Low Cost Parlors and Automatic Milking Systems Education Program

Bentley, Jennifer
Lager, Kevin
Tranel, Larry
Timms, Leo
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Same day surveys of 17 on-farm tour and workshops (580 attendees) show very significant increases (~90%) in knowledge in areas of: Cost of Low Cost Parlor versus Other Milking Systems; Ergonomics of Low Cost Milking Parlors; Design Parameters of Low Cost Milking Parlors; and Labor Efficiency of Low Cost Milking Parlors. Post surveys of the Automatic milking systems (AMS) workshops also showed very significant increases in knowledge (>130%) of the Economics of AMS systems. 91% replied the workshops were of high value to them.

16 producers who received an individual farm visit follow-up responded to a post survey. 82% responded yes that as a result of Extension’s promotion, fact sheets, seminars, workshops, farm tours and/or individual consultation, they have made a decision to install (or not install) a low cost parlor or a robotic milking system. 46% have already installed; 33% are presently installing; and 21% will install in the future. 6 installed a robotic milking system; 8 installed a low cost parlor; and 3 installed an “other type” of milking system change. 7 producers felt the individual farm visits were worth an average of $49,549 due to profits realized from making changes to their operation.

Animal Science