Factors Considered in the Development of Curricular Content in Engineering Technology for Diverse Audiences

Mosher, Gretchen
Laux, Chad
Mosher, Gretchen
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Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Supply chains which handle and process bulk materials such as food ingredients and food stuffs have unique needs and challenges. Bulk material supply chains are characterized by the aggregation of large, homogeneous lots of product intended for a wide spectrum of end uses. Transportation and storage functions are also completed within a large-scale system, which add complexity to the management of these types of supply chains (Thakur & Hurburgh, 2009). Uncertainty and risk management are especially challenging.

The systems approach of engineering technology offers strategies for managing operations, risk and uncertainty in bulk materials supply chains. Furthermore, engineering technology graduates often possess the necessary disciplinary background and skills to potentially assume leadership roles within the bulk materials production system. Yet, the preparation of technical professionals remains largely unfilled in both higher education and in workplace training programs. This paper will discuss the challenges and needs of process industry supply chains, potential engineering technology solutions, and outline the strategies used to define core learning competencies for curricular and training programs intended for several diverse groups of learners. Implications for the field of engineering technology will conclude the paper.


The paper, "Factors Considered in the Development of Curricular Content in Engineering Technology for Diverse Audiences" (Gretchen A. Mosher and Chad M. Laux), as published in the Proceedings of the ATMAE 2012 Conference (2012 ATMAE Annual Conference, Nashville, TN, November 14–17, 2013) is a copyrighted publication of ATMAE, the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering, 1390 Eisenhower Place, Ann Arbor, MI 48108. This paper has been republished with the authorization of ATMAE, and may be accessed directly from the ATMAE website at http://atmae.org/index.php/conference-20#pastconfpaper.