Wireless electrode (BPE) apply in dielectrophoresis (DEP)

dc.contributor.author Yang, Zihan
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dc.description.abstract <p>This poster presentation describes the use of spherical metal particles as bipolar electrodes (BPE) for the selective capture of biological cells by dielectrophoresis (DEP). In DEP, local electric field gradients are used to separate cells based on differences in the cells’ dielectric properties. While DEP techniques offer high selectivity without requiring cell labeling steps, they suffer from low throughput (slow processing of sample volume). This challenge can be solved by BPEs, which are ‘wireless’ electrodes. A BPE is a conducting object in an electrolyte, which when exposed to an electrical field can facilitate capacitive charging and faradaic reactions at its opposing ends. Importantly, BPEs can be used to influence the electric field in a solution without the need for wire leads to each electrode. The advantage of using BPEs for DEP is ease of fabrication and high-throughput implementation. Furthermore, the use of magnetic particles as BPEs allows for simple cell recovery. We describe initial progress towards the application of this technique for the separation of cancer cells from blood.</p>
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dc.title Wireless electrode (BPE) apply in dielectrophoresis (DEP)
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