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The relation of acid fermentation to butter flavor and aroma. Bulletin: Volume 4, Issue 40

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The relation of acid fermentation to butter flavor and aroma.
( 2017-07-25) Eckles, C. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

The market value of butter is determined largely by its flavor. Imperfect mechanical conditions and their accompanying results are overlooked sooner than defects in flavor. Its importance is justly recognized in the score cards of the various Dairy Associations, which usually assign 45 to 50 out of a 100 points to flavor. The dairy industry has now assumed such vast proportions that a slight increase in value of each pound of butter produced would amount to an immense sum, even with the production of Iowa alone. Everyone who understands the conditions under which much of the butter of the country is produced is aware, that the possibilities of improvement are great, especially during the winter season. The markets are constantly demanding an improvement in this line, and the increased competition requires that the producers regard this demand.