International Conference on the Epidemiology and Control of Biological, Chemical and Physical Hazards in Pigs and Pork

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The SafePork conference series began in 1996 to bring together international researchers, industry, and government agencies to discuss current Salmonella research and identify research needs pertaining to both pig and pork production. In subsequent years topics of research presented at these conferences expanded to include other chemical and biological hazards to pig and pork production.


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An updated transmission model for Salmonella in grower-finisher pigs

2007-01-01 , Hill, A. , Snary, E. , Alban, Lis , Cook, Alistair

A model describing the transmission of Salmonella between pigs on a British continuous-production grower-finisher pig farm has previously beend eveloped. We will describe improvements to the model and updates to the parameter estimation.

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Analysis of Meat Juice ELISA results and questionnaire data to investigate farm-level risk factors for Salmonella infection in UK pigs

2009-01-01 , Smith, R. , Clough, H. , Cook, Alistair

The study used exposure data, collected from pig quality assurance schemes and a postal questionnaire, and serology results from ongoing abattoir Salmonella surveillance, to complete a multi variable risk factor analysis on a large number of farms with a comprehensive set of potential risk and protective factors. The results highlighted that seasonal factors, such as temporal cycles and meteorology were associated with Salmonella infection. Two feed variables, farm type, number of annual pig deliveries and dead stock collections, locality, and main cause of death on the farm were also found to be significantly associated with Salmonella infection.