Crystal structure, homogeneity range and electronic structure of rhombohedral γ-Mn5Al8

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Tener, Zachary
Lamichhane, Tej
Canfield, Paul
Miller, Gordon
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Ames LaboratoryPhysics and AstronomyChemistry

The γ-region of the Mn–Al phase diagram between 45 and 70 at.% Al was re-investigated by a combination of powder and single crystal X-ray diffraction as well as EDS analysis to establish the distribution of Mn and Al atoms. Single crystals of γ-Mn5–x Al8+x were grown using Sn-flux at 650 °C. The crystal structure, atomic coordinates and site occupancy parameters of γ-Mn5−x Al8+x phases were refined from single crystal X-ray data. The γ-Mn5-x Al8+x phase adopts the rhombohedral Cr5Al8-type structure rather than a cubic γ-brass structure. The refined compositions from two crystals extracted from the Al-rich and Mn-rich sides are, respectively, Mn4.76Al8.24(2) (I) and Mn6.32Al6.68(2) (II). The structure was refined in the acentric R3m space group (No.160, Z=6), in order to compare with other reported rhombohedral γ-brasses. In addition, according to X-ray powder diffraction analysis, at the Al-rich side the γ-phase coexists with LT–Mn4Al11 and, at the Mn-rich side, with a hitherto unknown phase. The refined lattice parameters from powder patterns fall in the range a=12.6814(7)−12.6012(5) Å and c=7.9444(2)−7.9311(2) Å from Al-rich to Mn-rich loadings, and the corresponding rhombohedral angles distorted from a pseudo-cubic cell were found to be 89.1(1)°−88.9(1)°. Magnetic susceptibility and magnetization studies of Mn4.92Al8.08(2) are consistent with moment bearing Mn and suggest a spin glass state below 27 K. Tight-binding electronic structure calculations (LMTO-ASA with LSDA) showed that the calculated Fermi level for γ-“Mn5Al8” falls within a pseudogap of the density of states, a result which is in accordance with a Hume-Rothery stabilization mechanism γ-brass type phases.


This article is published as Thimmaiah, Srinivasa, Zachary Tener, Tej N. Lamichhane, Paul C. Canfield, and Gordon J. Miller. "Crystal structure, homogeneity range and electronic structure of rhombohedral γ-Mn5Al8." Zeitschrift für Kristallographie-Crystalline Materials 232, no. 7-9 (2017): 601-610. doi: 10.1515/zkri-2017-0003. Posted with permission.

Sun Jan 01 00:00:00 UTC 2017