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dc.description The forestry major prepares students to apply scientific principles to forests, including management, conservation and restoration of forest ecosystems as well as provision of wood and non-wood products from forests. Students first enroll in courses in biology, math and environmental sciences to prepare for upper-level courses in forestry. As they become more familiar with forests and forest management, students can choose one or more of four options in which to pursue advanced coursework. The educational programs in Forestry (Options in Forest Ecosystem Management, Natural Resource Conservation and Restoration, and Urban and Community Forestry) leading to the degree B.S. in Forestry are candidates for accreditation by the Society of American Foresters (SAF) under the forestry standard. The program in forestry provides you with an understanding of the following areas: forest ecosystems, wood technology and products, forest resource management, agro-forestry, urban and community forestry, biodiversity, water quality, wilderness areas and wildlife.
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