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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 21, Issue 3

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Correction of Impaction of the Small Colon in a Shetland Pony by Means of a Laparotomy
( 1959) Jones, Richard ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The small size of the Shetland pany presents problems in diagnosing and treating impaction of the cecum and colon. History and symptoms are similar ta those presented by larger breeds of horses but the difficulty in performing a rectal examination limits the accuracy of diagnosis and effectiveness of therapy. An exploratory laporotomy offers a method by which this disadvantage can be overcome.

A Five-Year Survey of Canine Nephritis
( 1959) Pearson, Phillip ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The case reports on canine nephritis in Stange Memorial Clinic at Iowa State College were summarized for the last five years. The incidence of nephritis in the various breeds, sexes, age groups and seasons of the year were covered. Etiology, length of sickness, complications, treatments used, postmortem findings clinical laboratory findings, condition upon discharge, length of hospitalization, history and symptoms of the patients were all summarized

Problems in a Dairy Cattle Practice
( 1959) Elmer, Sam ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Mastitis, from a disease standpoint is the most important problem concerning the dairy industry today. Veterinarians should meet the challenge offered by this problem and apply all the measures that we have found to stand the test of time and trial. There are countless preparations that have been offered by many individuals and organizations who are interested mostly in the financial end of the problem. This has amounted to a concerted effort to side track all that has been known in the treatment of his disease in favor of the use of medicinal agents. It is indeed unfortunate that so many worthy and necessary practices have been forgotten during this era of seeking sure-fire shortcuts to the cure of mastitis.

Hemorrhage in the Chuck of Beef Carcasses
( 1959) Monlux, William ; Mason, Donald ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

During the winter of 1957 and 1958, considerable loss was reported in prime and choice beef carcasses as the result of hemorrhage in the muscles of the chuck. The meat packers were concerned about this loss since approximately four percent of the heavy beef in some plants were showing these lesions. The incidence of the muscle lesions was highest in beef killed according to ,the Kosher ritual, and since this represents select beef, the loss was of considerable importance because the involved chucks were unsalable or were sold at a reduced price.

Radio as a Means for Public Relations
( 1959) Gilbert, G. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Veterinarians have, for several years, seen the need for a public relations program in their organizational set-ups. Many of these constituent organizations have gone out on their own to achieve remarkable progress in telling the story of our profession to the general public. Practically all of the veterinary organizations which have accomplished a public relations program have directed it toward the newspapers, either through a professional public relations consultant or by som~ committee of their own which has seen to it that the press of their area had been fully acquainted with veterinary problems and the advantages which the public can gain by knowledge of a veterinarian's assistance.