Proceedings of the Twelfth Annual Biochemical Engineering Symposium

Erickson, L.
Fan, L.
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This work presents the proceedings of the twelfth symposium which was held at Kansas State University on April 24, 1982. Since a number of the contributions will be published in detail elsewhere, only brief reports are included here. Some of the reports describe current progress with respect to ongoing projects. Requests for further information should be directed to Dr. Peter Reilly at Iowa State University, Dr. V. G. Murphy at Colorado State University, Dr. Rakesh Bajpai at University of Missouri, Dr. Ed Clausen at University of Arkansas, Dr. L. T. Fan and Dr. L. E. Erickson at Kansas State University.

A Kinetic Analysis of Oleaginous Yeast Fermentation by Candida curvata on Whey Permeate, B.D. Brown and K.H. Hsu, Iowa State University

Kinetics of Biofouling in Simulated Water Distribution Systems Using CSTR, T.M. Prakash, University of Missouri

Kinetics of Gas Production by C. acetobutylicum, Michael Doremus, Colorado State University

Large Scale Production of Methane from Agricultural Residues, O.P. Doyle, G.C. Magruder, E.C. Clausen, and J.L. Gaddy, University of Arkansas

The Optimal Process Design for Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Wheat Straw, M.M Gharpuray and L.T. Fan, Kansas State University

Extractive Butanol Fermentation, Michael Sierks, Colorado State University

Yields Associated with Ethyl Alcohol Production, M.D. Oner, Kansas State University

Estimation of Growth Yield and Maintenance Parameters for Microbial Growth on Corn Dust, B.O. Solomon, Kansas State University

Milling of Ensiled Corn, Andrzej Neryng, Iowa State University

Protein Extraction from Alfalfa, Ravidranath Joshi, Colorado State University

Analysis of Disaccharides by Capillary Gas Chromatography, Z.L. Nikolov, Iowa State University

Characterization of High Viscosity Fermentations in Tower Fermentors, S.A. Patel and C.H. Lee, Kansas State University

Utilization of Sugars in Sorghum Molasses by Clostridium acetobutylicum B. Hong, K.C. Shin, and L.T. Fan, Kansas State University