Continuous-Time Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output Wiener Modeling Method

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Bhandari, Nidhi
Rollins, Derrick
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Chemical and Biological Engineering

The function of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering has been to prepare students for the study and application of chemistry in industry. This focus has included preparation for employment in various industries as well as the development, design, and operation of equipment and processes within industry.Through the CBE Department, Iowa State University is nationally recognized for its initiatives in bioinformatics, biomaterials, bioproducts, metabolic/tissue engineering, multiphase computational fluid dynamics, advanced polymeric materials and nanostructured materials.

The Department of Chemical Engineering was founded in 1913 under the Department of Physics and Illuminating Engineering. From 1915 to 1931 it was jointly administered by the Divisions of Industrial Science and Engineering, and from 1931 onward it has been under the Division/College of Engineering. In 1928 it merged with Mining Engineering, and from 1973–1979 it merged with Nuclear Engineering. It became Chemical and Biological Engineering in 2005.

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1913 - present

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  • Department of Chemical Engineering (1913–1928)
  • Department of Chemical and Mining Engineering (1928–1957)
  • Department of Chemical Engineering (1957–1973, 1979–2005)
    • Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering (2005–present)

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This paper introduces a methodology for obtaining accurate continuous-time multiple-input, multiple-output models of nonlinear dynamic systems with Wiener characteristics. The models are obtained from complete reliance on experimental data, and this work demonstrates the effectiveness of optimal statistical design of experiments (SDOE) to fully obtain Wiener models. This method is evaluated on a highly nonlinear continuous stirred tank reactor, and its performance is compared to conventional discrete-time Wiener modeling (DTM) using a pseudo-random sequence design (PRSD) and the same SDOE as the proposed method. The proposed method greatly outperforms the DTM developed from PRSD and moderately outperforms the DTM based on SDOE.


Reprinted (adapted) with permission from Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 42 (2003): 5583, doi: 10.1021/ie020955l. Copyright 2003 American Chemical Society.

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