Proceedings of the 13th Annual Biochemical Engineering Symposium

Reilly, Peter
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The symposium reported here was the thirteenth of a series devoted to talks by students on their biochemical engineering research. The first, third, fifth, ninth, and twelfth were at Kansas State University, the second and fourth were at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, the sixth was in Kansas City and was hosted by Iowa State University, the seventh and tenth were at Iowa State, and the eighth and eleventh were at the University of Missouri–Columbia and Colorado State University, respectively. All symposia have been followed by proceedings edited by faculty of the host institution. Because final publication usually takes place elsewhere, papers here are brief, and often cover research in progress.

Sequential Utilization of Mixed Sugars by Clostridium acetobutylicum, B. Hong, N. H. Choi, and L. T. Fan, Kansas State University

The Effects of Dilution Rate on the Kinetics. of Anaerobic Acidogenesis, C. J. Huang, Colorado State University

Ethanol Production by Zymomonas mobilis in Anaerobic Glucose-Limited Culture: A Yield Study, Mehmet D. Oner, Kansas State University

Hydrolysis of Cellulosics by Enterobacteria, Michael R. Sierks, Iowa State University

The Cellulase System of Chaetomium cellulolyticum, Nikhil Mehta, Colorado State University

DNA Measurement as a Tool for Estimating Biomass Concentration in the Presence of Interfering Solids, Bamidele 0. Solomon, Kansas State University

The Effect of Cellulose Crystallinity on Enzymatic Hydrolysis, Maria S. Bertran, Colorado State University

High Performance Liquid Chromatography of Di- and Trisaccharides, Michael M. Meagher, Iowa State University

Dynamics of Bubble Size .Distributions in Air-Lift Fermentors, c. H. Lee and Snehal A. Patel, Kansas State University

A Thermal Coagulation Study of Alfalfa Leaf Proteins by Differential Scanning Calorimeter, Khalif Ahmed and Bruce Dale, Colorado State University

Thermodynamic Efficiency of Photoautotrophic Growth, Hyeon Y. Lee, Kansas State University