Assessment of the Effects of Scanning Variations and Eddy Current Probe Type on Crack Detection

Rummel, Ward
Christner, Brent
Mullen, Steven
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Eddy current procedures are currently the most capable, of the nondestructive evaluation (NDE) techniques that are being applied in industry. The performance capability of an NDE procedure is that of the probability of detection as a function of flaw size. Prediction of the performance capability of a given procedure has been inexact, due to the lack of supporting theory, and has therefore been either validated experimentally or has been assumed to be applicable to a test problem by its similarity to a “time proven” application. Rigorous experimental validation of an NDE procedure is laborious and must be repeated for each new application and/or change in NDE parameters. Attention has been focused on this problem and much of the work described in this volume is directed toward the determination of critical characteristics of NDE applications and in the generation of supporting theory to facilitate predictive modeling of NDE performance capability. The experimental work described in this paper expands on previous work on the characterization of eddy current probes, as applied to flaw detection [1,2], and is directed to support the expansion of application theory [3].