Rapid evolutionary divergence of Gossypium barbadense and G. hirsutum mitochondrial genomes

Tang, Mingyong
Chen, Zhiwen
Grover, Corrinne
Wang, Yumei
Li, Shuangshuang
Liu, Guozheng
Ma, Zhiqing
Wendel, Jonathan
Hua, Jinping
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The mitochondrial genome from upland cotton, G. hirsutum, was previously sequenced. To elucidate the evolution of mitochondrial genomic diversity within a single genus, we sequenced the mitochondrial genome from Sea Island cotton (Gossypium barbadense L.).


Mitochondrial DNA from week-old etiolated seedlings was extracted from isolated organelles using discontinuous sucrose density gradient method. Mitochondrial genome was sequenced with Solexa using paired-end, 90 bp read. The clean reads were assembled into contigs using ABySS and finished via additional fosmid and BAC sequencing. Finally, the genome was annotated and analyzed using different softwares.


The G. barbadense (Sea Island cotton) mitochondrial genome was fully sequenced (677,434-bp) and compared to the mitogenome of upland cotton. The G. barbadensemitochondrial DNA contains seven more genes than that of upland cotton, with a total of 40 protein coding genes (excluding possible pseudogenes), 6 rRNA genes, and 29 tRNA genes. Of these 75 genes, atp1, mttB, nad4, nad9, rrn5, rrn18, and trnD(GTC)-cp were each represented by two identical copies. A single 64 kb repeat was largely responsible for the 9 % difference in genome size between the two mtDNAs. Comparison of genome structures between the two mitochondrial genomes revealed 8 rearranged syntenic regions and several large repeats. The largest repeat was missing from the master chromosome in G. hirsutum. Both mitochondrial genomes contain a duplicated copy of rps3 (rps3-2) in conjunction with a duplication of repeated sequences. Phylogenetic and divergence considerations suggest that a 544-bp fragment of rps3 was transferred to the nuclear genome shortly after divergence of the A- and D- genome diploid cottons.


These results highlight the insights to the evolution of structural variation between Sea Island and upland cotton mitochondrial genomes.


This article is published as Tang, Mingyong, Zhiwen Chen, Corrinne E. Grover, Yumei Wang, Shuangshuang Li, Guozheng Liu, Zhiying Ma, Jonathan F. Wendel, and Jinping Hua. "Rapid evolutionary divergence of Gossypium barbadense and G. hirsutum mitochondrial genomes." BMC genomics 16, no. 1 (2015): 770. 10.1186/s12864-015-1988-0. Posted with permission.

Mitochondrial genome, Comparative genomics, DNA rearrangement, Duplicated copy, Sequence transfer