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    Cyber Resiliency of a Solid-State Power Substation
    (IEEE, 2024-02-29) Gupta, Shantanu ; Greidanus, Mateo D. Roig ; D'silva, Silvanus ; Bhattacharya, S. ; Mazumder, Sudip K. ; Shadmand, M. ; Govindarasu, Manimaran ; Kim, Taesic ; Balda, Juan C ; Song, Xiaoqing ; Adapa, Rambabu ; Shahidehpour, Mohammad ; Electrical and Computer Engineering
    This article summarizes the challenges faced in achieving cyber resilience in solid-state power substations (SSPS). As an alternative to traditional transformer substations, SSPS offers scalability and flexibility to operate at higher voltage and power levels. However, the operation of SSPS involves more complex control and communication architecture, which necessitates a detailed exploration of cyberphysical vulnerability for SSPS adaptation in a substation. As a result, this article emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive solution to the myriad vulnerabilities that threaten SSPS operations. It also indicates the means to achieve this goal.
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    Christ in Middle Earth
    ( 2021-05) Welte, Benjamin ; Yager, Susan ; English
    More than half a century after its initial publication, J.R.R. Tolkien’s best-selling book, The Lord of the Rings, remains a landmark of popular culture in the English-speaking world, and the story’s abundant elements of naturalism, philology, and premodern European myth represent Tolkien’s eclectic personality well. But to limit Middle Earth’s inspiration to these interests would omit the single most important feature of Tolkien’s life: his devout Catholic faith. This essay attempts to analyze the role of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Catholic religion in shaping the story, characters, and message of The Lord of the Rings. Specifically, it examines parallels between the implicit soteriology, ecclesiology, and Christology in Middle Earth and the Catholic theology that enlivened Tolkien’s imagination. A comparison between The Lord of the Rings and the Catholic faith illumines the significance of the story’s events and reveals the purpose their author saw behind both his life and the lives of his readers.
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    Using Physical Principles to Create an Image
    ( 2021-05) Ward, Phillip ; Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
    This project explores the world of the camera along with its history and all its intricacies. Cameras are something taken for granted in everyday life, being as accessible as sitting in our pockets every day. No one sits and thinks about how this marvel of technology works. Although it took hundreds of years to develop the first working commercially available cameras, the principles that govern how a camera works are actually very simple to understand. From the lens and the shutter, to the film and rules of exposure, I will be going over how and why a camera works. I take this information of the rules governing light physics and use it to build a camera of my own utilizing simple parts and models. Documenting my progress along the way, and using my second passion for film and my filmmaking skills, I created a fun video of my journey on producing my own original images. My goal of this project is to inform people in a fun and creative way about the world of cameras, a tool literally everyone uses in their everyday life, and hopefully inspire people to do their own projects with cameras.
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    Music Tracker
    ( 2021-05) Walling, Robert ; Computer Science
    As a music major, I noticed many of my colleagues struggle to prepare dozens of pieces for grad school auditions. Many people used bulky notebooks or spreadsheets that caused a large chunk of practice time to go toward bookkeeping. To change this, I created an app that allows users to better track practice sessions and allow practicing to be more efficient. In this presentation, I lay out the process of writing code, developing a database, running code on the cloud, and packaging an app to be deployed for Apple and Android.
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    Robotics Development
    ( 2021-05) Vande Loo, Alexander ; Aerospace Engineering
    This project explores robotics design in terms of structural elements, controls, and sensor inputs. More specifically, this project was intended to design the structure, code controls for, and assemble a robot that is able to autonomously navigate a 2D space, avoiding any obstacles present and recording a map of this space. To achieve this goal, the project was broken up into three stages. The first stage was to assemble the structure and calibrate the controls for different model robotics kits. This gave a better idea for how different movement configurations of robots are built and controlled. The second stage was to take one of these kits and modify it by 3D printing a structure to add on that allowed the addition of extra sensors. After adding on the new sensors, the code and controls were modified to add autonomous obstacle avoidance capabilities to the robot. Finally, the third stage was to design, manufacture, and code a robot capable of autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance, and mapping over a specified 2D area. The final robot was able to successfully navigate an area of 30 x 30 cm with a randomly placed obstacle having no collisions and producing a map of the area.