Iowa State Journal of Research 53.4

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dc.description.abstract <p>von Wittich, B. Mastery learning, the efficient approach to foreign language acquisition. 243</p> <p>Sivakumar, M.V.K., and R.H. Shaw. Attenuation of radiation in moisture-stressed and unstressed soybeans. 251</p> <p>Hatfield, J.L., and R.E. Carlson. Leaf-water potential patterns within two soybean cultivars. 259</p> <p>Atkins, R.E. Yield comparisons among short-stature seed parents of grain sorghum. 269</p> <p>Miller, I.L., and .E. Atkins. Comparisons of embryo weight and seedling growth in grain soghum parents and hybrids. 273</p> <p>Stinker, Jr., F.M. Acceptance of social accounting: a Guttman scale analysis. 283</p> <p>Mock, J.J. Investigation of genotype x environment interaction for cold tolerance of maize. 291</p> <p>Slavik, M., W. Schuller, and W.P. Switzer. Immunization of swine with Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae vaccines. 297</p> <p>Petersen, M.K. A laboratory test of species exclusion in Sigmodon fulviventer and S. hispidus. 301</p> <p>Williams. D.D. Seasonal incidence of Isoglaridacris wisconsinensis (Cestoda: Caryophyllaeidae) in its fish host. 305</p> <p>Williams, D.D. Seasonal incidence of Glaridacis laruei and G. catostomi in Red Cedar Rive, Wisconsin Catostomus commersoni. 311</p> <p>Witkowski, J.F., and J.C. Owens. Corn rootworm behavior in response to rap corn.. 317</p> <p>Weller, M.W. Small-mammal populations and experimental burning of Dewey's Pasture, Northwest Iowa, 1970-74. 325</p>
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