Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Biochemical Engineering Symposium

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Chemical and Biological Engineering

This is the twenty-second of a series of symposia devoted to talks and posters by students about their biochemical engineering research. The first, third, fifth, ninth, twelfth, sixteenth, and twenti~th were hosted by Kansas State University, the second and fourth by the University of Nebraska- Lincoln, the sixth, seventh, tenth, thirteenth, seventeenth, and twenty-second by Iowa State University, the eighth, fourteenth, and nineteenth by the University of Missouri-Columbia, the eleventh, fifteenth, and twenty-first by Colorado State University, and the eighteenth by the University of Colorado. Next year's symposium will be at the University of Oklahoma. Symposium proceedings are edited and issued by faculty of the host institution. Because final publication usually takes place in refereed journals, articles included here are brief and often cover work in progress.

C. A. Baldwin, J.P. McDonald, and L. E. Erickson, Kansas State University. Effect of Hydrocarbon Phase on Kinetic and Transport Limitations for Bioremediation of Microporous Soil

J. C. Wang, S. K. Banerji, and Rakesh Bajpai, University of Missouri-Columbia. Migration of PCP in Soil-Columns in Presence of a Second Organic Phase

Cheng-Hsien Hsu and Roger G. Harrison, University of Oklahoma. Bacterial Leaching of Zinc and Copper from Mining Wastes

James A. Searles, Paul Todd, and Dhinakar S. Kompala, University of Colorado. Suspension Culture of Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells Utilizing Inclined Sedimentation

Ron Beyerinck and Eric H. Dunlop, Colorado State University. The Effect of Feed Zone Turbulence as Measured by Laser Doppler Velocimetry on Baker's Yeast Metabolism in a Chemostat

Paul Li-Hong Yeh, GraceY. Sun, Gary A. Weisman, and Rakesh Bajpai, University of Missouri-Columbia. Effect of Medium Constituents upon Membrane Composition of Insect Cells

R. Shane Gold, M. M. Meagher, R. Hutkins, and T. Conway, University of Nebraska-Lincoin. Ethanol Tolerance and Carbohydrate Metabolism in Lactobacilli

John Sargantanis and M. N. Karim, Colorado State University. Application of Kalman Filter and Adaptive Control in Solid Substrate Fermentation

D. Vrana, M. Meagher, and R. Hutkins, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Product Recovery Optimization in the ABE Fermentation

Kalyan R. Tadikonda and Robert H. Davis, University of Colorado. Cell Separations Using Targeted Monoclonal Antibodies Against Surface Proteins

Meng H. Heng and Charles E. Glatz, Iowa State University. Charged Fusion for Selective Recovery of B-Galactosidase from Cell Extract Using Hollow Fiber Ion-Exchange Membrane Adsorption

Hsiu-Mei Chen, Peter J. Reilly, and Clark Ford, Iowa State University. Site-Directed Mutagenesis to Enhance Thermostability of Glucoamylase from Aspergillus: A Rational Approach

P. Tuitemwong, L. E. Erickson, and D. Y. C. Fung, Kansas State University. Applications of Enzymatic Hydrolysis and Fermentation on the Reduction of Flatulent Sugars in the Rapid Hydration Hydrothermal Cooked Soy Milk

Sanjeev Redkar and Robert H. Davis, University of Colorado. Crossflow Microfiltration of Yeast Suspensions

Linda Henk and James C. Linden, Colorado State University, and Irving C. Anderson, Iowa State University. Evaluation of Sorghum Ensilage as an Ethanol Feedstock

Marc Lipovitch and James C. Linden, Colorado State University. Stability and Biomass Feedstock Pretreatability for Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation

Ali Demirci, Anthony L. Pometto Ill, and Kenneth E. Johnson, Iowa State University. Application of Biofilm Reactors in Lactic Acid Fermentation

Michael K. Dowd, Peter I. Reilly, and WalterS. Trahanovsky, Iowa State University. Low Molecular-Weight Organic Composition of Ethanol Stillage from Corn

Craig E. Forney, Meng H. Heng, John R. Luther, Mark Q. Niederauer, and Charles E. Glatz, Iowa State University. Enhancement of Protein Separation Using Genetic Engineering

J. F. Shimp, J. C. Tracy, E. Lee, L. C. Davis, and L. E. Erickson, Kansas State University. Modeling Contaminant Transport, Biodegradation and Uptake by Plants in the Rhizosphere

Xiaoqing Yang, L. E. Erickson, and L. T. Fan, Kansas State University. Modeling of Dispersive-Convective Characteristics in Bioremediation of Contaminated Soil

Jan Johansson and Rakesh Bajpai, University of Missouri-Columbia. Fouling of Membranes

J. M. Wang, S. K. Banerji, and R. K. Bajpai, University of Missouri-Columbia. Migration of Sodium-Pentachorophenol (Na-PCP) in Unsaturated and Saturated Soil-Columns

J. Sweeney and M. Meagher, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The Purification of Alpha-D-Glucuronidase from Trichoderma reesei