Kinetics of Biotic and Abiotic CO Production during the Initial Phase of Biowaste Composting

Stegenta-Dabrowska, Sylwia
Sobieraj, Karolina
Koziel, Jacek
Bieniek, Jerzy
Koziel, Jacek
Białowiec, Andrzej
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Food Science and Human NutritionCivil, Construction and Environmental EngineeringAgricultural and Biosystems EngineeringEnvironmental ScienceToxicology

Knowledge of kinetic parameters of CO production during biowaste composting is significantly important for the prediction of its course and estimation of total gas quantity. This allows increasing the control of the process, to minimize its negative impact on the environment and to protect the occupational safety of employees exposed to CO in the biowaste composting plant. For the first time, a full study of the influence of temperature and biowaste sterilization on the kinetics of CO production is presented. The lab-scale experiments used a mixture of green waste, dairy cattle manure, and sawdust in two variants: sterilized and non-sterilized samples. The process was carried out in controlled temperature reactors with measuring the concentrations of CO, O2, and CO2 every 12 h.CO production and k value increased with temperature. However, higher CO production was observed in biotic conditions between 10~50 °C, suggesting the biotic CO formation and 1st-order kinetics. The abiotic (thermochemical) process was more efficiently generating CO above 50 °C, described with a 0-order kinetic model. Additionally, the rate constant (k) value of CO production under biotic conditions was increasing up to a temperature of 60 °C, above which a slight decrease in CO production rate was observed at 70 °C. The presented results are the basis for further studies focused on the feasibility of (1) the mitigation and (2) valorization of CO production during the biowaste biostabilization are warranted.


This article is published as Stegenta-Dąbrowska, Sylwia, Karolina Sobieraj, Jacek A. Koziel, Jerzy Bieniek, and Andrzej Białowiec. "Kinetics of Biotic and Abiotic CO Production during the Initial Phase of Biowaste Composting." Energies 13, no. 20 (2020): 5451. DOI: 10.3390/en13205451. Posted with permission.