Assessment of the United States Information Agency sponsored university affiliation project between Iowa State University and the National Agriculture University of Ukraine using the Concerns-Based Adoption Model (CBAM)

Udin, Victor
Major Professor
Larry L. Bradshaw
Richard P. Manatt
Committee Member
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Industrial Education and Technology

The problem of this study was to evaluate the success of the Iowa State University (ISU) Linkage project (Crawford & Melnichuk, 1994) at the National Agricultural University of Ukraine (NAUU). The evaluation of the project's success and the educational changes it brought about were accomplished by determining the levels of use of the key elements of this change: the revised curriculum, new methods of teaching, and new teaching materials used at NAUU. This program evaluation research of the Linkage project was conducted based on the Concerns-Based Adoption Model (CBAM). The Levels of Use dimension of the Concerns-Based Adoption Model was applied to determine if the Linkage project was successful;The survey questionnaire consisted of sections describing the NAUU participants': demographic characteristics; knowledge of the English language; understanding of the essence of the Linkage project; awareness of the administrative changes at NAUU; and levels of use of the new curriculum developed as the result of the Linkage project. Statistical analysis revealed that neither demographic characteristics nor administrative reform has a relation to the levels of use of the main results of the Linkage project. The school environment was the only factor that significantly affected the levels of use. Statistical analysis also revealed that there was a high level of use of the new curriculum and the recently developed teaching materials. The NAUU participants were also eager to share their new experience with their Ukrainian colleagues;It was concluded that the ISU Linkage project was quite successful and that CBAM model can be used in for assessment of international technology transfer projects.