Impact of Iowa Consumer and Homemaking Programs on students' knowledge, life importance, and life satisfaction

Crew, Helen
Major Professor
Jerelyn B. Schultz
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Family and Consumer Sciences Education and Studies

This study was conducted to determine the impact of consumer and homemaking programs on students' knowledge and life importance and satisfaction perceptions. A sample of 215 graduating seniors having had three or more semesters of consumer and homemaking courses were surveyed. An achievement test was used to assess students' level of knowledge of home economics concepts, and a quality of life inventory instrument was used to measure their perceptions toward the importance of and satisfaction with 10 specific quality of life components. Data analyses included descriptive statistics, Pearson Product Moment Correlations, and multiple stepwise regression analyses;Achievement test scores ranged from 19% to 89% correct with the average test score of 63%. Students perceived the specific quality of life components as important or very important. The quality of life component receiving the highest rating of importance was "Close relationships with boy/girlfriend". Satisfaction with all quality of life components was rated in the neutral to satisfactory range. The component receiving the highest satisfactory rating was "Relationships with close friends";Moderate positive relationships were found between achievement score, importance rating score, and class rank. In addition, the importance rating score had a moderate relationship with the rating of the satisfaction score;Achievement scores and gender contributed 12% of the variance associated with perception of importance of quality of life scores. Achievement accounted for 4% of the variance associated with perceptions of satisfaction with quality of life;Home economics teachers and teacher educators will benefit from understanding concepts understood by students as well as what youth perceive as important.