A Review on Durability of Alkali-activated System from Sustainable Construction Materials to Infrastructures

dc.contributor.author Wang, Kejin
dc.contributor.author Tang, Zhuo
dc.contributor.author Tam, Vivian W. Y.
dc.contributor.author Zhao, Xinyu
dc.contributor.author Wang, Kejin
dc.contributor.department Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
dc.date.accessioned 2022-01-31T19:09:05Z
dc.date.available 2022-01-31T19:09:05Z
dc.date.issued 2019-02-06
dc.description.abstract With growing concerns for greenhouse gas emissions, alkali-activated materials (AAMs) have received significant attention due to the benefit of low carbon footprint. In the process of promoting large-scale and commercialized applications of AAMs, one of the most significant concerns is the long-term durability. This work presents a critical review on the durability performance of alkali-activated system. At the material level, this work reviews factors influencing the mass transport properties of AAMs, and effects of a number of factors such as chemical activators, raw materials, curing regimes, and exposure environments on the durability of AAMs subjected to both physically and chemically induced deterioration. At the structure level, the durability performance of structures made from AAMs, including beam, slab, box culvert, and repairing materials and protection coating under extreme conditions are reviewed. The review indicates that AAMs have potentials to manufacture durable materials by appropriate selection of raw materials, chemical activators and optimization of mixing design. Furthermore, perspectives are proposed for the further study on the durability of AAMs at both material and structure levels. The related results are of interest to the research community as well as to the stakeholders of AAMs industries who seek sustainability in their products.
dc.description.comments This article is published as Li, Wengui, Zhuo Tang, Vivian WY Tam, XinYu Zhao, and Kejin Wang. "A Review on Durability of Alkali-activated System from Sustainable Construction Materials to Infrastructures." ES Materials & Manufacturing 4, no. 2 (2019): 2-19. DOI: 10.30919/esmm5f204. Copyright 2019 Engineered Science Publisher LLC. Posted with permission.
dc.identifier.uri https://dr.lib.iastate.edu/handle/20.500.12876/EzR2Bq7z
dc.language.iso en_US
dc.publisher Engineered Science Publisher LLC
dc.source.uri https://dx.doi.org/10.30919/esmm5f204 *
dc.subject Alkali-activated materials
dc.subject Durability
dc.subject Mass transport
dc.subject Physically induced deterioration
dc.subject Chemically induced deterioration
dc.subject Structure performance
dc.subject.disciplines DegreeDisciplines::Engineering::Civil and Environmental Engineering::Civil Engineering
dc.subject.disciplines DegreeDisciplines::Engineering::Civil and Environmental Engineering::Structural Engineering
dc.title A Review on Durability of Alkali-activated System from Sustainable Construction Materials to Infrastructures
dc.type Article
dspace.entity.type Publication
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