Proceedings of the Twenty-Seventh Annual Biochemical Engineering Symposium Murphy, Vincent
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dc.description.abstract <p>The Twenty-Seventh Annual Biochemical Engineering Symposium was held at Colorado State University on September 13, 1997. Approximately seventy students and faculty from six universities (Colorado State University, Iowa State University, Kansas State University, University of Colorado, University of Oklahoma, and University of Wyoming) attended the symposium. The program consisted of nine oral presentations and twenty posters. As has been the practice at previous symposia in this series, all presentations represented ongoing or completed projects conducted by graduate students from the participating universities. Fifteen authors submitted full papers for this proceedings, and seven others contributed summary abstracts. Most describe work in progress that will be discussed more fully in subsequent articles appearing in refereed journals.</p> <p>Contents</p> <p>Mutations to Alter <em>Aspergillus awamori</em> Glucoamylase Selectivity - Hsuan-Liang Liu, Pedro M. Coutinho, Clark Ford, and Peter J. Reilly</p> <p>New Fusion Protein Systems Designed to Increase Soluble Cytoplasmic Expression of Heterologous Proteins in <em>Escherichia coli</em> - Gregory D. Davis, Claude Elisee, Denton M. Newham, and Roger G. Harrison</p> <p>Maximizing Protein Synthesis in High Cell Density Perfusion Bioreactors - Frank W. F. Lee, Stephanie Bryant, Paul Todd, and Dhinakar Kompala</p> <p>Identification of Different Phases in a Fermentation Using Neural Networks - Laurent Simon, M. Nazmul Karim, and Amanda Schreiweis</p> <p>Cascade Concentration of Spirulina platensis Based on Inertial Migration - S. R. Dahl, A. L. Rakow, and K. C. Ryan</p> <p>Cross-Flow Filtration of Bacterial Lysate with Flocculation - Hugh Graham, M. N. Karim, and A. S. Cibulskas</p> <p>The Effect of Secondary Membranes on Protein Transmission in a Multicomponent System - Vinod Kuberkar and Robert H. Davis</p> <p>Lyophilization Induced Phase Separation - Effects on Hemoglobin Structure: Martin C. Heller, Theodore W. Randolph, and John F. Carpenter</p> <p>The Effect of Nonionic Surfactants on the Stability of Lyophilized CNTF - LaToya Jones, John Carpenter, Theodore Randolph, and B.S. Chang</p> <p>Effect of High Pressure on Crystallization of Subtilisin Mutants - R. Waghmare, M. Joona, M. Larson, C. Glatz, J. Webb, and T. Randolph</p> <p>Isoelectric Precipitation of Recombinant Proteins from Canota Extracts - Ferhana Zaman, Jocelyn Pollack, and Charles E. Glatz</p> <p>Recovery of T4 Lysozymes from Canota Protein Extract by Adsorption Chromatography - Chenming Zhang and Charles E. Glatz</p> <p>Development of a Biosensor for 1,2-Dichloroethane - Derek W. Campbell, Cord Mueller, and Kelllleth F. Reardon</p> <p>Modeling Root Uptake and Transport of Trichloroethylene - Jiang Hu, Muralidharan Narayanan, L.C. Davis, and L. E. Erickson</p> <p>An Experimental Study of Trichloroethylene Fluxes into the Atmosphere - Qizhi Zhang, Lawrence C. Davis, and Larry E. Erickson</p> <p>Toluene Contamination Enhances Populations of Toluene Degraders in the Rhizosphere - Xiaowei Wu and L.C. Davis</p> <p>Microbial Transport in a Pilot-Scale Biological Treatment Zone - Daniel J. Adams, M.A. Malusis, K. F. Reardon, C. D. Shackelford, AI W. Bourquin, and Douglas C. Mosteller</p> <p>A Model of the Effects of Acclimation on the Cardiorespiratory and Thermoregulatory Systems - D. Downey and R. C. Seagrave</p> <p>The Effects of Physiological Intermittent Pressures on Cartilage Regeneration - Scott E. Carver and Carole A. Heath</p> <p>Design of a Bioartificial Nerve Graft for Regeneration in the Periphery - Gregory E. Rutkowski and Carole A. Heath</p> <p>Intracellular Calcium Changes in Endothelial Cells Exposed to Flow and Agonist Stimulation - L. Worthen and M. Nollert</p> <p>HL-60 Cell-Cell Interactions under Flow Mediated by Platelet Microparticles - S. B. Forlow and M. U. Nollert</p>
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