Bean leaf beetles are the principal vectors of bean pod mottle virus (BPMV). Last week we discussed the affects of seed-applied insecticides on bean leaf beetles and whether such insecticides can substitute for an early-season foliar application within a BPMV disease management program. Although there is a positive relationship between bean leaf beetles and BPMV, the effect of chemical control on the disease is different than that for the insect vector. As we discussed last week, a management program that included seed-applied insecticides resulted in improved yield but lower seed quality. Why does this happen and how is BPMV affected?

Pedersen, Palle
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After receiving more than 5 inches of precipitation last week in central Iowa, many were thinking back to 1993. Last week's rainfall was not like 1993. Fortunately, very few acres were planted last week in central Iowa prior to the rain. About 10 to 15 percent of the corn was planted last Sunday when it started to rain, and the soybean acres planted were not measurable by USDA. Probably it was just soybean research plots that were planted! Many producers may be fortunate that they still have their seed in the bag. Poorly drained fields and fields in river bottoms will stay wet for a few more weeks, and there may even be areas that cannot be planted this year.