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A rapid volumetric method for approximate estimation of chlorine in milk Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station Research Bulletin: Volume 3, Issue 41

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A rapid volumetric method for the approximate estimation of chlorine in milk
( 2017-03-06) Hammer, B. ; Bailey, D. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

In work carried out at the Iowa Agricultural Experiment station on the variations in the flavor and odor of milk of individual animals, it was found that certain flavors, described by different judges as bitter or salty, were accompanied by a comparatively high chlorine content, as determined by a tit.ration of the milk with silver nitrate solution using potassium chromate as an indicator. Before studying in detail the correlation between a high chlorine content and certain abnormal flavors and odors, it seemed advisable to compare the results obtained by the titration of milk, using silver nitrate, with the results secured when the chlorine was determined in the ash of the milk. The present paper presents the data obtained in such comparison.