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The Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru) is a partnership of 31 institutions committed to transforming research universities in order to ensure the greatest possible institutional support for interdisciplinary research, curricula, programs and creative practice between the arts, sciences and other disciplines. Explore the repository to find videos, handouts, transcriptions and other resources related to a2ru's national conferences and student summits.


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Transdisciplinary Tools

2014-11-07 , Gigantino, Joshua , Huisinga, Laura , Andren, Eric

This session investigates what might be required of a truly transdisciplinary tool, whether digital, analog or a hybrid device. A look into existing specific solutions is examined, including the tool Skan which targets the enhancement of sequencing, memory, & saccadic eye movement through gameplay informed by research on dyslexia, oculormotor tracking skills, & pre-academic reading skills. The audience is invited to engage in a discussion of the function and form of this and other potential tools such as Maya, Blender scripting, and Mathematica.