Panorama - a software maintenance tool

Vattumalli, Naga Bhagvanth Ram
Major Professor
Carl K. Chang
Simanta Mitra
Committee Member
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Computer Science

Much of the effort in software maintenance is spent on finding relevant information and on program comprehension. Of the several challenges encountered during this process, some are: a) inadequate documentation, b) the developer doing the maintenance activity may not be the one who actually developed it and may be unfamiliar with the application domain (in addition to the unfamiliar code), c) information overload, and d) the relevant code may be scattered across multiple files of different types making it harder to find. Existing documentation in the form of Javadoc is inadequate in providing a global view of the working of the software.

Panorama, a java based Eclipse plug-in, was developed to facilitate maintenance activities by providing mechanisms to document and to view expert knowledge and relevant code in the form of a concern. Some features of Panorama are: a code tracing feature that allows the expert to quickly find (so he can document it) lines of code executed in carrying out a function, a concern management feature that allows the expert to create and organize concern information in a hierarchical manner, a concern visualization and context management feature that helps the maintainer to handle information overload by allowing him to switch between contexts, an enhanced user-interface that helps the maintainer to easily navigate between relevant contexts and codes. Panorama also provides a Javadoc -like documentation of cross-cutting concerns that supplement existing Javadoc documentation to provide comprehensive information about the software.

In a case study done to validate the usefulness of our tool, Panorama was used to document the SAVER software (a VB.NET based fairly large GIS software with 26,704 executable lines of code that is being actively used by the Iowa Department of Transportation to analyze automobile crashes over a period of time). SAVER has been undergoing continual bug-fixes and enhancement activities - and preliminary studies indicate that the supplementary documentation provided by Panorama has proven beneficial.