve Inspection Reliability
dc.relation.ispartof Elastic Wave Scattering by an Interface Crack in Layered Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Thermoelastic and Ablative Generation of Ultrasound: Source Effects
dc.relation.ispartof Improved Methodology for Predicting POD of Detecting Synthetic Hard Alpha Inclusions in Titanium
dc.relation.ispartof Micro-Computer Based Digital Image Processing Systems for Real-Time Radiography
dc.relation.ispartof Laser ultrasonic inspection of honeycomb aircraft structures
dc.relation.ispartof Durability of Composites and Adhesive Bonds
dc.relation.ispartof Wave Field Produced in a Composite Laminate by a Concentrated Surface Force
dc.relation.ispartof A Theoretical Model for Magnetic Field Mapping as a Means of Broken Fiber Detection in Graphite Epoxy Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Magnetic Permeability and Eddy-Current Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Scattering by a Surface-Breaking Void
dc.relation.ispartof Split Spectrum Technique as a Preprocessor for Ultrasonic Nondestructive Evaluation
dc.relation.ispartof Application of the Electric Current Perturbation Method to the Detection of Fatigue Cracks in a Complex Geometry Titanium Part
dc.relation.ispartof Deconvolution of X-Ray Backscatter Diffraction Data for NDE of Corrosion
dc.relation.ispartof A Finite Element Test Bed for Diffraction Tomography
dc.relation.ispartof An Improved Defect Classification Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Set Theory
dc.relation.ispartof Strength Assessment in Adhesive Bonds Using Nonlinear Ultrasonic Measurements
dc.relation.ispartof Detection and Imaging of Defects Especially Materials with Small UT Transducers Using Broad-Band Holography
dc.relation.ispartof Affordable NDE of Aerospace Composites with Laser Ultrasonics
dc.relation.ispartof Noncontacting Measurement of Surface Acoustic Waves
dc.relation.ispartof A Comparison of Predictions and Measurements of the Acoustoelastic Response of a Textured Aggregate
dc.relation.ispartof Laser Ultrasonic Inspection of Graphite Epoxy Laminates
dc.relation.ispartof Interaction of Ultrasonic Waves with Simulated and Real Fatigue Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof Capability of Determining Fatigue Mechanisms in 7075 Aluminum by Combining Ultrasonic Attenuation and Acoustic Emission Monitoring
dc.relation.ispartof The “Mirage” Sensor in a Industrial Environment: Optical and Thermal Losses Determinations
dc.relation.ispartof Guided Wave Scattering by a Cylindrical Flaw
dc.relation.ispartof Vibrothermographic NDE of Fiberous Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Temperature Measurement of Silicon Wafers Using Photoacoustic Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Microscopy to Study Grain Structure
dc.relation.ispartof An Advanced Neutron Radiography System
dc.relation.ispartof Sensitive Laser Interferometer for Acoustic Emission and Ultrasonic NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Forward and Inverse Processing in Electromagnetic NDE Using Squid
dc.relation.ispartof Purpose and Progress of Quantitative NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Calculation of Wideband Ultrasonic Fields Radiated by Water-Coupled Transducers into Anisotropic Media
dc.relation.ispartof Research Activities in Japan on Forward and Inverse Simulations of Eddy Current Testing for Steam Generator Tubes
dc.relation.ispartof Reflection of Ultrasonic Waves by Flaws in Thick Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Laser-Ultrasonic Characterization of Electrodeposited Chromium Coatings
dc.relation.ispartof Measurements of Local Surface Wave Speeds by a Dual-Probe Laser Interferometer
dc.relation.ispartof Combined Thermoelastic and Photoelastic Full-Field Stress Measurement
dc.relation.ispartof Laser Optic Vibration Sensing for the Inspection of Bonds in the Orbiter Thermal Protection Tiles
dc.relation.ispartof Non-Specular Reflection of Bounded Beams From Multilayer Fluid-Immersed Elastic Structures: Complex Ray Method Revisited
dc.relation.ispartof A Study on the Prenatal Zone of Ultrasonic Guided Waves in Plates
dc.relation.ispartof IC Chip Package Inspection with an Amplitude and Phase Scanning Acoustic Microscope
dc.relation.ispartof Progress Implementing a Model-Based Iterative Reconstruction Algorithm for Ultrasound Imaging of Thick Concrete
dc.relation.ispartof Potential new applications of SQUIDs and SQUID arrays in NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Development of a Breadboard Instrument for the Ultrasonic Measurement of Stress
dc.relation.ispartof Thermographic Inspection with Ultrasonic Excitation
dc.relation.ispartof Thermographie Imaging of Defects in Anisotropie Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Methods for Detecting Moisture Degradation in Graphite-Epoxy Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Crack Size Detection Capability of Acoustic Emission
dc.relation.ispartof Self-Focusing by a Linear Array on a Surface-Breaking Crack at the Opposite Side of a Plate
dc.relation.ispartof Thresholding Method for Eddy Current Images to Automate Diagnosis
dc.relation.ispartof Quality Control Applications of “Discrimination” Technology Developed for the Strategic Defense Initiative
dc.relation.ispartof Overview of Ultrasonic Developments
dc.relation.ispartof Fatigue Failure Evaluation of Boron/Epoxy Patches Using Thermal Wave Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Inspection of Bond Strength Between Mortar and Reinforcement
dc.relation.ispartof A Hybrid Laser Ultrasonic Based Systemf ro Composite Molding
dc.relation.ispartof NMR as a Probe of Absorbed Water in Graphite-Reinforced Plastic
dc.relation.ispartof Application of the x-ray measurement model to image processing of x-ray radiographs
dc.relation.ispartof Linearized MFL Model for Embedded Flaw Detection in Rails
dc.relation.ispartof Process Monitoring Techniques using Acoustic Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustoelasticity of Polycrystalline Materials; a Formalism based on the Self-Consistent Elastic Constants
dc.relation.ispartof Finite Element Studies of Transient Wave Propagation
dc.relation.ispartof Study of Acoustic Emission from Incipient Fatigue Failure
dc.relation.ispartof Numerical Methods for Computing Laser Generated Ultrasound Waves
dc.relation.ispartof A Neural Network for Depth Determination of Separations Between a Rubber Matrix and Reinforcing Steel Belts
dc.relation.ispartof In-Process Monitoring of Cutting Conditions and Tool Wear Using Acoustic Emission
dc.relation.ispartof Scattering by Flaws in a Slab or a Half-Space
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Nondestructive Evaluation of Energy Release Rates in Plane Cracked Solids
dc.relation.ispartof Non Destructive Evaluation of Containment Walls in Nuclear Power Plants
dc.relation.ispartof Deconvolution Processing for Flaw Signatures
dc.relation.ispartof The Computation of Fields and Signals due to Ferromagnetic Anomalies
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Monitoring of Textures in Cold-Rolled Copper Sheets
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Evaluation of Rough and Porous Ceramic Coatings with a Dual-Element Large Aperture Lensless Line-Focus Transducer
dc.relation.ispartof Pattern Recognition Analysis of Acoustic Emission Data from 7075-T651 Aluminum Simulated Joint Specimens
dc.relation.ispartof Laser Ultrasonic Thermoelastic/Ablation Generation with Laser Interferometric Detection in Graphite/Polymer Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustoelastic Wave Velocity in Metal Matrix Composite under Thermal Loading
dc.relation.ispartof Computer integrated NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Prediction of Eddy-Current Probe Impedance Due to Surface Cracks in Ferromagnetic Steels
dc.relation.ispartof Half-Space Radiation by EMAT's
dc.relation.ispartof Photothermal Inspection of Impact Damages on Carbon-Glass Fibre Composites Using a Simple Hand Scanner Measurement System
dc.relation.ispartof High Resolution Image Reconstruction of Polymer Composite Materials Using Neural Networks
dc.relation.ispartof Conditional Probability of Failure and Accept/Reject Criteria
dc.relation.ispartof On the Effects of a Finite Aperture on the Inverse Born Approximation
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy-Current Imaging for Defect Characterization
dc.relation.ispartof Factors Affecting Stress Concentrations Near Pit Defects, as Monitored by Magnetic Flux Leakage, Magnetic Barkhausen Noise, and Neutron Diffraction
dc.relation.ispartof Defect Characterization in Ceramics Using High Frequency Ultrasonics
dc.relation.ispartof Identification of Anisotropic Elastic Constants of Aluminum Composites Reinforced with Short Alumina Fibers by the Dobule Transmission Ultrasonic Method
dc.relation.ispartof Simple Thermal Wave Method for the Determination of Longitudinal Thermal Diffusivity of SiC-Based Fiber
dc.relation.ispartof Surface Stiffness Measurements on Water-Saturated Porous Solids
dc.relation.ispartof Development and Testing of Rotating Probe Method for Airframe Rivet Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Characterization of Surface and Sub-Surface Defects in Ceramic Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Analysis of Intensity Modulated Pulse Train Length for Laser Ultrasonic NDT
dc.relation.ispartof Excess Scattering Induced Loss at a Rough Surface Due to Partially Coherent Double-Reflection
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Emission Charaterization of Single and Dual Fiber Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of Residual Stress in Ag/Glass Thin Films Using Dispersion Characteristic of Rayleigh Wave
dc.relation.ispartof The CAD/NDE Interface — Designing for Inspectability
dc.relation.ispartof An Adaptive Morphological Filter for Defect Detection in Eddy Current Aircraft Wheel Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof Pulse-Echo Thermal Wave Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Attenuation and Grain Noise Parameters in Ni-Base Alloys
dc.relation.ispartof Diffusivity measurement using quasi periodic temperature response modeling
dc.relation.ispartof Radiographic Least Squares Fitting Technique Accurately Measures Dimensions and X-Ray Attenuation
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Magnetoacoustic Emission Technique to Temper Embrittlement Characterization of HY-80 Steel
dc.relation.ispartof Modeling of Laser Ultrasound Generation in a Weld Pool
dc.relation.ispartof Electromagnetic Modeling of the Interaction of Cracks in Metallic Surfaces with Open-Ended Waveguides Using an Equivalent Magnetic Current
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustical Imaging and Holography Seventh International Symposium
dc.relation.ispartof Photoacoustic Microscopy of Ceramics Using Laser Heterodyne Detection
dc.relation.ispartof A New Automated System for Boreside Ultrasonic Inspection of Power Plant Turbine Rotors
dc.relation.ispartof Status of Advanced UT Systems for the Nuclear Industry
dc.relation.ispartof X-Ray Measurement of Material Properties in Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Use of Ultrasonic Lamb Waves for In-Process Porosity Inspection of the Pultrusion Process: Theoretical Velocity Calculations
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Materials Using Grain Backscattered Ultrasonic Signals
dc.relation.ispartof Mapping of Three-Dimensional Radiation Field of Ultrasonic Transducers
dc.relation.ispartof Weld Inspection by Radioscopy: Computer Simulation and Automatic Segmentation
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) for Thermal-Spray Coatings
dc.relation.ispartof Advanced Model of Eddy-Current NDE Inverse Problem with Sparse Grid Algorithm
dc.relation.ispartof Microwave Sensors for in Situ Evaluation of Moisture in Polymers
dc.relation.ispartof The Use of Finite Element Methodology in Designing Ultrasonic Tests and the Detection of Weak Bond Planes
dc.relation.ispartof Residual Stress Analysis using Multiparameter Tomographic Reconstruction
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Characterization of Fatigue Behavior in Metal-Matrix Composites
dc.relation.ispartof POD Assessment Using Real Aircraft Engine Components
dc.relation.ispartof Quantitative Measurement of Crack Parameters Using Microwave Eddy-Current Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Non-destructive Testing of 3D-Hybrid Components Using Air-coupled Ultrasound
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Evaluation of Changes in Mechanical Properties in Carbon-Carbon Composites During Processing
dc.relation.ispartof Photoacoustic Evaluation of Green State Alumina Samples
dc.relation.ispartof Advanced Inspection of Thermal Protection Systems
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Testing for Graduate Students at Dresden International University and Iowa State University
dc.relation.ispartof Comments on NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Improved Ultrasonic Methods for GAS Turbine NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Based Systems: Origins, Methods and Opportunities for NDE
dc.relation.ispartof PVF2 Transducers for NDT
dc.relation.ispartof Effect of Shear Modes Interference in Anisotropic Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Limited View X-Ray CT for Turbine Blade Characterization
dc.relation.ispartof Field Mapping and Performance Characterization of Commercial Eddy Current Probes
dc.relation.ispartof Simulation of Radiographic Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Mapping of Materials Stress with Ultrasonic Tomography
dc.relation.ispartof Laser-Ultrasonics for Industrial Applications
dc.relation.ispartof Lamb Wave Contact Scanning Tomography
dc.relation.ispartof Interferometric Detection of High Frequency Pulses of Ultrasound in Thin Coatings
dc.relation.ispartof Elastic Wave Scattering from Multiple Voids (Porosity)
dc.relation.ispartof Damage Depth Estimation on a Fatigue Loaded Composite Structure using Thermography and Acoustic Emission
dc.relation.ispartof Effects of Position, Orientation, and Metal Loss on Ground Penetrating Radar Signals from Structural Rebar
dc.relation.ispartof Parallel Computation of Ultrasonic Wave Propagation in Orthotropic Composite Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Surface Elastic Wave Measurements for Determination of Steel Hardness Gradients
dc.relation.ispartof Applied Holographic Interferometry as a Nondestructive Method for the Dynamic and Modal Analysis of an Advanced Graphite-Epoxy Composite Structure
dc.relation.ispartof Multifrequency Eddy Current Clad Thickness Measurement of Thin Aluminum Alloy Combinations Having Similar Conductivities
dc.relation.ispartof Programmable Filter for Ultrasonic NDE Systems
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of Changes in Surface Roughness using Ultrasonic Reflection Coefficient
dc.relation.ispartof Dispersive Ultrasonic Waves in Adhesive Bonds
dc.relation.ispartof Improvements in Ultrasonic Measurement Modeling with Applications to Ultrasonic Reliability
dc.relation.ispartof Geometrical and Ultrasonic Modeling of Hard-Alpha Defect Components in Titanium Alloys
dc.relation.ispartof Deconvolution for Acoustic Emission
dc.relation.ispartof Echo Extraction from an Ultrasonic Signal Using Continuous Wavelet Transform
dc.relation.ispartof Temperature and Viscosity in-Situ Sensor for Hostile Processes
dc.relation.ispartof Microstructure and Stress Dependence of the Magnetic Properties of Steels
dc.relation.ispartof Underwater X-Ray Tomography Using Compton Backscatter Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Bie Analysis of Elastic Wave Scattering by a Nonlinear Interface
dc.relation.ispartof Engineering Tomography: A Quantitative NDE Tool
dc.relation.ispartof A Comparative Study of Speckle Interferometric Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Implementation of Self-Noise Suppression Techniques for Ultrasonic Correlation Systems
dc.relation.ispartof A Compact EMAT Receiver for Ultrasonic Testing at Elevated Temperatures
dc.relation.ispartof High Resolution Computed Tomography Imaging for Material Characterization
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy Current Test Samples, Probes and Scanning System
dc.relation.ispartof Detection and Quantification of Intergranular Corrosion Around Wing Skin Fasteners Using the Dripless Bubbler Ultrasonic Scanner
dc.relation.ispartof Enhancement of B- and C-Scan Images of C-Sam with an Acoustic Matching Layer
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Scattering from a Hemispherical Pit Theory and Experimental Measurement Precision
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Investigation of the Stiffness of Graphite- Graphite Interfaces
dc.relation.ispartof A StepFrequency Radar System for Broadband Microwave Inverse Scattering and Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof A Practical Approach to Fabricating Ideal Transducers
dc.relation.ispartof Introductory Remarks
dc.relation.ispartof How Nonlinear Can Nonlinear Be?
dc.relation.ispartof Flexible Integration of Robotics, Ultrasonics and Metrology for the Inspection of Aerospace Components
dc.relation.ispartof Quantifying the Benefit of Redundant Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof Analysis of Bond Quality by Resonant Ultrasound
dc.relation.ispartof Experimental Methods for Eddy Current Probe Design and Testing
dc.relation.ispartof A Novel Inductive System for Two-Dimensional Imaging of Reinforcing Components in Concrete Structures: From Hardware to Image Enhancement
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Emission in Composites Using MPA
dc.relation.ispartof Novel Approaches to Broadband Transducer Design
dc.relation.ispartof Strong Need for Improved Ultrasonic Standards for Inspection of Artillery Shell Metal Bodies
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy Current Response to Three-Dimensional Flaws by the Boundary Element Method
dc.relation.ispartof Recent Development of MESSINE, a 3D Eddy Current Model
dc.relation.ispartof A 3-D Finite Element Formulation for Ultrasonic NDT Phenomena
dc.relation.ispartof Automated Eddy Current Detection of Edge Defects in a Complex Geometry Using a Magnitude Approach
dc.relation.ispartof The NDE of Complex Liquids Containing Suspended Particles
dc.relation.ispartof Generalized Ultrasonic System for Microcomputer Controled Data Collection
dc.relation.ispartof Photothermal and Photo Acoustic Investigation of Zirconia Coating Delaminations
dc.relation.ispartof A Study on the Measurement of in-Plane Displacement at High Temperature by Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry Method
dc.relation.ispartof A Comparison of Multiple Frequency and Pulsed Eddy Current Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof A Review of Recent Positron Annihilation NDE Applications
dc.relation.ispartof Source Field Modeling by Self-Consistent Gaussian Beam Superposition
dc.relation.ispartof A Relationship between Frequency Dependent Ultrasonic Attenuation and Porosity in Composite Laminates
dc.relation.ispartof Transmission Coefficient for Multi-Layered Structures at Arbitrary Incident Angle
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Characterization of Defect Root Geometry
dc.relation.ispartof Microwave Detection of Stress-Induced Fatigue Cracks in Steel and Potential of Crack Opening Determination Using a New Phase Sensitive Approach Based on a Waveguide Magic Tee
dc.relation.ispartof Image processing techniques for improved porosity estimation
dc.relation.ispartof Inventors and Investors: Technology Transfer by Personal Chemistry
dc.relation.ispartof 2-D and 3-D Lamb-Wave Spectrum Analysis Using Complex Transducer Points
dc.relation.ispartof Surface Flaw Detection with Ferromagnetic Resonance Probes
dc.relation.ispartof Laser-Based Ultrasonics on Gr/Epoxy Composite: Interferometric Detection
dc.relation.ispartof Real-Time Ultrasonic Investigation of Fiber-Matrix Debonding in Ceramic-Matrix Composite
dc.relation.ispartof Progress on Ultrasonic Flaw Sizing in Turbine Engine Rotor Components: Bore and Web Geometries
dc.relation.ispartof A CAD Interfaced Simulation Tool for X-Ray NDE Studies
dc.relation.ispartof Laser Ultrasonic Generation at the Surface of a Liquid Metal
dc.relation.ispartof Influence of Local Mechanical Properties of High Strength Steel from Large Size Forged Ingot on Ultrasonic Wave Velocities
dc.relation.ispartof Model-Based Software for Simulating Ultrasonic Pulse/Echo Inspections of Metal Components
dc.relation.ispartof Classification Strategy to Identify and Classify Common Cracks in Green-State Powdered Metallurgy Compacts
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Evaluation and Imaging of Tube Closure Welds
dc.relation.ispartof Reconstruction of Defects by Ultrasonic Testing Using Synthetic Aperture Procedures
dc.relation.ispartof A Sam Bearing Ball Inspection System
dc.relation.ispartof The Use of Optical beam Deflection (OBD) Technique in the Thermal Diffusivity Characterization of Polymer Foils
dc.relation.ispartof An eddy current array imaging system
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic NDT and Imaging of Centrifugally Cast Stainless Steel Samples
dc.relation.ispartof The Impact of Inspection and Analysis Uncertainty on Reliability Prediction and Life Extension Strategy
dc.relation.ispartof A Shear Wave Transducer Array for Real-Time Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Automation of Electric Current Injection NDE by Neural Networks
dc.relation.ispartof Ultra Wide Band Millimeter Wave Holographic "3-D" Imaging of Concealed Targets on Mannequins
dc.relation.ispartof "Vision" approach of calibration methods for radiographic systems
dc.relation.ispartof Microwave Techniques for NDE of Ceramics
dc.relation.ispartof Measurements of Elastic Constants of Thin Al2O3 and SiC/Al Composite using Coupled Ultrasonic Plate Modes
dc.relation.ispartof Reflection of Ultrasonic Waves by an Array of Microcracks
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy Current Image Restoration Using the Groshong Parametric Model
dc.relation.ispartof Novel Approach in Mechanical Characterization of Thin Films for Nano Electronics
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic NDE of Laser-Damaged Organo-Matrix Composites
dc.relation.ispartof About the Efficiency of Using "Extended" Fourier Transforms for Surface Characterization by the Deconvolution Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Signal Analysis of Composite Structures Using the Entire Waveform
dc.relation.ispartof Wavelets and nondestructive evaluation
dc.relation.ispartof Numerical Modeling and Imaging with ULIAS: Ultrasonic Inspection Applying Simulation
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Emission from a Growing Crack
dc.relation.ispartof Detection of Aircraft Component Defects Using Low Voltage Excitation of Ultrasonic Transducers
dc.relation.ispartof 3-D Visualization of X-Ray and Neutron Computed Tomography (CT) and Full Waveform Ultrasonic (UT) Data
dc.relation.ispartof Wave Propagation and Acoustic Emission in Layered Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Elastodynamic Scattering Cross-Sections for Three-Dimensional Whisker-Like Inclusions
dc.relation.ispartof High resolution photoinductive imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Marr-Hildreth Enhancement of NDE Images
dc.relation.ispartof Laboratory Investigation of Higher Order Elastic Coefficients in Timber
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Determination of Elastic Constants from Oblique Angles of Incidence in Non-Symmetry Planes
dc.relation.ispartof An Improved High Resolution Deconvolution Approach to Ultrasonic Defect Characterization
dc.relation.ispartof A Tensor Based Approach to the Ultrasonic Determination of Orientation Distribution
dc.relation.ispartof Optimization Tool for X-Ray Radiography NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Thermoelastic sound source: Waveforms in a sensing application
dc.relation.ispartof An Analytical Approximation for a Common Ultrasonic Grain Noise Diffraction Integral
dc.relation.ispartof Nindestructive Evaluation of Metal Matrix Composite Products with Implanted Defects
dc.relation.ispartof Optimization of Pulsed Eddy Current Probes
dc.relation.ispartof Properties of Surface Displacement of Saw Generated by Laser Induced by Instantaneous Inverse Piezoeffect
dc.relation.ispartof The Effects of Magnetizer Velocity on Magnetic Flux Leakage Signals
dc.relation.ispartof The Information Highway: Hype and Substance
dc.relation.ispartof Defect Detection in Concrete Bridge Decks Using Radar
dc.relation.ispartof Liftoff: Capacitive Array Sensors
dc.relation.ispartof Review of Magnetoacoustic Residual Stress Measurement Technique for Iron-Like Ferromagnetic Alloys
dc.relation.ispartof Interactive Pattern Analysis and Recognition
dc.relation.ispartof In-Plane Elastic Property Characterization in Composite Plates
dc.relation.ispartof Scanning Acoustic Microscopy Technologies Applied to 3D Semiconductor Integration Applications
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Characterization of Nonuniform Porosity Distributions in SiC Ceramic
dc.relation.ispartof Laser Detection and Imaging Techniques for Surface Examination
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic propagation through a surface with a step discontinuity: validation of a hybrid, Gauss-Hermite ray tracing beam model
dc.relation.ispartof The Effect of Rise Times on the Response of Fiber Composite Laminates to Dislocation Sources
dc.relation.ispartof Millimeter Wave SAR Imaging for the Detection of Porosity in Rubber Products
dc.relation.ispartof Inspection of Ceramics Incorporating Size Estimation Methods Using Conventional Ultrasonics
dc.relation.ispartof Buried Gas Pipeline Inspection with EMAT's
dc.relation.ispartof Optical Interfermometry for the Evaluation of Material and Structural Characteristics
dc.relation.ispartof Probability of Detection Modeling for Ultrasonic Testing
dc.relation.ispartof All Optical Pump Probe Setup for Austenitic and Casted Steel Study
dc.relation.ispartof A 3-D FEM-BEM Model for Electromagnetic Wave Interactions with Material
dc.relation.ispartof Custom PVDF transducers for pulse-echo testing of solid rocket motors for detection of propellant-to-boot-liner unbonds
dc.relation.ispartof Specifications of an Ultrasonic Receiver Based on Two-Wave Mixing in Photorefractive Gallium Arsenide Implemented in a Laser-Ultrasonic System
dc.relation.ispartof Application of a Generalized Methodology for Quantitative Thermal Diffusivity Depth Profile Reconstruction in Manufactured Inhomogeneous Steel-Based Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Multinuclear NMR Imaging of Solids
dc.relation.ispartof Design of a System of Inspection Assisted by Microprocessor (SIAM) for Adhesive Bonded Composite Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Studies of Ultrasound Generated by Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers (EMATS) Using a Modified Michelson Interferometer
dc.relation.ispartof Laser Generation and Detection of Lamb Waves in Graphite/Polymer Composite Laminates
dc.relation.ispartof Inversion of Uniform Field Eddy Current Data Using Neural Networks
dc.relation.ispartof Finite Element Simulation of Leaky Surface Wave Propagation Excited by a Line-Focused Transducer
dc.relation.ispartof Materials Challenges for the National Aero-Space Plane
dc.relation.ispartof Application of diffracto sight ot the nondestructive inspection of aircraft structures
dc.relation.ispartof Applications of Photoinductive Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Rupture Pressure Prediction for Composite High Pressure Tanks Using Acoustic Emission
dc.relation.ispartof Measurements of Thin-Film Elastic Properties by Line-Focus Acoustic Microscopy
dc.relation.ispartof Nonspecular reflection of rotationally symmetric Gaussian beams from shaped fluid-solid interfaces
dc.relation.ispartof Scattering of Ultrasonic Pulses from Cylindrical Inclusions in Elastic Solids
dc.relation.ispartof Experimental Verification of Eddy-Current Flaw Theory
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustoelasticity: Scanning with Shear Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Subcritical Crack Growth and Its Relation to Predictive Analysis
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of Subsurface Fatigue Crack Size Using Nonlinear Adaptive Learning
dc.relation.ispartof Uniaxial Stress Effects on the Low-Field Magnetoacoustic Interactions in Low and Medium Carbon Steels
dc.relation.ispartof A Novel Approach to High-temperature In-situ Ultrasonic NDE Using Magnetostriction
dc.relation.ispartof Detection of Magnetic Oxide Filled Cracks in Steel
dc.relation.ispartof Photothermal Techniques in Material Characterization Applications
dc.relation.ispartof Single Parameter Analysis of Hysteretic Magnetic Flux Trapping in High Tc Superconductor Ribbon
dc.relation.ispartof Materials Characterization Using Acoustic Nonlinearity Parameters and Harmonic Generation: Engineering Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Mechanically Assembled Non-Bonded Transducers Utilizing PVDF Film
dc.relation.ispartof Thermoacoustic NDE Imaging Induced by Deeply Penetrating Radiation
dc.relation.ispartof Testing Method for Air Ultrasonic Transducers Using a Photoacoustic Pulse Source
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Detection of Nonlinear Mechanical Behavior of Adhesive Bonds
dc.relation.ispartof Epoxy Cure Observed by Ultrasound, NMR and WAXS
dc.relation.ispartof Spray-on Transducers for High-Temperature Applications
dc.relation.ispartof A theoretical approach for the discrimination of crack tip and small defect echoes
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of Adhesion Integrity in Graphite Epoxy Bonded Structures Using Ultrasonic Reflection Factor Analysis
dc.relation.ispartof Investigation on the Damage Localization in a Pipe Using Torsional Guided Waves and Sensor Array Reconstruction Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof A Generalized Model of the Effects of Microstructure on Ultrasonic Backscattering and Flaw Detection
dc.relation.ispartof Use of a Priori Information for the Deconvolution of Ultrasonic Signals
dc.relation.ispartof Dynamic Viscosity Measurements of Fluids Employing Resonance Characteristics of a Piezoelectric Element Vibrating in the Shear Mode
dc.relation.ispartof Magneprobe: A Computerized Portable System for Non Destructive Evaluation of Surface Conditions in Ferritic Components
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Characterization of Aluminum Alloys
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of “Kinked” Surface Cracks Using Rayleigh Waves
dc.relation.ispartof The Development of an Electronic Holography System
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Imaging and Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation of the Hearts of Patients
dc.relation.ispartof Feasibility of Detecting Pre-Cracking Fatigue Damage in Particulate Metal Matrix Composites Using Ultrasonic Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Characterization of Rough Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof To the Detection of Bondline Flaws in Rubber/Metal Laminates a Comparison of the Sensitivity of Transverse and Lamb Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Evaluation of Graphite/Epoxy Composite Damage
dc.relation.ispartof Transient Response of a Four-Ply Fiber Composite Laminate to an Internal Line Source
dc.relation.ispartof The Remote Field Effect and Its Interpretation
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Attenuation Measurements at 300 MHz
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Inelastic Electron Tunneling to the Study of Adhesion
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Wave Propagation in a Tooth Phantom
dc.relation.ispartof Long Wavelength Defect Evaluation
dc.relation.ispartof The Effect of Oxygen on the Ion-Acoustic Signal Generation Process
dc.relation.ispartof Recent Developments in Eddy Current Testing
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of the Hydride Content in Zr-Nb Pressure Tubes by the Third Order Elastic Constants
dc.relation.ispartof Inspection of Steel Welds Using Total Focusing Method Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Photothermal measurement of metal film thickness in integrated circuit devices
dc.relation.ispartof Scattering of Ultrasound (Including Rayleigh Waves) by Surface Roughness and by Single Surface Flaws. A Review of the Work Done at Paris 7 University
dc.relation.ispartof Visualization of Surface-Breaking Flaws by Shadow Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Guided Wave Propagation In Porous Unidirectional CFRP
dc.relation.ispartof Three Dimensional Scattering of Elastic Waves by Surface Corrosion Pits
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Wavefield Imaging: Research Tool or Emerging NDE Method?
dc.relation.ispartof The NDT Program at Stanford University
dc.relation.ispartof Strength and Ultrasonic Characterization of Metallic Interfaces
dc.relation.ispartof Fracture Control for High Performance Ships and Related NDE Requirements
dc.relation.ispartof Effects of Inherent Tissue Anisotropy on Measurements Obtained with a Clinical Ultrasonic Imaging System
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Emission from Crack Growth in 7050 Aluminum and 7075 Aluminum as a Function of Temperature and Heat Treatment
dc.relation.ispartof The Application of Water Coupled Nonlinear Ultrasonics to Quantify the Dislocation Density in Aluminum 1100
dc.relation.ispartof An Annular Array MPT for Enhanced Generation of Omnidirectional SH Waves in a Plate
dc.relation.ispartof Picosecond Transient Thermoreflectance: Time-Resolved Studies of Thin Film Thermal Transport
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Ultrasonic Focused Transducers Using Axial Scans and C-Scans
dc.relation.ispartof Development of an Expert System for Ultrasonic Flaw Classification
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of Anisotropic Elastic Constants of an Aluminum Composite Plate Using a Double Reflection Method
dc.relation.ispartof Thermographic Flaw Characterization with Subsurface Flux Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Advanced EMAT Inspection Systems: Projectiles and Welds
dc.relation.ispartof Inspection of Bonded Assemblies Using Roller-Type Ultrasonic Probes without Coupling Fluid
dc.relation.ispartof Validation at Lower Frequencies of the Effective Elastic Constants Measurements for Orthotropic Composite Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of Tissue Elasticity Using Magnetic Resonance Elastography
dc.relation.ispartof Existing Weld Seam Recognition and Tracking Based on Sub Region Image Processing
dc.relation.ispartof Identification of Acoustic Emission Sources by Pattern Recognition Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof AC Magnetic Fields in the Vicinity of a Crack Calculated by Analytic and Numerical Methods
dc.relation.ispartof Magneto-Acoustic Stress Responses of Various Rail Metallurgies
dc.relation.ispartof A Multiresolution Approach for Characterizing MFL Signatures from Gas Pipeline Inspections
dc.relation.ispartof Impedance Variations Due to a Single Cylindrical Hole in a Rubber Sheet
dc.relation.ispartof Non-Destructive Evaluation of the Curing of Resin and Prepreg Using an Acoustic Waveguide Sensor
dc.relation.ispartof Electric Potential and Electric Field Imaging with Applications
dc.relation.ispartof Parallel processing technique for acoustic tomography for multilayers
dc.relation.ispartof Complex-Reluctance Plane Behavior of Aluminum Samples
dc.relation.ispartof Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy using Squid Detection
dc.relation.ispartof Air-Coupled Ultrasound and Leaky Lamb Waves in Composites
dc.relation.ispartof The Influence of High-Temperature Creep on the Ultrasonic Velocity in Alloy 800H
dc.relation.ispartof Analysis of Dispersive Waves Using the Wavelet Transform
dc.relation.ispartof Particle Filtering Based Structural Assessment with Acoustic Emission Sensing
dc.relation.ispartof Slot Resonators for Characterization of Dielectrics at Microwave Frequencies
dc.relation.ispartof Nonuniform Transition Conductivity of Superconducting Ceramic
dc.relation.ispartof Eddy-Current Inversion of Flaw Data From Flat-Bottomed Holes
dc.relation.ispartof Noncontacting ultrasonic system for concurrent defect detection in solidified weld metal
dc.relation.ispartof Cross Correlation of Eddy Current Images for Detection of Fatigue Crack Propagation
dc.relation.ispartof Determination of dynamic elastic properties of powder metallurgy components
dc.relation.ispartof 3D Numerical Simulation of Eddy Current Testing of a Block with a Crack
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Using a Time Shifted Moving Average
dc.relation.ispartof The Application of Convex Hull in Industrial X-Ray Computerized Tomography
dc.relation.ispartof Lamb Wave Stiffness Characterization of Composites Undergoing Thermal-Mechanical Aging
dc.relation.ispartof Thickness Determination of Polymeric Multilayer Surface Protection Systems for Concrete by Means of Pulse Thermography
dc.relation.ispartof Identification Of Distributed Fatigue Cracking by Dynamic Crack-Closure
dc.relation.ispartof Magnetomechanical Effect in Iron and Nickel Polycrystals During Cyclic Loading
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Lamb Waves for Evaluation of Lap-Shear Adhesive Joints
dc.relation.ispartof Optical Strain Gauge for High Temperature Plastic Deformation Measurement
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Transducer Beams Model, Using Transient Angular Spectrum
dc.relation.ispartof Tribostimulated Emission of Electrons and Neutral Particles from Anodized Aluminum
dc.relation.ispartof Leaky Plate Wave Inspection of Biaxial Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Advanced Terahertz Data Processing for NDE Applications
dc.relation.ispartof Preliminary Evaluation of NDE Techniques for Structural Ceramics
dc.relation.ispartof Development of an Apertured-Confocal Acoustic Microscope
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Composite Materials from Temporal Thermal Response
dc.relation.ispartof Guided and Leaking Interface Waves for NDI/NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of the Interface Roughness of Coatings Based on Ultrasonic Reflection Coefficient Amplitude Spectrum
dc.relation.ispartof Guided Wave Tomography of Pipe Bends
dc.relation.ispartof The Current Status of Nondestructive Testing with Positron Annihilation
dc.relation.ispartof Laser Thermomechanical Evaluation of Bonding Integrity
dc.relation.ispartof The Use of Ultrasonic Flaw and Noise Models in Designing Titanium Test Blocks
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic Wave Propagation and Inverse Scattering Applied to Concrete
dc.relation.ispartof Whither Nonlinear Acoustics?
dc.relation.ispartof Absolute Ultrasonic Measurements with Piezoelectric Transducers
dc.relation.ispartof Self-Focusing of Rayleigh Waves: Simulation and Experiment
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Samples Using Diffusion Bonding Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Finite Size and Speciment Thickness Influence in Acousto-Ultrasonic NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Calculation of Dispersion Curves in Bonded Joints Using Either Complex Frequency or Complex Slowness and Comparison of the Results with the Minima of the Plane Wave Reflection Coefficients
dc.relation.ispartof The Quasi-Static Approximation for Cracked Interfaces in Layered Systems
dc.relation.ispartof Scattering Characteristics of a Partially Debonded Compliant Inclusion-Matrix Interphase
dc.relation.ispartof Fatigue Monitoring System Progress
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Weld Defect Sizing Using the Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Finite Element Model of Stress Wave Topology in Unidirectional Graphite/Epoxy: Wave Velocities and Flux Deviations
dc.relation.ispartof Signal Processing of Leaky Lamb Wave Data for Defect Imaging in Composite Laminates
dc.relation.ispartof A Design Strategy for Phased Arrays
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Detection of Voids in Ceramic Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Boundary Integral and Finite Element Simulation of Electromagnetic NDE Phenomena
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Eddy Current Principles for Measurement of Tube Centerline Deflection
dc.relation.ispartof Effect of Bottom-Surface Reflections on Backscatter from Porosity in a Composite Layer
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Techniques to Produce Damage Profiles through the Thickness of a Sample
dc.relation.ispartof Fast Leaky Modes on Cylindrical Metal-Ceramic Interfaces
dc.relation.ispartof A Numerical Grid Generation Scheme for Thermal Simulations in Laminated Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Detection of Flaws Below Curved Surfaces
dc.relation.ispartof Artificial Neural Network for On-Line Eddy Current Testing
dc.relation.ispartof Computer Modeling of Eddy Current Probability of Crack Detection
dc.relation.ispartof Neural network for automating diagnosis in aircraft inspection
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Detection of Fatigue Cracks by Thermo-Optical Modulation
dc.relation.ispartof Mercury modeling for improved crack sizing in tubing
dc.relation.ispartof A High Speed and Low Cost Data and Image Processing System using DSP TMS320C25 and an IBM-PC
dc.relation.ispartof An advanced approach for pointwise NDE imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Adaptive Hetorodyne Line-Probe Interferometer for Enhanced Directionally-Sensitive Detection of Ultrasound
dc.relation.ispartof D2D: A Robust Technique for Detection of Structural Heterogeneities in Solids, Based on Transient Thermography
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Defects in Adhesive Bonds by Adaptive Learning Networks
dc.relation.ispartof Simulations on the Accuracy of Laser-Flash Data Analysis Methods
dc.relation.ispartof A Basis for Traceable NDE Standards
dc.relation.ispartof A Portable High Speed Ultrasonic Imaging System
dc.relation.ispartof Determination of the Elastic Constants of Composites Through the Inversion of Leaky Lamb Wave Data
dc.relation.ispartof Optimal Design of a Piezoelectric Transducer for Exciting Guided Wave Ultrasound in Rails
dc.relation.ispartof Flaw Characterization in Tubes by Inversion of Eddy Current Signals Using Neural Networks Trained by Finite Element Model-Based Synthetic Data
dc.relation.ispartof John Moulder and the Evolution of Model-Based Quantitative Eddy Current NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Distributed Temperature Sensing using a SPIRAL Configuration UltrasonicWaveguide
dc.relation.ispartof Enhanced Fatigue Crack Detection in Aging Aircraft Using Continuous Acoustic Emission Monitoring
dc.relation.ispartof Resonant Modes in Centrifugally Cast Stainless Steel (CCSS) Pipes
dc.relation.ispartof Coherent X-Ray Imaging for Corrosion Evaluation: A Preliminary Assessment
dc.relation.ispartof Optimization of Sound Pulse Generation for Photoacoustic Sensing Applications
dc.relation.ispartof Development of an Electromagnetic Imaging System for Well Bore Integrity Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof Experimental Verification of the G-H Measurement Model by Ultrasonic Diffraction in Single Crystals, and New [110] Longitudinal Propagation Results
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasound Ray Tracing in Arbitrary Complex Geometries
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Characterization of TMC Materials: A Correlation Between Advanced Ultrasonic Measurements and Internal Material Conditions
dc.relation.ispartof Elastic Wave Inversion Transformation
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Microscopy Measurements to Correlate Surface Wave Velocity and Surface Roughness
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Characterization of Soft Body Impact Damage on CF/PEEK Laminates with Gelatin Projectiles
dc.relation.ispartof Laser Ultrasonic Detection of the Solidification Front During Casting
dc.relation.ispartof Radiographic Image Enhancement by Wiener Decorrelation
dc.relation.ispartof Temporal Behavior of Modulated Reflectance Signal in Silicon
dc.relation.ispartof Elastic Wave Scattering by a Surface-Breaking Planar Crack in 3d
dc.relation.ispartof Results of Using Frequency Banded SAFT for Examining Three Types of Defects
dc.relation.ispartof High Frequency Transducer Development for Ultrasonic Tests on Ceramic Components
dc.relation.ispartof Reflection and Transmission by an Array of Spherical Voids in an Elastic Solid
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Transducer Standards
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of Strength of Adhesive Bonds
dc.relation.ispartof Imaging of Mechanically Induced Thermal Heat Patterns
dc.relation.ispartof Prediction of the Probability of Eddy Current Flaw Detection
dc.relation.ispartof Rotating Excitation Probe for Inspecting PWR SG Tubes
dc.relation.ispartof Bragg Grating Corrosion Sensor
dc.relation.ispartof Microwave Based Sensor for Detecting Water in Alcohol
dc.relation.ispartof Utility of Split Spectrum Processing to Improve the Detection of Inclusions in Titanium Alloys
dc.relation.ispartof Surface Characterization of Material Using Rayleigh Velocity Measurement in the Broad-Band Mode
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Wave Dispersion and Attenuation in Fluid Filled Porous Media
dc.relation.ispartof Reconstruction of a Piston Transducer Beam Using Multi-Gaussian Beams (MGB) and Its Applications
dc.relation.ispartof Elastic Anisotropy in Particle/Fiber Reinforced Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Imaging of Advanced Composites with a Low-Frequency Acoustic Microscope
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Characterization of Thin Plate Bonding
dc.relation.ispartof Inspection of Concrete Bridge Decks With Asphalt Overlays — a Comparison of Nondestructive Evaluation Methods
dc.relation.ispartof A Technique for the Nondestructive Detection of Voids and Composition Anomalies in Metal Matrix Composite Wires Using X or γ Rays
dc.relation.ispartof An Eddy Current Model Based on Parametric Description of Induced Current Loops
dc.relation.ispartof Mapping of Eddy Current Probe Fields
dc.relation.ispartof Continued Developments in the Modeling of Complex Dimension and Orientation Variation in Split D Differential Eddy Current Probes
dc.relation.ispartof Reciprocity-Based Measurement Models for Ultrasonic NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Measurements of Scattering from Bulk Defects
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Inspection of Acoustically “Noisy” Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Abstracts, Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation (Chicago, IL, July 20–25, 2008)
dc.relation.ispartof Propagation of Ultrasonic Plane Waves in a Plastically Deformed Medium
dc.relation.ispartof A Real-Time Ultrasonic Imaging System (ARIS) for Manual Inspection of Aircraft Composite Structures
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonics Guided Waves for Piping Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof Development of a Portable Device for Thermoelectrical Power Measurement—Application to the Inspection of Duplex Stainless Steel Components
dc.relation.ispartof Detection of Temper Embrittlement in Steel by Magnetoacoustic Emssion Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Evaluation of Eddy-current Probe Signal Due to Cracks in Metallic Parts of a Fast Reactors
dc.relation.ispartof The Role of Nonlinearities in Propagation, Reflection, and Transmission of Stress Waves and Possible Applications to NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Performance Evaluation of the FBG Sensing Device and Comparison with Piezoelectric Sensors for Acoustic Emission Detection
dc.relation.ispartof Low Profile Optical Time Domain Fiber Sensors for Materials Evaluation
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Emission Recording Using nonvolatile Digital Memories
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Evaluation of the Thermal Cycling Effects on Graphite/Aluminum Precursor Wire
dc.relation.ispartof Closed-Loop Radiographic Process Control of ARC Welding
dc.relation.ispartof Time Resolved Optical Detection of Electron Loss and Migration in CdS
dc.relation.ispartof Isolating Fracture-Induced Anisotropy from Background Anisotropy
dc.relation.ispartof Numerical Solution of a Direct 3D Electrostatic Resistivity Test of Green-State Metal Powder Compacts
dc.relation.ispartof Rapid Multichannel Impact-Echo Scanning of Concrete Bridge Decks from a Continuously Moving Platform
dc.relation.ispartof Considerations for Quantitative NDE and NDE Reliability Improvement
dc.relation.ispartof Long Range Lamb Wave Inspection: the Effect of Dispersion and Modal Selectivity
dc.relation.ispartof Electrochemical Determination of Hydrogen in Steel
dc.relation.ispartof Error Sensitivity of Long and Intermediate Wavelength Flaw Reconstruction
dc.relation.ispartof New Electromagnetic Sensors for Detection of Subsurface Cracking and Corrosion
dc.relation.ispartof Computer Aided Ultrasonic Porosity Assessment for Cast Aluminum Alloy
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Response in Nd-Fe-B Sintered Material During Elastic Deformation
dc.relation.ispartof A Two-Step Inverse Procedure for Outer Surface Defects Characterization from Ultrasonic BScan Images
dc.relation.ispartof Estimation of Eddy Current Probability of Detection (POD) Using Finite Element Method
dc.relation.ispartof Failure Causing Defects in Ceramics: What NDE Should Find
dc.relation.ispartof Simultaneous Inversion of Six Parameters for Three-Layered Metal Specimens
dc.relation.ispartof Quantitative Analysis of Elastic Property of Al-Li Alloiys Using Ultrasonic Velocity Measurement and Tem
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Acoustic Emission Signals and Application to Composite Structures Monitoring
dc.relation.ispartof Photoinductive Imaging for Bolt Hole Corner Crack Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof Impulse Photothermal Evaluation of Materials Via Frequency Modulated Optical Reflectance I: Theory
dc.relation.ispartof Pulsed Eddy-Current Crack-Characterization Experiments
dc.relation.ispartof Detection of Strain Induced Microstructural Changes in Aluminum (6061-T6) Using Ultrasonic Signal Analysis
dc.relation.ispartof Imaging of Creep Damaged CrMo Steel Piping Using Magnetic Parameter Variations
dc.relation.ispartof A Fast Image Deblurring Algorithm Using the Wiener Filter and the Hartley Transform
dc.relation.ispartof Finite Element Modeling of the Effect of Creep Damage on a Magnetic Detector Signal for Seam-Welded Steel Pipes
dc.relation.ispartof Characterization of Rayleigh Wave Propagation in Concrete Using Laser Ultrasonics
dc.relation.ispartof Preface
dc.relation.ispartof Scattering of Ultrasound by Ellipsoidal Cavities
dc.relation.ispartof Introduction to Ceramic NDE
dc.relation.ispartof The Use of Ultrasound to Investigate Rough Surface Contact Phenomena
dc.relation.ispartof Electromagnetic Acoustic Resonance of SiCf/Ti Composites at Elevated Temperatures
dc.relation.ispartof Embedded Sensors and Actuators for Lightweight Structures
dc.relation.ispartof A Comparison of Different Methods for the Detection of a Weak Adhesive/Adherend Interface in Bonded Joints
dc.relation.ispartof Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique Using the Envelope Function for Ultrasonic Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Physical Origins of Residual Stress and Present Physical Techniques for Measurement
dc.relation.ispartof Incorporation of Composite Defects from Ultrasonic NDE into CAD and FE Models
dc.relation.ispartof Modal Radiation of Guided Waves by Finite-Sized Sources in a Semi-Infinite Multi-Layered Anisotropic Plate
dc.relation.ispartof Scattering of Surface Acoustic Waves from an Elastic Plate Attached to a Half-Space with a Viscous Couplant
dc.relation.ispartof Automated interpretation of external tank weld radiographs
dc.relation.ispartof Experimental Modeling of Eddy Current Inspection Capabilities
dc.relation.ispartof Low-Temperature Photothermal Measurements of High-TCSuperconductors
dc.relation.ispartof Measurement of Ultrasonic Wavespeeds in Off-Axis Directions of Composite Materials
dc.relation.ispartof A Reflection Ultrasonic Interference Method for Measurement of the Acoustic Velocity of Thin Layers
dc.relation.ispartof Nonvel Nondestructive Evaluation Techniques for Intertia-Friction Welds in a SiC-Reinforced High-Temperature Aluminum Alloy
dc.relation.ispartof Surface Acoustic Wave Measurements of Surface Cracks in Ceramics
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Characterization of Prosthetic Heart Valves
dc.relation.ispartof Proficiency Evaluation of NDE Personnel Utilizing the Ultrasonic Methodology
dc.relation.ispartof The Application of Ultrasonics in Non-Destructive Testing: A Review of Some of the Research at University College London
dc.relation.ispartof Barkhausen Effect Measurements on Compressively Overloaded 300m Steel
dc.relation.ispartof Design of Broadband Transducers for Complex Testing Problems
dc.relation.ispartof Wave Analysis for the Acoustic Microscope
dc.relation.ispartof NDE Characterization of Metallic Interfaces
dc.relation.ispartof 2-D elastodynamic scattering from a finite closed crack
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Measurement of Magnetic Permeability
dc.relation.ispartof Progress in Detecting Transverse Matrix Cracking Using Modal Acoustic Emission
dc.relation.ispartof Detection of Sublayer Fatigue Cracks under Airframe Rivets
dc.relation.ispartof Novel Wavelet Threshold Denoising Method in Axle Press-Fit Zone Ultrasonic Detection
dc.relation.ispartof Error Arising from Original Approximation in Photothermal Measurement of Weak Absorption of Optical Thin Film
dc.relation.ispartof Elastic and Magnetic Characterization of Metals from One Surface
dc.relation.ispartof Inversion of Voltage Data to Predict Crack Shape
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Emissions from Microindentation Fracture Toughness Tests
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Evaluation of Quality Attributes in Live Beef Animals Using Real-Time B-Mode Ultrasound Imaging
dc.relation.ispartof Finite Amplitude Wave Propagation in Anisotropic Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Energy Dispersive K X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis for On-Line Process Control of Heavy Metal Concentrations
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Analysis of Damage Development in Polymer Composites by Signal Processing Techniques
dc.relation.ispartof Measuring Differences Among Probability of Detection Curves
dc.relation.ispartof Interface Waves on Interference-Fit Fasteners
dc.relation.ispartof Narrow Band Laser Ultrasonic NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Cautions on the Use of Commercial Aqueous Cleaners in Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Processes
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Fourier Elastodynamics to Direct and Inverse Problems for the Scattering of Elastic Waves from Flaws Near Surfaces
dc.relation.ispartof Magnetic Field Imaging of Steel Reinforcing Bars in Concrete Using Portable Scanning Systems
dc.relation.ispartof Cure Monitoring of Thermosetting Polymers by an Ultrasonic Technique
dc.relation.ispartof Laser-Induced Interior Cracks for Ultrasonic NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Growth of Damage Within Composites Determined by Image Enhanced Backlighting and Embedded Optical Fibers
dc.relation.ispartof Numerical Modeling of Transient Wave Propagation for High Frequency NDT
dc.relation.ispartof Development of Transducers for NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Porosity Characterization in Fiber-Reinforced Composites by Use of Ultrasonic Backscatter
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Evaluation of Radioactive Waste Drums Containing Cement-Solidified Liquid Wastes
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Reflection Tomography of Inhomogeneous Materials
dc.relation.ispartof UT Coverage of Nozzle Inner Radius including Amplitudes
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic ray tracing with the connection machine
dc.relation.ispartof Examination of Fiber-Matrix Interfaces of Composite Materials Using Dual Beam Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
dc.relation.ispartof Phase Shift Determination of Scattered Far-Fields and its Application to an Inverse Problem
dc.relation.ispartof Nondestructive Evaluation Applied to Landmine Detection
dc.relation.ispartof Wavefront Fields in the Scattering of Elastic Waves by Surface-Breaking and Sub-Surface Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Study of Multiple Scattering and Microstructure Anisotropy in Engine Grade Titanium Alloy
dc.relation.ispartof A Process Sensor for Locating the Liquid-Solid Boundary through the Mold of a Casting
dc.relation.ispartof A focussed transducer/scatterer model for ultrasonic reference standards
dc.relation.ispartof Mathematical Modeling of the Interaction of Non-Uniform Field ACFM with Finite Size Cracks
dc.relation.ispartof A Real-Time Quantitative Analysis of Atmospheric Contributions of Hydrogen to Weld Arc Plasmas
dc.relation.ispartof Effects of Molecular Weight on Mechanical Properties of the Polyimide Larc-SI™
dc.relation.ispartof High Efficiency-High Frequency Transducers for Ceramic Inspection
dc.relation.ispartof Application of MOOT to Scattering of Elastic Waves from Compound Inclusions
dc.relation.ispartof Inspection of Flip-Chip Epoxy Underfill in Microelectronic Assemblies Using Compensated Laser-Based Ultrasonic Receivers
dc.relation.ispartof On the Differentiation of Diffusion Bond Strength Using the Total Acoustic Energy Reflected from the Bond
dc.relation.ispartof Longitudinal Wave Precursor Signal from an Optically Penetrating Thermoelastic Laser Source
dc.relation.ispartof Multiviewing Ultrasonic Transducer System for Flaw Reconstruction
dc.relation.ispartof A High Speed Image Capture, Processing and Replay System for Static and Moving Video Signals
dc.relation.ispartof Imaging the Interaction of Multibeam/Multimode Ultrasonic Transducers with Manufacturing and Service-Induced Flaws
dc.relation.ispartof A Prototype Apparatus for Determining Changes in the Electrical Conductivity of Production Run Carbon Fibers
dc.relation.ispartof Application of the RFC/NDE System Testing Results
dc.relation.ispartof Utilization of Physical Features of Scattered Power for Defect Characterization
dc.relation.ispartof Through-Thickness Elastic Constant for Aramid-Epoxy/Aluminum Composite Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Tomographic Reconstruction of Internal Temperature
dc.relation.ispartof Microwave NDE of Defects in Glass Fiber Composites
dc.relation.ispartof An Approach Based on Hierarchical Bayesian Graphical Models for Measurement Interpretation under Uncertainty
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Inspection of Steam Generator Tubing by Cylindrical Guided Waves
dc.relation.ispartof Advanced Computational Research in Materials Processing for Design and Manufacturing
dc.relation.ispartof Accounting for ultrasonic signal attenuation through model parameter interpolation
dc.relation.ispartof Correlation Between NDE Measurements and Physical Properties of Copper Powder Metallurgy Components
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Characterization of Microspherical Inclusions in Zirconia and Crystallized Glass
dc.relation.ispartof Quantitative MRI Measurement of Binder Distributions in Green-State Ceramics
dc.relation.ispartof Abstracts, Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation (Brunswick, ME, July 31–August 5, 2005)
dc.relation.ispartof Development of an Eddy Current Inspection Technique for Sleeved Engine Disk Bolt Holes
dc.relation.ispartof Fracture Mechanics of Joints
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic Characterization of Multilayered Thick Composite Plates
dc.relation.ispartof Abstracts, Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation (Burlington, Vermont, July 17-22, 2011)
dc.relation.ispartof Modeling Eddy Current Crack Signals of Differential and Reflection Probes
dc.relation.ispartof Procedure for the Alignment of an Ultrasonic Beam for Nondestructive Applications
dc.relation.ispartof Applications of Electronically Scanned Acoustic Imaging Techniques to NDE
dc.relation.ispartof Acousto-Ultrasonic Source Influence in an Anisotropic Layer
dc.relation.ispartof Time-Domain First Born Approximation to Elastodynamic Backscatter from Composite Materials
dc.relation.ispartof Ultrasonic NDE for Ceramic- and Metal- Matrix Composite Material Characterization
dc.relation.ispartof Assessment of Eddy Current Probe Interactions with Defect Geometry and Operating Parameter Variations
dc.relation.ispartof An Ultrasonic Technique for Axial Bolt-Stress Determination
dc.relation.ispartof Application of Ultrasonic Resonance Technique at 300 MHz to the Detection of Disbonds in a Multilayer Structure
dc.relation.ispartof Acoustic Emission Study of Twinning in Indium Crystals and Lead-Tin Alloys
dc.relation.ispartof Observation and Interpretation of Microstructurally Induced Fluctuations of Back-Surface Signals and Ultrasonic Attenuation in Titanium Alloys
dc.relation.ispartof The Effect of Texture on Acoustoelasticity
dc.relation.ispartof Shear Wave Wedge for Laser Ultrasonics
dc.relation.ispartof A New Morphological Approach for Removing Speckle Noise and Emphasizing Defect Features in Ultrasonic Images
dc.relation.ispartof Internal Monitoring of Acoustic Emission in Graphite-Epoxy Composites Using Imbedded Optical Fiber Sensors
dc.relation.ispartof The Detection of Magnetic Phase Transitions in ER-TM by Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers
dc.relation.ispartof Theoretical Modeling and Experimental Characterization of Fiber-Matrix Interface in Advanced Composites
dc.relation.ispartof Discussion of Factors Controlling Army Helicopter Reliability
dc.relation.ispartof Parallel Imaging of Thickness Variations and Disbonding of Thermal Barrier Coatings by Time-Resolved Infrared Radiometry (TRIR)
dc.relation.ispartof RCNDE Engineering Doctorate in NDE
dc.relation.ispartof An Experimental Study of Ultrasonic Beam Reflection from Fluid Loaded Cylindrical Shells
dc.relation.ispartof High-Resolution Thermal Wave Imaging of Surface and Subsurface Defects in IC Metal Lines