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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 10, Issue 2

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Alumni News
( 1948) Iowa State University Digital Repository
The Iowa State College Veterinary Medical Division 1858 -1948
( 1948) Murray, Charles ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Provision for the establishment of the Veterinary Division was by act of the Legislature, signed by Governor Lowe, March 22, 1858, providing for the establishment of a State Agricultural College and Farm to include veterinary studies among other courses to be taught. It was 13 years later when President Welch reported that, "for additional instruction seniors in agriculture will need a professor of practical agriculture, who, besides other important duties, will give lectures on camparative anatomy, physiology, and veterinary science. " Veterinary subjects as taught at that time were offered in the second semester of the senior year in agriculture.

Dystocia and Caesarean Section in a Bovine
( 1948) Neumann, A. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A Holstein cow, aged, 5 years, was admitted to Stange Memorial Clinic Oct. 4, 1947. The owner did not accompany the animal so an adequate history could not be immediately obtained. The only history elicited was that she had started to labor the preceding day and had not calved as yet. It was decided to perform a vaginal examination on her.

( 1948) Iowa State University Digital Repository
President's Ninetieth Anniversary Message
( 1948) Friley, Charles ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

In 1872, when the first classes in Veterinary Medicine at the Iowa State College were opened to students it was recognized as a pioneering, and to some extent a daring, venture into the educational future. Nevertheless, the intelligent and courageous men who taught those early classes undoubtedly were able to envision Iowa as the center of a great livestock industry.