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Successful Swine Rations for the Corn Belt

1916-03-01 , Evvard, John , Pew, W.

"Just how much or protein and mineral supplements should be fed with corn to swine or various sizes, ages, and classes" is the big question which this circular considers.

Up-to-date practice is reflected in the rations presented; furthermore, these rations have been tested In actual practical feeding trials under the experimental supervision of the animal husbandry section of the Iowa Agricultural Experiment station.

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Feeding Corn Silage to Farm Animals

1913 , Pew, W. , Evvard, John , Kildee, H.

The silo has, for a long time, been proving its value to the live stock farmer. It should form a part of the permanent improvements of every live stock farm. Experienced feeders from all parts of the country testify to the good qualities of silage.

Information concerning the use of this feed is being sought from every available source. In answer to the many questions that arc being daily received at the Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station, this bulletin has been prepared. Corn silage only is discussed herein because it is the staple silage of Iowa.