Evidence of enhanced reproductive performance and lack-of-fitness costs among soybean aphids, Aphis glycines, with varying levels of pyrethroid resistance

Hodgson, Erin
O'Neal, Matthew
Hodgson, Erin W.
Ryan, Molly
O’Neal, Matthew E.
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BACKGROUND: Foliar application of insecticides is the main strategy to manage soybean aphid, Aphis glycines (Hemiptera: Aphididae), in the northcentral United States. Subpopulations of A. glycines have multiple nonsynonymous mutations in the voltage-gated sodium channel (vgsc) genes that are associated with pyrethroid resistance. We explored if fitness costs are associated with phenotypes conferred by vgsc mutations using life table analyses. We predicted that there would be significant differences between pyrethroid susceptibility and field-collected, parthenogenetic isofemale clones with differing, nonsynonymous mutations in vgsc genes. RESULTS: Estimated resistance ratios for the pyrethroid-resistant clones ranged from 3.1 to 37.58 and 5.6 to 53.91 for lambdacyhalothrin and bifenthrin, respectively. Although life table analyses revealed some biological and demographic parameters to be significantly different among the clonal lines, there was no association between levels of pyrethroid resistance and a decline in fitness. By contrast, one of themost resistant clonal lines (SBA-MN1-2017) had a significantly higher finite rate of increase, intrinsic rate of increase and greater overall fitness compared to the susceptible control and other pyrethroid-resistant clonal lines. CONCLUSIONS: Our life history analysis suggests that there are no negative pleotropic effects associated with the pyrethroid resistance in the clonal A. glycines lines used in this study. We discuss the potential impact of these results on efficacies of insecticide resistance management (IRM) and integrated pest management (IPM) plans directed at delaying the spread of pyrethroid-resistant A. glycines.
This article is published as Valmorbida, Ivair, Brad S. Coates, Erin W. Hodgson, Molly Ryan, and Matthew E. O'Neal. "Evidence of enhanced reproductive performance and lack of fitness costs among soybean aphid, Aphis glycines, with varying levels of pyrethroid resistance." Pest Management Science (2022). doi:10.1002/ps.6820. This article has been contributed to by U.S. Government employees and their work is in the public domain in the USA.
ambda-cyhalothrin, bifenthrin, vgsc mutations, insecticide, IRM