Art and Design (1919–2012)

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The Department of Art and Design offered the degree Bachelor of Fine Arts in three curricular areas: Graphic Design, Integrated Studio Arts, and Interior Design. The department also offered the degree Bachelor of Arts in Art and Design. The department also participated in the undergraduate minor in design studies.

The department offered the degrees of Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, Integrated Visual Arts and Interior Design, and Master of Arts in Art and Design, with degree specialization in interior design, graphic design and environmental graphic design. Graduates have a broad understanding of visual communication, problem solving, and interdisciplinary studies.

The Department of Applied Art was first recognized as a department in the Division of Home Economics in 1919. The department was incorporated into the College of Design in 1978. The name was changed to the Department of Art and Design in November 1978. In 2012, the Department of Art and Design was divided into four departments Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design and Integrated Studio Arts.

Dates of Existence

Historical Names

  • Department of Applied Art
  • Department of Domestic Art

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