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The Iowa Homemaker vol.6 no.8 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 6, Issue 8

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Iowa State Home Economics Association
( 2017-04-10) Ferguson, Fred ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Not just to sew, but to select and plan appropriately and economically as well, is the emphasis now laid upon clothing construction in our public schools.

Sonny's Room
( 2017-04-10) Bonnell, Grace ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Recently a friend of mine (Mrs. B), who has a son three years of age, said to me, "Everyone to whom I show the house always says in an amazed tone, after seeing Sonny's room, 'Yes, it is nice for Sonny to have a room, but that leaves you without a guest room'."

Merrill Palmer
( 2017-04-10) Jones, Frances ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

What is more interesting than ·a little child? Not a mere grown-up in miniature, ·but a life-a personality that is as mysterious as the ages. It used to be that we all thought mothers were given sudden revelation of rules for child care just because they were mothers. Surely mothers have a love for their children and a desire to do everything for them, but the best rules have to be worked out by tedious experience.

Who's There and Where
( 2017-04-10) Fitzsimmons, Cleo ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Lenore Higley Neethling, who was graduated from Iowa State College in the class of 1924, has written to the Homemaker an account of her impressions of her adopted home, which is located in Plumstead, Cape Town, South Africa.

Farm and Home Week
( 2017-04-10) Dewell, Barbara ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The campanile rang forth its music to nearly 2,000 extra men and women during the Farm and Home Week Short Course, held from Jan. 31 to Feb. 5.