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    Consortium for Cultivating Human And Naturally reGenerative Enterprises (C-CHANGE)
    C-CHANGE is the Consortium for Cultivating Human And Naturally reGenerative Enterprises. Collaborating institutions work to build science-based partnerships for meeting 21st-century challenges in agriculture, technology, and innovation. Partnerships are needed to meet the goals of delivering abundant, affordable, and safe food and energy to 10 billion people while also returning value to people and the land. A major project outcome of C-CHANGE is Grass2Gas (hereafter, simply G2G), a multi-institutional, transdisciplinary partnership working to evaluate the potential of a new bio-based value chain on U.S. farms, with emphasis on the generation of biogas, potentially upgraded to renewable natural gas (RNG), and other associated bioproducts through the anaerobic digestion (AD) of herbaceous biomass combined with manure. Initiated in 2020, the G2G project is funded by a five-year, $10 million grant (Award No. 2020-68012-31824) from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute for Food and Agriculture(USDA-NIFA). It represents a partnership between Iowa State University; Penn State University; Roeslein Alternative Energy, LLC; USDA-ARS National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment; and 33 partner organizations.
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    Student Wellness
    Student Wellness enhances the holistic health, wellbeing, and safety for all students through prevention and health promotion strategies that support academic success, promote student development, and achieve health equity.
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  • Organizational Unit
    Nanovaccine Institute
    Established at Iowa State University in 2017, the Nanovaccine Institute represents a national, transdisciplinary research consortium to advance nano-based technologies to treat and prevent disease.
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    Library Assessment
    The Iowa State University Library Assessment Program (ISULAP) raises the Library’s visibility and promotes the value of its collections, programs, services, and expert staff to multiple audiences both on- and off- campus. Using words, numbers, imagery, and context ISULAP assists users of the library in benefiting from the library and the services the library provides.