Proceedings of the Seventeenth Annual Biochemical Engineering Symposium

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Chemical and Biological Engineering

This is the seventeenth of a series of symposia devoted to talks by students about their biochemical engineering research. The first, third, fifth, ninth, twelfth, and sixteenth were at Kansas State University, the second and fourth were at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the sixth was in Kansas City and was hosted by Iowa State University, the seventh, tenth, thirteenth, and seventeenth were at Iowa State University, the eighth and fourteenth were at the University of Missouri–Columbia, and the eleventh and fifteenth were at Colorado State University. Next year's symposium will be at the University of Colorado. Symposium proceedings are edited by faculty of the host institution. Because final publication usually takes place elsewhere, papers here are brief, and often cover work in progress.

The Effect of Polymer Dosage Conditions on the Properties of ProteinPolyelectrolyte Precipitates, K. H. Clark and C. E. Glatz, Iowa State University

An Immobilized Enzyme Reactor/Separator for the Hydrolysis of Casein by Subtilisin Carlsberg, A. J. Bream, R. A. Yoshisato, and G. R. Carmichael, University of Iowa

Cell Density Measurements in Hollow Fiber Bioreactors, Thomas Blute, Colorado State University

The Hydrodynamics in an Air-Lift Reactor, Peter Sohn, George Y. Preckshot, and Rakesh K. Bajpai, University of Missouri–Columbia

Local Liquid Velocity Measurements in a Split Cylinder Airlift Column, G. Travis Jones, Kansas State University

Fluidized Bed Solid Substrate Trichoderma reesei Fermentation, S. Adisasmito, H. N. Karim, and R. P. Tengerdy, Colorado State University

The Effect of 2,4-D Concentration on the Growth of Streptanthus tortuosis Cells in Shake Flask and Air-Lift Permenter Culture, I. C. Kong, R. D. Sjolund, and R. A. Yoshisato, University of Iowa

Protein Engineering of Aspergillus niger Glucoamylase, Michael R. Sierks, Iowa State University

Structured Kinetic Modeling of Hybidoma Growth and Monoclonal Antibody Production in Suspension Cultures, Brian C. Batt and Dhinakar S. Kampala, University of Colorado

Modelling and Control of a Zymomonas mobilis Fermentation, John F. Kramer, M. N. Karim, and J. Linden, Colorado State University

Modeling of Brettanomyces clausenii Fermentation on Mixtures of Glucose and Cellobiose, Max T. Bynum and Dhinakar S. Kampala, University of Colorado, Karel Grohmann and Charles E. Yyman, Solar Energy Research Institute

Master Equation Modeling and Monte Carlo Simulation of Predator-Prey Interactions, R. 0. Fox, Y. Y. Huang, and L. T. Fan, Kansas State University

Kinetics and Equilibria of Condensation Reactions Between Two Different Monosaccharides Catalyzed by Aspergillus niger Glucoamylase, Sabine Pestlin, Iowa State University

Biodegradation of Metalworking Fluids, S. M. Lee, Ayush Gupta, L. E. Erickson, and L. T. Fan, Kansas State University

Redox Potential, Toxicity and Oscillations in Solvent Fermentations, Kim Joong, Rakesh Bajpai, and Eugene L. Iannotti, University of Missouri–Columbia

Using Structured Kinetic Models for Analyzing Instability in Recombinant Bacterial Cultures, William E. Bentley and Dhinakar S. Kompala, University of Colorado