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The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 35, Issue 7

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The Iowa Homemaker vol.35, no.7
( 2017-08-14) Vandecar, Mary ; Abbott, Ruth ; McBride, Pat ; Martin, Marilyn ; Culver, Barbara ; Rosenquist Bennett, Sally ; Klinzman, Lee ; Larson, Mary ; Danielson, Donna ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

New England by Garfield, Mary Vandecar, page 5

Where else but at college?, Ruth Abbott, page 6

Kitchen formula #1: recipes, Pat McBride, page 7

Our Des Moines apartment, Marilyn Martin, page 8

Our near-campus apartment, Barbara Culver, page 9

Practice makes prize-winning pies, Sally Rosenquist Bennett, page 10

New life for the landings, Lee Klinzman, page 12

What’s New, Mary Anne Larson, page 13

Trends – Scandinavian art, Donna Danielson, page 14

Our Des Moines Apartment
( 2017-08-14) Martin, Marilyn ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Barb and Bill McCulloch (she's the former Barb Lumbard) say that there's no place like a home in Des Moines. They've proved that commuting can be practical.

New England by Garfield
( 2017-08-14) Vandecar, Mary ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"It is rewarding to work with young people." And the sincerity of Miss Marjorie S. Garfield, professor and head of the Applied Art Department, is seen in her enthusiasm known to so many home economics students.

Kitchen Formula Number 1: Recipes
( 2017-08-14) McBride, Pat ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Tasty recipes + fingertip-filing = easier and varied menus and the answers for your Meal Planning, Home Management and church supper problems.

Our Near-Campus Apartment
( 2017-08-14) Culver, Barbara ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

College dance programs and engineering textbooks in the modern apartment at 1222 and a half Marston Avenue indicate that J o and Ron Moss are not ordinary Ames dwellers.