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Iowa State Journal of Research: Volume 50, Issue 3

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Iowa State Journal of Research 50.3
( 1976-02-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Conference on Intensive Culture of Short-Rotation Forest Crops

Gordon, J.C. Intensive culture: last year and now. 267

Dawson, D.H., and N.V. Noste. Review of competition control or intensive culture forestry in the North Central Region. 271

Wilson, L.F. Entomological problems of forest crops grown under intensive culture. 277

Greig, B.J.W., and H.S. McNabb, Jr. Management of Fomes annosus root rot disease in pine crops in Britain. 287

Sandberg, L. Reflections on implementation. 293

DeBell, D.S., and J.C. Harms. Identification of cost factors associated with intensive culture of short-rotation forest crops. 295

Rose, D.W. Economic investigations of intensive silvicultural systems. 301