The Effect of Alternative Delivery on Accelerated Bridge Construction Projects

Volk, Michael
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Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) is an option that state transportation agencies can use to repair or replace bridges in a shorter amount of time. This option offers a way to save on user costs and to increase the safety of the traveling public and the workers by reducing the amount of time that construction is ongoing. In the past thirty years, several alternatives to design-bid-build (DBB) project delivery have begun to be used by state transportation agencies, such as design build, construction manager general contractor and public private partnerships. The focus of this thesis merges these concepts to investigate what methods and technologies are used for ABC with alternative project delivery, and how alternative delivery methods allow for more innovation.Data was collected through a desk scan, survey, and case studies. The analysis that was conducted showed that agencies using alternative delivery methods are able to increase the applicability of geotechnical and construction (e.g. self-propelled modular transport) technologies for ABC. While agencies using DBB tend to focus on structural technologies such as precast beams. Case studies showed that alternative delivery methods provide more flexibility to the contractor, which allows them to use their experience to find innovative solutions. Further, alternative delivery methods allow for an increase in collaboration between designers, contractors and state transportation agencies.

Accelerated Bridge Construction, Alternative Delivery Methods