GmNF-YC4-2 Increases Protein, Exhibits Broad Disease Resistance and Expedites Maturity in Soybean

O’Conner, Seth
Zheng, Wenguang
Qi, Mingsheng
Kandel, Yuba
Fuller, Robert
Whitham, Steven
Li, Ling
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The NF-Y gene family is a highly conserved set of transcription factors. The functional transcription factor complex is made up of a trimer between NF-YA, NF-YB, and NF-YC proteins. While mammals typically have one gene for each subunit, plants often have multigene families for each subunit which contributes to a wide variety of combinations and functions. Soybean plants with an overexpression of a particular NF-YC isoform GmNF-YC4-2 (Glyma.04g196200) in soybean cultivar Williams 82, had a lower amount of starch in its leaves, a higher amount of protein in its seeds, and increased broad disease resistance for bacterial, viral, and fungal infections in the field, similar to the effects of overexpression of its isoform GmNF-YC4-1 (Glyma.06g169600). Interestingly, GmNF-YC4-2-OE (overexpression) plants also filled pods and senesced earlier, a novel trait not found in GmNF-YC4-1-OE plants. No yield difference was observed in GmNF-YC4-2-OE compared with the wild-type control. Sequence alignment of GmNF-YC4-2, GmNF-YC4-1 and AtNF-YC1 indicated that faster maturation may be a result of minor sequence differences in the terminal ends of the protein compared to the closely related isoforms.


This article is published as O’Conner, Seth, Wenguang Zheng, Mingsheng Qi, Yuba Kandel, Robert Fuller, Steven A. Whitham, and Ling Li. "GmNF-YC4-2 Increases Protein, Exhibits Broad Disease Resistance and Expedites Maturity in Soybean." International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22, no. 7 (2021): 3586. doi:10.3390/ijms22073586.

NF-YC4 transcription factor, early maturation, disease resistance, seed protein