2021 Collection Measurement Report

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Eddy, Jacob A.
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University Library
The University Library provides and promotes discovery tools, trusted informational resources, and information literacy skills as a vital campus partner in ensuring that the university will lead the world in advancing the land-grant ideals of putting science, technology and human creativity to work. In doing so, the Library equips faculty, staff and students to create, share and apply knowledge in addressing the challenges of the 21st century. The University Library features a collection of over 2.6 million volumes, with strengths in biological and physical sciences and technology.
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Library Assessment
The Iowa State University Library Assessment Program (ISULAP) raises the Library’s visibility and promotes the value of its collections, programs, services, and expert staff to multiple audiences both on- and off- campus. Using words, numbers, imagery, and context ISULAP assists users of the library in benefiting from the library and the services the library provides.
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In times of continuous technological change and tumultuous developments in public health & safety, the form and function of Iowa State University Libraries continues to evolve and adapt. With ever-increasing demands for dynamic creative workspaces and persistent requirements for social distancing, Parks Library in particular has dramatically reduced the footprint of its physical collections in order to pave the way for this new direction. Based on a detailed measurement of the library’s collection, the amount of available shelving has reduced by over 11% during the past 2 years. This has freed up large tracks of space on 3rd and 4th Floors for new renovations. At the same time, the A-to-Z Rearrangement and LSB Transfer Projects were completed, easing congestion in the General Collection and redistributing items evenly over the remaining shelves. Space usage now rests at an average of 72.8% in Parks Library, with almost no overcrowding. Withdrawals have not quite kept up with growth over this time, however, so the overall collection has grown slightly. This is a reversal of previous trends, but may be the result of temporary circumstances during the 2020 shutdown. Future trends will be carefully monitored to ensure the continuing stability of all Iowa State collections.