A Study on the Development Status and Type Classification of Global Smart Healthcare Wearable Device

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Shin, Kayoung
Lee, Jeongeun
Do, Wolhee
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In recent years, companies have started producing innovative products that combine Information and Communications Technology (ICT) with textiles, and consumer interest in the wearable industry is increasing.

By searching Korean and English keywords in Google, NAVER, and wearable-related websites, this study examines smart healthcare wearable device products and outlines the types and characteristics of these products.

In the results of this study, there were a total of 51 device products from seven countries, including 24 products from the US, 14 from Korea, four from China, four from France, two from Japan, two from the UK, and one from Sweden. These 51 devices were classified that depending on their functions into healthcare-type and exercise-care-type products. The healthcare-type devices included a total of 37 products: 11 from Korea, 17 from the US, four from China, three from France, one from the UK, and one from Japan. The exercise-care-type devices included a total of 14 products: three from Korea, seven from the US, one from the UK, one from Sweden, one from France, and one from Japan. Next, in the results from classifying the form of products, regarding wearables worn on the human body, products placed on the wrist in the form of a smart band or smart watch were the most common, followed by footwear and insole forms worn on the foot, accessories such as necklaces and belts, wearable smart clothes, products with a sensor attached, a product using fabric equipped with micro sensors, and a product attached to a wearable device.