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Quack and wheat grasses. Bulletin: Volume 7, Issue 83

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Quack and wheat grasses.
( 2017-08-02) Pammel, L. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

The quack and wheat grasses of Iowa, eastern North America, and the Rocky Mountains are important, not only as weeds, but as forage plants. One of the most valuable of these is the western wheat grass, ranging from the eastern slopes of the Rockies into western Iowa. Besides this species there are several others more or less common in the western and northwestern portion in the state. Some of these are considered valuable as forage plants, yet during the past season many complaints have been made of the abundance and weedy nature of the quack grasses in North America. It seems wise, therefore, to consider the quack and wheat grasses not only as weeds, but also from the standpoint of their value as forage plants.