Development of a Self-Sexualization Scale

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Choi, Dooyoung
DeLong, Marilyn
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International Textile and Apparel Association (ITAA) Annual Conference Proceedings
Iowa State University Conferences and Symposia

The first national meeting of textile and clothing professors took place in Madison, Wisconsin in June 1959. With a mission to advance excellence in education, scholarship and innovation, and their global applications, the International Textile and Apparel Association (ITAA) is a professional and educational association of scholars, educators, and students in the textile, apparel, and merchandising disciplines in higher education.

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The purpose of the study is to develop a scale to measure self-sexualization, responding to the need for a new scale development based upon the lack of consistency in defining and operationalizing the concept, issues of validity inherent in the existing scales, and shortcomings in measuring the possible dimensions underlying the concept. Dress often plays a central role in many self-sexualization activities. Even when the activity is not dressing the body per se or appearing in a sexualized manner, the body and dress are often featured. We operationalize the self-sexualization as voluntary imposition of sexualization to oneself, with four dimensions adapted from APA's sexualization (APA, 2007). The four scales were developed through a mixed-methods research design with ten steps: Scale 1- Favoring sexual objectification of oneself, Scale 2-Relating sexual desirability to self-esteem, Scale 3 -Equating physical attractiveness with being sexy, and Scale 4 -Contextualizing sexual boundaries.
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