Growth performance of male broilers fed ExPress® soybean meal and high-shear dry extruded corn

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Meyer, Meaghan
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Animal Science

The Department of Animal Science originally concerned itself with teaching the selection, breeding, feeding and care of livestock. Today it continues this study of the symbiotic relationship between animals and humans, with practical focuses on agribusiness, science, and animal management.

The Department of Animal Husbandry was established in 1898. The name of the department was changed to the Department of Animal Science in 1962. The Department of Poultry Science was merged into the department in 1971.

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Soybean meal (SBM), a co-product of soybean oil obtained via solvent or mechanical extrusion, is the key protein source in broiler diet formulations. Mechanical extrusion, or high-temperature processing with high-shear dry extrusion, has demonstrated 1 to 2% increased amino acid digestibility in broilers versus solvent-extracted SBM through reduction of antinutritional factors (ANF). High-shear dry extrusion followed by mechanical pressing using a screw press (extruding-pressing) produces soy oil and partially de-oiled soymeal (ExPress). The extruding-pressing process has been growing in popularity due to improved cost and material efficiency by eliminating the need for solvents or steam dryers in the production of animal feed ingredients. Corn extrusion is likewise linked with increased nutritive value through improved palatability and approximately 20% increased starch gelatinization, resulting in superior growth performance and in one reported case, reduced mortality in broilers. In the present study, high-shear dry extruded corn and ExPress SBM were formulated in combination with conventional corn and solvent-extracted SBM to determine impact on growth performance in male broilers. Extruded corn increased feed intake and ExPress SBM increased weight gain. The diet containing dry extruded corn and ExPress SBM outperformed all other diet combinations, including unprocessed, ground corn and conventional, solventextracted SBM variations. The diet containing unprocessed, ground corn and ExPress SBM had the most efficient overall feed conversion ratio (FCR). The combination of lower feed intake observed with the ground corn ingredient and the improved protein digestibility reflected by superior growth in ExPress SBM made this the ideal formulation, out of the 4 diets examined, in terms of feed efficiency.


This article is published as Meyer, Meaghan M., and Elizabeth A. Bobeck. "Growth Performance of Male Broilers Fed ExPress® Soybean Meal and High-Shear Dry Extruded Corn." Journal of Applied Poultry Research 30 (2021): 100191. doi:10.1016/j.japr.2021.100191.

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