High-Resolution Radiation Hybrid Mapping of Human Chromosome 17 Genes to the Pig Genome Extends Gene Order Conservation with Pig Chromosome 12 and Limited Synteny with Pig Chromosome 2

Shi, X.
Fitzsimmons, C.
Tuggle, C.
Genêt, C.
Prather, R.
Whitworth, K.
Green, J.
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A comparative study of human chromosome 17 (HSA17) and pig chromosome 12 (SSC12) and 2 (SSC2) was conducted using both somatic cell hybrid panel (SCHP) and radiation hybrid (RH) panel analysis. A cDNA library from an expressed sequence tag (EST) project in pig reproduction was examined and six genes and ESTs from HSA17 were selected for this study. The genes/ESTs were TATA box binding protein-associated factor (TAF2N/RBP56), plasmin inhibitor (PLI), H3 histone family 3B (H3F3B), aminopeptidase puromycin sensitive (NPEPPS/PSA), P311 protein (P311), and an expressed sequence tag (ESTMI015). SCHP analysis mapped five genes/ESTs (TAF2N , H3F3B, PLI, NPEPPS, and ESTMI015) to SSC12q11-q15 and SSC12p11-p15 with 100% concordance, and assigned P311 to SSC2 (1/2q24)-q29 with 100% concordance. RH analysis of all six genes confirmed the SCHP mapping results, with average retention frequency of 25%. An expanded comparative SSC12 RH map integrating the five new type I markers and 23 previously mapped loci was established using a LOD score threshold of 4.8. The gene order of the five genes/ESTs on the SSC12 framework RH map (H3F3B-ESTMI015-PSA-RBP56-PLI) is identical to the HSA17 GB4 map but with map inversion. Although synteny conservation between HSA17 and SSC2 has not been detected by previous painting experiments, the mapping of P311 to SSC2 suggests that some synteny conservation exists between HSA17 and SSC2.

ASL R666