Dataset Documenting the Interactions of Biochar with Manure, Soil, and Plants: Towards Improved Sustainability of Animal and Crop Agriculture

Bonds, Darcy
Koziel, Jacek A.
De, Mriganka
Chen, Baitong
Singh, Asheesh K.
Licht, Mark A.
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Agricultural and Biosystems EngineeringFood Science and Human NutritionCivil, Construction and Environmental EngineeringAgronomyHorticulture
Plant and animal agriculture is a part of a larger system where the environment, soil, water, nutrient management interact. Biochar (a pyrolyzed biomass) has been shown to affect the single components of this complex system positively. Biochar is a soil amendment, which has been documented for its benefits as soil enhancer particularly to increase soil carbon, improve soil fertility, and better nutrient retention. These effects have been documented in the literature. Still, there is a need for a broader examination of these single components and effects that aims at the complementarity and synergy attainable with biochar and the animal and crop production system. Thus, we report a comprehensive dataset documenting the interactions of biochar with manure, soil, and plants. We evaluated three biochars mixed with manure alongside both manure and soil controls for improvement in soil quality, reduction in nutrient movement, and increase in plant nutrient availability. We explain the experiments and the dataset which contains the physicochemical properties of each biochar-manure mixture, the physicochemical properties of soil amended with each biochar-manure mixture, and the biomass and nutrient information of plants grown in biochar-manure mixture amended soil. This dataset is useful for continued research examining both the short and long-term effects of biochar-manure mixtures on both plant and soil systems. In addition, these data will be beneficial to extent the findings to field settings for practical and realized gains.
This is a pre-print of the article Bonds, Darcy, Jacek A. Koziel, Mriganka De, Baitong Chen, Asheesh K. Singh, and Mark A. Licht. "Dataset Documenting the Interactions of Biochar with Manure, Soil, and Plants: Towards Improved Sustainability of Animal and Crop Agriculture." Pre-prints (2022): 2022020062. DOI: 10.20944/preprints202202.0062.v1. Copyright 2022 by the author(s). Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). Posted with permission.
carbon cycling, nutrient cycling, soil amendment, manure, biochar, corn, maize, soybeans, fertilizer