A Nanoindentation Study of the Plastic Deformation and Fracture Mechanisms in Single-Crystalline CaFe2As2

dc.contributor.author Frawley, Keara
dc.contributor.author Bakst, Ian
dc.contributor.author Sypek, John
dc.contributor.author Canfield, Paul
dc.contributor.author Vijayan, Sriram
dc.contributor.author Weinberger, Christopher
dc.contributor.author Canfield, Paul
dc.contributor.author Aindow, Mark
dc.contributor.author Lee, Seok-Woo
dc.contributor.department Ames Laboratory
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dc.date 2018-06-15T14:26:52.000
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dc.date.embargo 2019-04-10
dc.date.issued 2018-01-01
dc.description.abstract <p>The plastic deformation and fracture mechanisms in single-crystalline CaFe2As2 has been studied using nanoindentation and density functional theory simulations. CaFe2As2 single crystals were grown in a Sn-flux, resulting in homogeneous and nearly defect-free crystals. Nanoindentation along the [001] direction produces strain bursts, radial cracking, and lateral cracking. Ideal cleavage simulations along the [001] and [100] directions using density functional theory calculations revealed that cleavage along the [001] direction requires a much lower stress than cleavage along the [100] direction. This strong anisotropy of cleavage strength implies that CaFe2As2 has an atomic-scale layered structure, which typically exhibits lateral cracking during nanoindentation. This special layered structure results from weak atomic bonding between the (001) Ca and Fe2As2 layers.</p>
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dc.source.uri 10.1007/s11837-018-2851-y
dc.subject.disciplines Condensed Matter Physics
dc.subject.disciplines Materials Science and Engineering
dc.title A Nanoindentation Study of the Plastic Deformation and Fracture Mechanisms in Single-Crystalline CaFe2As2
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